What`s the Difference Between the Nuna Mixx Next and Nuna Mixx?

Nuna is also one of those famous brands alongside Bugaboo and Uppababy. Some of their famous strollers the Nuna Mixx and Nuna Mixx Next have thousands of searches a month.

For this article, I decided to compare the Nuna Mixx 2019, and its twin buggy the Mixx Next 2021 to see what differences these pushchairs share.

I will also mention the cons they share.

First, let me do a quick review of both so you get clear images of what these Nuna strollers offer.

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About the Nuna Mixx Next.

Being one of the luxurious strollers in the market, Mixx Next offers quality design fabrics and leather made bars.

It’s suitable from birth with the Mixx carrycot and the Pipa car seat up to 20kg. From 6 months you can use the seat units that’s reversible and reclinable.

Adjustable and anti loop harness to make this comfortable for the child and easier for you. An adjustable legrest to keep your tall toddler comfortable.

A big canopy with UPF50 protection. A telescopic handlebar and the Mixx Next can be pushed with one hand.

It’s easily folded and compact as well. Has an auto-lock system when folded and it can be carried like a trolley. A medium-size basket underneath.

The Mixx Next is one of the perfect strollers to use for a long walk in the park or city. It comes with class and a real head-turner.

About the Nuna Mixx.

Identical to its successor the Mixx is suitable from birth up to 20kg. It has a lie-flat position plus the other 4 reclining positions. Together it’s 5 positions.

Forward and rear-facing seat unit. With 3 or 5 harness systems with anti loops. Adjustable legrest with a footrest as well. Leather made bars and telescopic handlebar.

UFP50+ Canopy with two ventilation panels, a peek a boo window and a sun visor.

You can easily fold the Mixx facing both ways and it’s compact when folded. A medium-size basket underneath for all your groceries

Suspension wheels and quality designed tyres.

What’s the Difference Between the Nuna Mixx Next and Mixx.

Mixx Next and Mixx Price.

The Mixx Next is an updated version from the 2020 Mixx Next that came out in 2021 makes it of course more expensive than its predecessor. Mixx Next has some features that are added and this makes it more expensive.

For the general UK price it cost around £580 and that’s the single stroller only. For the Nuna Mixx, it’s around £525.

Mixx Next and Mixx Harness.

Nuna Mixx Next comes with an innovative solution. The new harness buckle is magnetic which makes it easier to strap your child without you doing every bit of it manually.

Like most strollers, the Mixx Harness buckle requires you to attach it manually and that takes time. It also makes it harder for you to take your little one out of the buggy. (Even placing them).

With this solution, things are easier. A good update indeed.

Mixx Next and Mixx Weight and Dimensions.

With some upgrades, there’s a tiny difference in their weight. For the Nuna Mixx it’s 11.08kg and the Mixx Next it’s 12.5kg. It’s heavier than the previous model.

Although both are heavyy strollers which some mums have reported. They share similar open dimensions, which are 112.5cm(H) x 59.4cm(W) x 85cm(L).

When it comes to the folded dimensions there’s a slight difference. For the Mixx Next the dimensions are 40.6cm(H) x 59.9cm(W) x 90.9 cm(L).

Nuna Mixx folded dimensions are 45.7cm × 59.6 × 86.6cm  (H×W×L). The Mixx Next is shorter but has more height than the Mixx.

The frame and wheels design make it fit in your boot better than the Mixx 2019.

Mixx Next and Mixx Folding Mechanism.

When it comes to how these two are folded there’s also a slight difference. For the Nuna Mixx and Mixx Next, the folding mechanism is actually the same.

The only difference is that Mixx Next found an easier way to make it comfortable for the parent. When folded the Mixx Next can free stand.

Allowing you to unfold without struggling. For the Mixx, you will need to bend down before unfolding It, because it can’t free stand.

This also means using Mixx Next in public transport and restaurants is much easier. You will need the space.

Mixx Next and Mixx Wheels and Manuavrebility.

With the update, the Mixx Next has gotten better wheels. The suspension and shock absorption has been designed to make them handle more uneven grounds.

So the Mixx Next has more suspension on the rear wheels and it has gone from plastic/rubber tyres to only rubber tyres which makes it more durable and it offers a better ride.

The Mixx holds on to the sturdy and all suspension wheels which makes it also easy to use on many terrains.

Mixx Next and Mixx Colours.

Both offer three colours each but there’s a difference in the third colour. They share similarities with the Caviar Black and Granite grey.

For Mixx Next, it offers a colour called timber. This is a combination of brown and black. For the Mixx it’s Birch, and it’s a combination of a white canopy and a grey seat and basket.

You can choose the colour you want.

Which One is Better?

It’s hardly any difference between these two, so no wonder parents are thinking of the extra pounds for the Mixx Next are worth it.

Although it does offer a better unfolding and folding. You can also fit it better in your house or boot. The harness, wheels and tyres are also better.

The only problem is the weight and price. When looking from a quality perspective both have the same quality. If you look at the features then the Mixx Next its do doubt better.

An extra 1.5kg weight and some extra pounds are what you have to bear to get better features.

For many, it’s worth it, and that’s why the Mixx Next has shown to be a favourite for many families, especially in the US and Europe.

However, the Mixx is still good and offer almost the same. It’s lighter and cheaper. The Mixx Next makes it easier for you to handle the buggy, which is the only difference really.


Two of the biggest cons both of these shares is that they are both heavy and expensive. These prices are only for single buggies.

Both are only compatible with Nuna car seats and they can’t be converted into double strollers. Parents have complained the seats are slim and not that big.

Also that the canopies are not that high up rather low. These are the major cons both share.


It can be hard to make a choice knowing that there is not that much difference. It’s important to look at your lifestyle. If you want to make it easier than it already is then Mixx Next is a good choice.

Both are for urban lifestyles and even some suburban terrains.

Will you be able to handle a heavy stroller? Well, why not go for the less heavy if your mind is determined on having one of these.

Look into the small details and analyse what will suit you best to go for. If you decide, I would like to know in the comment section.

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