Why are Wooden Baby Toys Better?

You have properly read that wooden toys are always coming back to trend? We always wonder why though and why they are actually better?

I listened to a video while back and heard about how 1000+ years ago the Muslim Arabs would make these wooden toys, and give them to their children to play with while they prayed.

It’s just amazing how far wooden toys have existed and helped kids in soo many ways. Let’s break down the reasons why wooden baby toys are better.

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1. It Encourages More Imagination.

When you buy metallic toys or plastic toys these were designed and manufactured to maybe present a thing or character so there is no way of changing it even if you colour it.

When playing with such toys the imagining it’s kind of limited and can’t be used for many things.

What comes to the rescue are toys that can be used for many things. If you, for example, buy a bus or train let’s say it can be used for a car or even boat by painting it again.

YouTube videos are available for you to adjust. These toys can be changed and shaped again.

Another way is that your child uses their imagination to develop that wooden toy into many things or characters.

It allows them to think more and freely, while other kinds of toys tend to limit their thoughts.

It’s their imagination so they can make a car wooden toy change colours, etc.

Let’s look at these wooden stacking toys. They have sleek surfaces and are designed in a way to make them stack.

You build different shapes with them, hence encouraging them to learn while having fun.

2. Family Bonding Time.

So with that creative imagination, I mentioned earlier, from it bonding hours be created.

Adults themselves or older siblings might be limited to playing with other toys, but with wooden toys play hours are more likely to happen.

Manufacturers nowadays are creating many popular characters, vehicles, etc with wooden toys.

It is will give the adults something to look forward to when playing with their children. Toys that encourage more family time are always good in the long run.

3. Durability and Last Longer.

Although all toys can be broken when looking at, wooden toys have longer durability and can withstand many things.

Buying toys for a toddler and them lasting intact for 2 days is challenging. I don’t know about you but my toddler easily breaks toys and durable toys become the best way to go.

This is even the case for some babies. Wooden toys can be thrown many times but they are mostly intact.

Even if they do break at some point you can fix it back while the others this is impossible for average parents.

It, therefore, last longer than many toys. Meaning you won’t need to always buy toys. They can throw it how much they want but it will always remain.

This saves you money as well.

4. Safer As Well.

We all know plastic toys come with many chemicals and so does metallic ones, but when it comes to wooden toys many coloured ones are safe for children to touch and taste.

It encourages them to develop their 5 senses without risking their health.

Wooden toys are also safer in the sense that they are less dangerous to step on. Having a toddler you already know toys might be everywhere in the toys, So it’s hopeless.

Your baby will also scatter the toys everywhere while crawling. Stepping on plastic lego toys or other metal toys is painful.

These have surfaces that are not that smooth and sleek. Wooden toys are however sleekier and many manufacturers make the edges smooth.

Although it’s not a nice experience to step on or roll over on it’s still a bit safer.

According to a site, I read wooden toys for babies and even toddlers feel more comfortable being around.

It’s more nature-oriented. They will feel more comfortable playing with it because of also recognisable.

Many of our home materials and accessories are made of wood.

5. Lighter in Weight.

Some wooden toys are heavier than other toys but not metal ones. In general wooden toys are actually lighter in weight than toys.

Being lighter makes it easier for your child to carry that toy. If you look at a cube the wooden one is much lightweight than the rubber one.

Toys don’t have to be heavy to carry. Even your baby will have a shout of carrying a wooden toy.

Lighter in weight makes it also easier to play with.

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6. Past Down to Siblings.

So, when I mentioned wooden toys lasting longer I meant for a long time. You can store wooden toys for years until your next baby arrives and still use them.

If it needs changes the only thing I am thinking of is the colour or colours.

Paint it again and you are good to go. Wooden toys are more likely to be passed down to siblings and again because of their durability.

If you think about it saves you more money in the long run as they say. Some wooden toys a more expensive than plastic toys but if you think about the investment it can be better for many.

Younger siblings will get to experience what their older siblings played with, and this again creates a nice bond between them when it’s time for family bonding hours.

7. Wooden Toys are Never Out of Trend.

This is true. You always find vintage things coming back to society. I guess we all love old school things.

Wooden toys are not an exception to this. Your future babies or toddlers will find the current toys you buy now entertaining.

Wooden things are something we are attached to and as I mentioned above even children feel safer around so they will most likely always like to play with it.

Making them engaged. Because plastic toys are unchanged they can go out of trend depending on what the toy is.

Your future baby might not want to play with the toys you have because it out of trend.

This is more likely to happen with toddlers than babies though.

8. Educates Better.

I did mention some of this here and there, but in general, for young children, wooden toys encourage more education.

Plastic toys offer sounds and such but wooden toys encourage more hand to hand coordination.

It allows your child to solve mathematic problems even without realising it. They get to solve puzzles, shake rattle on wooden maracas that are lighter to carry.

The educational points are many indeed and wooden toys make even your baby challenge themselves.

What better way is there to teach your growing child to think for themselves.  Read this article on NurseryWorld that explains further.

9. Wooden Toys Encourages Walking.

Many babies walk by 12 months and some later. Many wooden toys that are available to ride encourages your baby to walk.

This makes them better for your baby giving you a lending hand.

Your baby is more likely to walk if they are encouraged through a toy. If they already can walk then it makes them walk independently.

10. Wooden Toys are More Likely to Come with Fabrics.

Plastic toys at most times are only plastic but wooden toys can be attached with fabrics stuffed with cotton inside.

These toys are softer and safer for babies and even toddlers.

Many children are not always interested in puzzles and such, but softer toys instead. With wooden attached to them, they will last longer and will be easier to play with.

11. Environmental.

Lastly, the environment is also the reason why wooden toys are better than plastic and rubber. It takes too much energy to produce the other toys.

Releasing poisonous gas into nature and causing global warming. To encourage saving the planet wooden toys are better to buy because they do save help save the planet.

Carpenters and such make wooden toys all the time this does not take that much time.

Even you as a parent can make a simple wooden toy by watching YouTube. With just some gadgets and then is done.

You will contribute to keeping your baby’s future safer.


The way I see it wooden toys are better in soo many ways. Plastic and other toy types are good and in some cases, they do help babies more.

When looking at the bigger picture, however, wooden toys will always be better. Never out of trend and they will always encourage more imaginative play.

We don’t know what the future beholds though.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you intend to only buy wooden toys for your baby?

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2 thoughts on “Why are Wooden Baby Toys Better?”

  1. This is a very interesting article. As a newly married husband who plans to have children one day in the semi-near future, I definitely want to consider what the best kind of toy for my child’s growth and development might be. I think the best benefit to the wooden toys would be the increased imagination needed to play with them. Also, not having to worry about as many chemicals would be nice. Thanks for the food for thought!

    • Hi Chase. Congrats on your marriage. It’s good you are thinking of toys before being blessed with kids. Wooden toys are very good for imagination. 

      I wish you well, and please if you need help in the future drop by. 


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