What’s the Difference Between the Silver Cross Pop and Zest.

One of Silver Cross’s older strollers is the Pop, which has been favoured by many parents over the years. The Zest is also another lightweight buggy that rivals the Pop.

If your mind has decided to choose either one of these, then you might wonder which one to choose. In this article, I will try to help you solve that problem.

I will only analyse the differences these two lightweight buggies share so that you can see which one has more pros and fewer cons.

First, I will do a short review of both.

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About the Silver Cross Pop.

Suitable from birth up to 22kg according to manufacturers, which is the age of 4 years or plus depending on your little one. It’s lightweight at 7.4kg, which is not the lightest but still light.

You can carry the buggy when folded because of the carry handles. A somehow big UPF50+ canopy that is extendable as well. You also have a peek window with the canopy.

Adjustable seat unit with the lie-flat option included for babies. You also have an adjustable footrest for your baby’s and toddler’s comfort.

The seat unit has padded soft fabrics, making it soft to sit on and comfortable during winter. The Silver Cross Pop has a 5-point harness system with a click and release button.

A bumper can be both an accessory to keep the baby safer. It has an ergonomic static handlebar making it easier to grab and push.

You have 4 wheels but each wheel system has 2. There are two brake systems on the back wheels, but you only need to press one for the buggy to stop.

An underneath shopping basket that can take up to 5kg of weight. The Pop is available in many colourful colours and it’s only forward-facing. (The window is important for this stroller).

It has all suspension wheels and swivels lockable wheels to offer better manoeuvrability.

About the Silver Cross Zest.

Suitable from birth up to 25kg which is 5 years of age. It has softly padded cushion fabrics on the seat. The sea unit has multiple positions including a backrest to keep the baby as flat as possible.

A big canopy with UPF50+ protection against the rain, sun and wind. The canopy also has mesh panels to keep air flowing in.

Silver Cross Zest has a 5-point harness on the seat with an adjustable harness and with a click and release button. It has an adjustable legrest as well.

It has an ergonomic static handlebar to make pushing easier. Two brake systems on the back of the buggy with one footbrake.

A medium-sized shopping basket. The wheels are stable and glide easier on even terrains. All suspension and swivel lockable wheels.

It has a weight of 5.8kg which makes it one of the lightest buggies out there.

The Zest also comes with straps to help you carry it with ease or you can also use the handlebar.

Differences Between the Silver Cross Pop and Zest.

Weight and Dimensions.

As seen above you can see the difference in weight. The Silver Cross is much lighter than the Pop. Both are lightweight buggies but the Zest it’s easier to carry.

Pop at 7.4kg and Zest at 5.8kg.

As one mum said in an article I read it’s like carrying a bag of potatoes. The Zest being lighter makes it more suitable for those who live upstairs and love to travel a lot.

It has almost the same weight as the Babyzen yoyo+ which has been reported to be an of the lightest buggies and fan favourite among many parents.

So, Zest wins in this category. The Pop has an open dimensions of H:107cm W:49cm L:80cm and a folded dimensions of L:105cm W:28cm H:27cm.

The Zest has open dimensions of L77cm x W46cm x H106cm and folded dimensions of L103cm x W27cm x H22cm.

As you can see the Pop offers a wider seat which makes it suitable for bigger toddlers, well more suitable. It has a slightly taller height and the length is more as well.

These are not that noticeable though. Just some 0.1 to 0.4 cms. However, it makes it bigger when in open dimension. When in folded dimension the Zest is more compact.

Having less length, width and height. Again, the difference is not that much but it’s still there. Overall when it comes to weight and dimension the Silver Cross Zest is better.

The Pop however accommodates bigger toddlers more.

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Seat Unit and Canopy.

Both have the same features on the seat. The only difference is that the Pop is said to be suitable up to 22kg instead of 25kg. There’s are half a year difference even a year.

When it comes to the canopy both are similar as well except that the Pop has a peek-a-boo window. Both are forward-facing so a window would be good to have to view your child.

This makes the Pop better in regards to the canopy.


There are differences in their prices as well. The Zest is much cheaper than the Pop. It cost around £164.99 while the Pop cost £190 which is a £25 indifference.

The prices differ depending on what online you buy them from. Many will go with the Zest because it’s cheaper although both are expensive for just being single lightweight buggies.

In some online stores, the Zest can be £180 and the Pop £200+. Where ever you buy them the Pop is more expensive.


The Zest is designed with straps to make things easier for you. So, you can either use the straps or the handle to carry it. When it comes to Silver Cross Pop you only use the handle to carry it.

As mentioned above the Pop frame is built bigger and wider than the Zest.

Which One is Better?

Although the Pop is the most famous lightweight stroller from Silver Cross it’s not the best they offer. The Silver Cross Zest is the cheapest, offers better features, lighter and easier to travel with.

This makes it better than the Pop. I have seen comments where mums prefer the Zest more because of the reasons I mentioned above.

These strollers share way more similarities than differences, so if you choose the Zest you won’t miss out that much on what the Pop has to offer.

You might miss out on a few features or the colours the Pop offers, but that’s it. Although the Silver Cross Zest also has its own colours.

Who would choose Pop? Well, if you don’t mind spending more money to have a bigger seat unit for your growing baby and a window.

These are good features to have as well.


Like many umbrella strollers, these come with a lot of cons. Both are only forward-facing and the seat can’t be removed from the frame.

Their handlebars can’t be folded and you will need to buy a bumper bar separately. They are quite expensive for single lightweight buggies.

The basket is not reachable when completely reclined. Both don’t have all terrains wheels which will give you bumpy rides if you use them on uneven terrains.

They work better on even terrains (That’s why they are more suitable for the city). The Pop and the Zest have pretty high handlebars around 107cm.

This is higher than the average handle height. Not the best option for shorter parents. Both the Silver Cross Pop and Zest are only suitable for single babies.

They do not travel system convertible either.


Although they come with many cons they are still loved by many. The age range is very good. From Birth up to 22 or 25kg is your child’s age limit no strollers.

They are there from the beginning to the end. Both have good features which will accommodate your little one. These features are not the best out there but it’s still good.

If we analyse and compare them to other umbrella strollers they are definately one of the best out there.

Do you agree? Which of these two do you prefer?

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  1. Both the Siver Cross Pop and Zest are good quality baby Strollers and offer many useful features. Although the Pop is lighter 5.8 kg and having a wider seat than Zest. If your baby is healthy then Pop may be a good choice. The size, seat, and canopy are almost the same in both Strollers but Pop has a peek-a-boo window. Zest is more compact and uses an ergonomic handlebar which makes it easier to operate in crowded places. Both have all the suspension and swivels lockable wheels and all the safety features. Lastly came to the price Zest is much cheaper £130 than the Pop £190. So if you need a lightweight stroller for your baby that looks vibrant then go for the Silver Cross Pop but otherwise, Silver Cross Zest won’t be a bad choice either.


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