What’s the Difference Between the Silver Cross Simplicity and Simplicity Plus?

Silver Cross car seats are known to be quality and favourites among the British people. Some of these car seats are Simplicity and its upgraded Simplicity Plus.

If you are looking to buy one of these, then you might be wondering which is better. Should the upgrade be better? Are the added things worth the money or can you still go for the Simplicity which is cheaper?

I will analyse the differences so you can come to an easier decision. The Simplicity car seat is an award-winning car seat and is much praised by parents.

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About the Silver Cross Simplicity.

According to Silver Cross, their Simplicity car seats are made for many, thinking of the baby and parents. It’s a rear-facing car seat which can be used with the Simplifix Isofix base or the car seatbelt.

Like all car seats, it has a manual, guiding you on how to instal it. Simplicity is suitable from birth up to 13kg which is around 15 months.

You have 5 point harness which is known also to support the legs/hips and it has cover pads. It’s adjustable as well and can be done while the baby is in the car seat.

Simplicity has soft head support that had side impact protection as well as the shell. Inside padding and cosy apron.

Silver Cross Simplicity comes with an adjustable hood and the fabrics are removable to be washed. All Silver Cross car seats comply with the EU regulation which is the ECE R44.04, but this one is not the newest.

It’s the old one.

As you can see the car seat is simple yet packed with features.

About the Silver Cross Simplicity Plus.

Just like its predecessor, it’s made to suit many lifestyles. The Simplicity Plus is suitable from birth up to 13kg and it has cushioned fabrics to keep the baby safe and protected.

With side impact protection and 5 point harness system. Covered with pads. It of course offers all the features the previous one has which makes it very similar.

What differs then from the original model? A few changes have made it better according to some sites.

What’s the Difference Between the Silver Cross Simplicity and Simplicity Plus?

Simplicity and Simplicity Plus Seat and Fabrics.

Simplicity Plus has a new and improved seat position. This is made so your baby does not tip over when the harness has not been strapped

The better ergonomic seat position makes this easier and possible. Many baby products where your baby needs to seat are implementing this.

They are giving your baby a safe place to seat where they can develop their legs/hips and also spine. A newborn inlay is also included which makes it more suitable for smaller babies.

The new Simplicity car seat also has a detachable head hugger which along with the newborn insert suits tiny babies better.

Other than these differences they are similar in more ways. It offers 5 head positions which you can use during your baby’s development.

Simplicity and Simplicity Plus Weight and Dimensions.

72 x 39.8 x 45.8 centimetres are the dimensions of the Simplicity car seat and you have H40 x W44 x D67cm for the Simplicity Plus with base.

The Silver Cross Simplicity weight is about 4kg and the Simplicity Plus is around 4.6kg. Which show some differences in their sizes and weight.

The original seems to be easier to carry around.

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Simplicity and Simplicity Plus Prices.

The last thing that remains which differ is the price. For the Silver Cross Simplicity Plus, you have around £169 for the car seat only on Amazon.

It’s £299 with the Simplifix Isofix base on Amazon. If you are buying it in other places it costs from £139 up to £189. Just only the car seat.

For the original Simplicity car seat, it’s. £139 on some sites. The Simplifix base which both are only compatible with costs about £150, but £79.99 on Amazon.

So, of course, the Simplicity Plus can be a bit more or way more expensive depending on where you buy it.

Which One Is Better?

Because the Silver Cross Simplicity Plus offer a better ergonomic seat, 5 positions adjustable headrest and a head hugger make it better. This also means it’s more suitable for tiny babies.

Although the age range, it’s the same. Depending on how your baby grows they might reach more than 15 months on the car seat and they might not.

Simplicity is lighter and a bit cheaper which can be a reason for some parents to choose it. They have the same features and are compatible with the same strollers.

These Silver Cross car seats are compatible with Wave, Reflex, Wayfarer, Pioneer and Surf 3 stroller models.

With another adapter, you can also use Silver Cross Pursuit, Horizon and Pacific. These adapters are also compatible with Silver Cross Dream.

So you can use these to create travel systems. The Simplicity car seats also have the same colours and are compatible with the same rain cover, which these also share with the Silver Cross Dream car seat.

The handles are also the same, adjustable and smooth to hold.

If you are expecting are tiny baby then the Simplicity Plus is the best. It’s still better for all, but the original still has almost the same to offer.

It’s up to you.

Simplicity and Simplicity Plus Cons.

These car seats are quite expensive and not that lightweight compared to the Nuna Pipa car seat series. These are also only compatible with Silver Cross strollers.

The features compared to the Cybex Aton 5 are not the best. These have more similarities to Joie I-Gemm and I-Gemm 2.

Compared to many car seats today they are not the best, but they are still good and quality. Also Simplicity and Simplicity Plus are not compatible with the new EU regulation safety checker. (R129 regulation).


What will it be? Are the new updates worth buying the Simplicity Plus car seat? I would say yes. Making your baby more comfortable can be of much importance if you intend to use the car seat a lot.

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