When to Buy Car Seat During Pregnancy.

If you are a first-time mum this question is something you think about often. Are you in your first trimester and trying to figure out when to buy a car seat during your pregnancy?

If yes, then this article will make things easy for you and relieve you of some of that stress. I will use my experience and research to best help you on your journey.

Because strollers/prams are as important as car seats I will also be mentioning them.

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When to Buy Car Seat and Stroller During Pregnancy?

Car seats and strollers are some of the most important items you will purchase for your baby. These are also expensive so it does require time and money.

Many people advise you to have the car seat and stroller ready by 35 weeks because most births happen at that time. This means you might be starting looking around 32 weeks or so.

However, this is just an estimation and not everyone’s reality. So I would advise to get the car seat and stroller before 35 weeks and therefore start looking before that.

Looking for a car seat in the first trimester is not advisable because that’s too early. You first need to wait and see if the pregnancy follows through.

It’s also too early to decide because your baby is too small and being in your second or third trimester might change your mind later on.

The type of car seat and stroller you want can be based on your baby’s gender, size, etc.

So, the answer is to wait until you are in your second trimester or the beginning of your third. Doing research and buying travel systems will take a long time because of the vastness of the market.

This also means you should not delay researching and buying. Start looking from 25 weeks upwards. I started to look around this time and bought around when I was 30+ weeks.

What to Look for When Buying Car Seat.

As you know you must have a car seat to leave the hospital, well at least here in the UK. So having it ready and safe is good. You should buy a car seat that has these features:

  • Suitable for tiny babies up to around 15kg or so.
  • Has adjustable canopy and dream drapes if possible.
  • Has head and body support that’s cosy and it’s better if it reclines.
  • Rear-facing and is the R129 regulation (Meaning the safest car seat right now).
  • If it’s lighter and can use both seatbelts and bases is better as well.
  • Compatible with more than one stroller.

These are the features that I think are important when it comes to car seats. It will help you out in many situations because of is convenient.

What to Look for When Buying Strollers/Prams.

Strollers are more expensive than car seats and most parents tend to stress over them more than car seats. I remember I did just that and the reason for it was because I was going to use it almost every day.

When buying a stroller it’s important to think about these things:

  • Suitable from birth up to at least 4 years.
  • A convertible stroller can be better. Convertible into a double stroller, either tandem or side by side.
  • Compatible with more than one car seat.
  • All-terrain strollers are also better and have good brakes.
  • Lighter than average and it can be folded with a stroller seat.
  • A carrycot that has features and a good canopy.

These features I consider to be important after having two kids. Just like the car seat features above, if you have these features It will make your life easier with your baby.

It benefits you and your baby.

Travel System vs Single.

You can either buy travel systems or single car seats and strollers. Car seats and strollers are often cheaper to buy if you buy them together.

These baby products you will end up using anyway so my advice would be to buy them together. There are many travel systems out there that are good and cheaper.

The Maxi Cosi Lila is a good option for those who don’t want to spend that much money. Otherwise, you can buy the Cybex Gazelle S which is compatible with one of the best car seats out there.

You can also opt to buy a single car seat whether it’s an infant car seat or a convertible seat. Convertible seats are often better for some families.

The reason is these stay longer with your baby up to 4 years and some of them can convert to booster seats. Many of these are suitable from birth so this means you will have them for up to 6 years. Maybe more.

However, these are not compatible with strollers. Read more here.

I would advise you to buy a travel system. There are many good ones with car seats that are compatible with many strollers, and bases and these can also be used with seatbelts.

However, do your research and see what suits you the best. As I mentioned above it will be much easier during your second or third trimester.


Have you benefited from this article? I hope it did help you because during this time any help is beneficial. Again, take your time to search and if you can try out some of the strollers do.

If you have a friend who has two or three strollers, go ahead and test them. If you are already a parent and have more tips please do share.

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