What’s the Difference Between the Silver Cross Wave and Pioneer?

Silver Cross is a brand know to the British people for decades. Their vintage prams were favoured by the royals, and now in our modern time, they have manufactured top quality prams.

These are at the same level as Icandy, Bugaboo, Uppbaby, Nuna prams. Some of these are the Silver Cross Wave and Pioneer.

In this article, I will compare these two prams. I will look into their differences. See which of these have more pros and fewer cons.

If your mind has decided to take either one of these, then I hope this article will make things easier for you to decide which one to pick.

Both of these came out in 2020, so I am only comparing the ones that came out that year.

Let’s first have a short introduction to both of these.

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About the Silver Cross Wave.

The Silver Cross Wave is a single to double stroller. Suitable from birth up to 25kg with single-mode and with the double mode it’s up to 15kg for each child.

You can use the carrycot or car seat for your newborn. The unit is suitable from 6 months upwards. A big canopy with UPF50+ protection and sun visor.

It also has ventilation panels and peek a boo window at the back of the hood. The Wave canopy is designed with quality fabrics.

Coming to the seat unit, it has both forward and rear-facing options. With adapters, you can adjust the height of the seat and it has 5 point harness system with chest pads.

The seat unit also offers multiple reclining positions, adjustable footrest, etc. The Wave has multi-terrain wheels, all suspension and puncture-proof tyres.

A medium-sized basket and one brake system on the side.

Comes in more than one colour has additional accessories. Included are also a 5 position adjustable handlebar and a removable bumper bar.

About the Silver Cross Pioneer.

The Silver Cross Pioneer is a single stroller that is suitable from birth up to 25kg, around 5 years. It’s compatible with a carrycot or car seat.

Pioneer’s seat unit is suitable from 6 months upwards and it has a big canopy with UPF50 protection. A peek a boo window at the back a mesh ventilation panels.

An extended canopy with sun visor. A forward and rear-facing seat unit with reclining options. A 5 point harness system with chest pads, etc.

It has all-terrain wheels, all suspension on the wheels and has robust tyres to keep the pushing easier. A spacious basket, removable bumper bar and adjustable handlebar.

A one brake system on the side. Comes in more than one colour.

Differences Between the Silver Cross Wave and Pioneer.

Double vs Single.

The Major difference between these two is the option to have a double stroller for the Wave. It offers 7 configurations just like the Pioneer with the single-mode.

When it comes to the Double mode it offers 30 configurations. This makes it one of the best tandem prams out there. As you have other offering only 20+.

Silver Cross Wave accommodate a growing family with twins and children of different ages. You can use the seat unit, carrycot and car seat mixing them up either forward-facing or rear.

Up and down as well. The Pioneer is only for single children and this makes it lack a lot.

Although you can use it for two children with a stroller board it’s possible.

However, with the double mode, the Wave gets very heavy and not that easy to handle. When looking at his factor it’s much better than the Pioneer.

You can buy it and use it for your single baby and then add additional accessories when more come. With Pioneer you will need to buy another stroller if you have twins.

Seat Unit.

Both seat units are designed with quality fabrics and have steel material in between the canopies to keep them not flimsy. All are similar except few things.

The Wave offers the option to have a higher seat to have a closer bond with your toddler. It also has an adjustable footrest to keep toddlers more comfortable.

When it comes to the Pioneer it lacks it. However, Pioneer has a more detailed designed seat at the end. It’s embroidered and sewed.

The Wave has a wider seat at 60cm and the Pioneer has 54cm wide. This makes the Wave slightly better for bigger toddlers.

Other than that both seats are almost the same.

Weight and Dimensions.

Silver Cross Pioneer weighs 10kg with the chassis and seat. With the cot, it weighs 9.7kg. This makes it one of the lightest standard strollers.

For the Wave, it weighs 13.5kg with the chassis and seat unit. Pioneer is much lighter and therefore easier to move around.

If you live in a small flat without a lift then carrying one of these would be hard, but with the Pioneer it’s easier.

Looking at the dimensions there’s a difference in there as well. Wave has the open dimensions of L111cm W60cm H95-109cm and folded dimensions of L95cm x W60cm x H39.5cm.

Pioneer has open dimensions of L82cm x W54 cm x H93-107 cm. A folded dimensions of L 87 x W 60 x H 33 cm.

Silver Cross is bigger in length and height when folded and unfolded. They do seem to offer the same level of a compact fold. The only difference is the Pioneer is smaller.

So, it’s slightly better when it comes to the dimensions.

Handle Height and Basket.

The Silver Cross Wave has leather made bars and the Pioneer does not have that. It has a height of 95cm up to 109cm. With Pioneer it’s 93cm up to 107cm.

They both offer 5 adjustable options. Both are suitable and accommodate many families. However, one is better for shorter parents and the other for taller parents.

Depending on your height one will be more comfortable pushing. It also seems that the Pioneer has a bigger basket than the Wave.

It’s deeper and wider.

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Wheels and Tyres.

They both have all-terrain wheels and all suspension wheels. Big back wheels and small front wheels but there’s a difference in their design.

Once reflective and others not.


Silver Cross Wave has a combination of magnesium and aluminium frame while the Pioneer only has aluminium. As mentioned above the chassis of the Pioneer is smaller than the former.

However, both have quality frames and are quite sleek, durable and shiny. Perfect for the city.


You also have a price difference. The Wave cost more than the Pioneer. There’s an £80 price difference between these two. It can be more or less depending on where you buy them.

The Wave cost £899 and the Pioneer £677 on Amazon for the pram but can be more. The average price for the Wave can be around £999 in other stores so it can much more expensive.

This makes the Silver Cross Pioneer more affordable for many. The Pioneer can also be under £800 as seen with the price on Amazon.


Wave is mostly known for its dark colours. It’s available in black, both dark and light grey, dark blue etc. When it comes to the Pioneer it has these colours but also sky blue, cream, etc.

It shares some of these colours with the Wayfarer. (These are more similar to each other than the Wave.

Car Seat Compatibility.

Wave it’s compatible with these:

Pioneer with these:

  • Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus i-size (EU)
  • Maxi-Cosi Rock i-size (EU)
  • Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360.
  • BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-size (EU)
  • Cybex Aton Q i-size (EU)
  • Cybex Cloud Z i-size (EU)
  • Kiddy Evoluna i-Size (EU).

Both of these are also compatible with the Silver Cross Dream car seat and simplicity. As you can see the Pioneer it’s more compatible with more car seats.

The Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 it’s an extra. The Pebble series is one of the best Maxi Cosi has to offer.

Which One is Better?

These two are good on their own terms. One can be better than the one depending on which of the features we are analysing.

The Pioneer is indeed lighter and cheaper and it offers a slightly better fold. However, is it better? Looking at the factors the answer is No.

The reason for that is the Wave offers a single to double stroller with soo many configurations. It also has a wider seat, footrest, and does look fancier with the leather handles.

If it was a single stroller only then the Pioneers cheaper price, bigger basket and lightweight would have won. The double option tops the other features in my humble opinion.

The Silver Cross Wave does still offer a big and deep basket and the Pioneer it’s still expensive although it’s cheaper, and it’s still heavy although lighter.

If you only looking for a single stroller then the Pioneer is the one just because of a few features, it does not mean it offers better fabrics and materials.


Both of these don’t have that many cons. They are expensive, heavy and lack seat units that are suitable from less than 6 months.

They don’t have a compact fold but it’s expected because of their size and bulky design. These are not easy to travel with.

However, because of their all terrains wheels they suitable to take almost anywhere. When folding you will need to use two hands.

Pioneer, it’s not a double convertible stroller, which makes it less valuable for some.


These Silver Cross Prams have a lot in common, but also they do differ in soo many ways. It does make it harder to choose if you don’t really know which one will be better for you.

The Wave is best for those growing families and has all the features and accessories to accommodate your journey. Although Pioneer does not have this it still has many features to offer just like the Wave.

It offers more in certain features. Which one will it be? The single to double Wave pram or the cheaper and lighter Pioneer pram?

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  1. To use an analogy, these are like the Rolls Royce of Prams! I remember the old days when prams were designed like cots on large wheels with springy suspension. These days the emphasis seems to be on how many configurations one can set up the pram in. 

    You answered your question perfectly. The main difference between the Silver Cross Wave and Pioneer is in the capacity. Plus the plethora of configurations. If I was in the market for prams, this would be a must-read.




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