Which Car Seats are Compatible with Oyster?

If you own an oyster pram and you are looking for a new car seat, or you intend to buy an oyster pram and you want to know the car seats the oyster models are compatible with? Then this article is for you.

That line was too long, but hey there can be many reasons really. Maybe you are looking to buy something for a loved one? In this article, I will go over Oyster 2 and Oyster 3.

These are the most popular ones and are sold. I did a comparison between the two to determine whether the Oyster 2 is still worth it or if it’s better to go for the update, Oyster 3.

Of course, this is for those who haven’t bought anything yet.

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Car Seats Compatible with Oyster 2.

Oyster 2 is compatible with these car seats:

These car seats and brands are some of the best in the market, so these are also car seats that are compatible with other major strollers.

This means you can change a stroller without having to change a car seat. Many car seats last for years. You will also have many options available to you

Maxi Cosi alone is compatible with many brands.

View adapter for Oyster 2.

Car Seats Compatible with Oyster 3.

Oyster 3 is compatible with more modern car seats and these are also some of the best car seats in the market. Most of these are suitable up to 15 months around 13kg.

Some even above with the right base. With multiple reclining positions and many features designed with the car seats. It can be some of the reasons why some parents tend to choose Oyster 3.

Not only are there more car seats, but they are better as well. Although they are expensive as well

View multi-adapter for these car seats.


So, what is it going to be? The options are many and to make things easier for you, I set up some links. I did reviews and comparisons on some of these.

Read more about the car seats to make your choices easier. Remember even if you decide to go for the Oyster 2 it still offers good car seats.

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