What’s the Difference Between the Uppababy Vista and Vista V2?

Wondering which Uppababy Vista you should go for? Should you go for the newly updated Vista V2 from 2020 or the Vista from 2019? Is the Vista 2019 version still worth it?

In this article, I will be going over the differences between the Vista 2019 and Vista V2. Knowing the differences will help you decide and you can outweigh the pros and cons.

I hope your decision gets easier. The Vista 2019 and Vista V2 are both city strollers made to grow with your family and offer great rides on multiple terrains.

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About the Uppababy Vista (2019).

Suitable from birth with the cot and car seat. The seat unit is from 3 months up to 22kg which is 4 years. The Vista is a double tandem pushchair.

The seat faces rear and forwards with all three modes meaning single, duo and twin. With multiple reclining positions and a padded harness system.

Big canopy with UPF50+ protection and peek a boo window. Zip extension and ventilation panels. Leather made bars and the handlebar is height adjustable.

With an aluminium and magnesium frame for lighter push and the Vista (2019) offers a compact fold with a freestanding position.

You have all suspension wheels, and swivel lockable wheels with puncture-proof tyres. A big basket underneath that can carry up to 10kg of weight.

About the Uppababy Vista V2.

Originally from 2014, the Vista has had many updates and the latest version is 2021 (Present). It’s also a double tandem pushchair known for its quality features.

Very famous and well-liked. Suitable from birth with carrycot and car seat. From 3 months you can use the seat unit for up to 4 years.

Multiple reclining positions and a forward-facing seat unit. Leather made bars and a telescopic handlebar. A big canopy with peek a boo window, ventilation, etc.

Known for its big shopping basket alongside the Cruz models.

Compact with many configurations and the Vista V2 combines aluminium and magnesium frame to offer a lighter option.

One hand reclined and easy to hold frame makes it good. A good stroller to use for long walks and adventurous journeys with your little one.

Differences Between the Uppababy Vista (2019) and Vista V2.

Vista (2019) and Vista V2 Price.

The Vista 2019 version cost about £799 to £899 depending on where you buy it from and the colours you choose,  and for the Vista V2, it’s around £1069.

The price has increased a bit because of the different updates.

Vista (2019) and Vista V2 Canopy.

The canopy differs as well. For the Vista V2 2020 update, the canopy offers more protection against the sun. It has a zip extension that opens up a peek a boo window. Which it doesn’t with the 2019 update.

The 2020 Vista V2 has more fabrics in the front to provide ventilation. The 2019 version has a silver fabric extension in the front for sunshade

In most colours for the Vista (2019) you have a larger logo displayed on the side. While the former it’s a tiny leather logo attached on the side of the canopy.

It gives it a more sophisticated look.

Vista (2019) and Vista V2 Harness System.

For the new Vista V2, you only need to slide the harness up and down to fit it in. No re-thread or fixing. For the former, it takes a bit of time to strap your child in.

It takes more of your time.

Vista (2019) and Vista V2 Seat Unit.

The seats remain the same, except for the deeper footrest and higher seat. Your toddler will be able to relax even more with the new seat unit.

Vista seat back height went from 48.8cm up to 50.8cm. Not that much difference though. For the footrest, it went from 5.08cm deep to 6.35cm deep.

Vista (2019) and Vista V2 Wheels and Ride.

When it comes to the wheels and ride experience some improvements have been made. Vista V2 offers better suspension and a less bumpy ride

The tyres are more shock-absorbing when pushing through rough terrains. The wheels are softer and the newly designed spring action suspension makes it easier.

When pushing, the wheels give in and let the Vista glide better. You have green indicators near the wheels which signal if the wheels are locked or unlocked.

Vista (2019) and Vista V2 Colours.

The Vista V2 offers these colours:

  • Finn Deep Sea with silver frame and chestnut leather
  • Hazel Olive Green with silver frame and saddle leather
  • Sierra Dune Knit with silver frame and black leather
  • Alice Dusty Pink with silver frame and saddle leather
  • Bryce White Marl with silver frame and chestnut leather
  • Emmett Green Melange with silver frame and saddle leather
  • Gregory Blue Melange with silver frame and saddle leather
  • Jake Black with black frame and black leather
  • Jordan Charcoal Melange with silver frame and black leather.

For the Vista (2019) are these:

  • Bryce White Marl with silver frame and chestnut leather
  • Emmett Green Melange with silver frame and saddle leather
  • Gregory Blue Melange with silver frame and saddle leather
  • Jake Black with black frame and black leather
  • Jordan Charcoal Melange with silver frame and black leather
  • William Oxford Chambray
  • Henry Blue Marl
  • Spenser Tartan Plaid

As you can see they have multiple colours, but the Vista V2 has more additional colours. It didn’t continue with the three last colours the Vista (2019) offers but added new ones.

View colours on Strolleria.

Vista (2019) and Vista V2 Basket.

The newer basket is sleekier and has a nice touch. It also has an additional pocket for your rain cover and bug shield. The size remains the same though.

Which One is Better?

Well, the Vista V2 is better than the former because of the minor updates here and there. These are not that major updates. Although they are beneficial for many families.

Better wheels and tyres, more colours and the no thread harness I will say are the most important ones. It’s pricey but you will get a slightly better stroller.

However, when it comes to quality design, fabrics and other major features it remains the same. Making the Vista (2019) still one of the best strollers out there.

It’s still praised and bought by many parents.


Their weight and prices are the biggest cons. Although the Vista is cheaper than Bugaboo strollers it’s still expensive and heavy as well.

They don’t really offer the most compact fold and can take up a bit of space. Other than these things there are no other major cons.

All the major features are included and even extra to make life easier.


So the time to decide has come and you are wondering what to do. Well, do you want your toddler to last longer in the seat? Are they tall? Do you want to spend less time placing your baby on the stroller?

If you want a less bumpy ride and a smooth afternoon stroll, then the Vista V2 is the one for you. Other than these few minor changes the Vista (2019) is actually good.

You save money and you can actually use the 2020 seat unit on its frame. That way you will save money and have the newly updated seat and canopy.

It’s about your lifestyle and what will benefit your child the most. I would love to know your choice. What is it?

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