What’s the Difference Between the Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro and Plus?

Next to strollers or prams, you have car seats that are the more important products to buy for babies. Some may even argue that they are the most important accessories your baby will use.

Many buy car seats with the stroller, but some buy them separately.

Maxi car seats are known to be popular, and they have been providing families all over the world great prams and car seats.

The Pebble series is one of them. You have many articles talking about the differences between the Pebble Pro/Plus and The original Pebble.

For this article, I will talk about the two upgraded versions.

From reading those articles maybe you already have your answer for that, now let’s find which one of these is better.

Parents don’t know what to choose, but I will try to make your decision easier.

What’s the difference between the Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro and Plus?

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Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro and Plus Similarities.

1. Both are I-size Compliant.

The old Pebble version had a normal safety checker, which was the older R44/04 regulation safety checker. This offered safety for your little one at the minimum.

Both the upgraded versions offer the I-Size compliant which means both have the best safety standards.

Not only are these complaints with a base, but one with the 2Wayfix and the other 3Wayfix, but they also have good rear-facing positions.

As your baby must face rear-facing up to 15 months, which is the maximum recommended age it focuses on the height instead of the weight.

More suitable for taller babies, and with the bases you are allowed to move freely.

At the same time, both can also be used with the seatbelt.

All car seats have side impact protection, but what makes the I-Size compliant car seats better is that they much thicker and absorb more.

It offers thicker foams a higher absorbing percentage. When accidents happen it’s more likely to keep the baby on the seat than the older version.

Coming back to the 2Wayfix and 3Wayfix when they are used the seats can go up to 4 years.

Did you know that I-Size complaint car seats are not only about the side impact protection, but also the rollover protection?

Adding four protection instead of two. (With the old version it was only rear and forward).

2. Harness.

The Harness is the same as well. An innovative way of keeping the harness open and pulling it with one hand. It’s easier to install and fix.

Meaning the harness is adjustable and easier to handle. Both also provide harnesses that have chest pads which makes it better for your child to grab something soft.

Both harnesses are 3 points that are good enough to offer protection for babies shoulders and buttocks.

Both also have the normal press and release buttons. So, no much to say about the harness. Both are excellent for babies.

3. Age Suitability.

Another similarity one can find with these is the age suitability. Both are from 45cm up to 75cm which is from birth up to 12 months.

At this age, most babies can fully support themselves, and won’t need the seat on the pram, but with the 2Wayfix and 3wayfix,  you use the car seats longer.

4. Handle and Canopy.

Both handles are the same as well. Smooth and easy to grab and carry. Around the sides, on top of the handles, you have two hooks or clips.

These are used to Install the canopy. The handles are a bit bent and are perfect when you attach them to the seat of your car.

Both offer an open view and without a canopy, which can be good as your baby grows.

A sun canopy is available to attach when it is used for newborns and more fragile kids.

It’s of course, for everyone to use, and some might even recommend always use it.

The canopies are normal standard canopies and medium-sized, and only there to shade from the sun, but also from small drops of rain.

Available in colours.

5. Design and Style

So, I pretty much covered many things above now let’s talk about in detail the design and style.

Both offer quality design and will be useable for years. Both the Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro and Plus offer head and body inlay.

These are exactly designed the same. It’s adjustable, soft and cushioned to make babies heads and bodies comfortable.

The fabrics are of course removable and washable to last longer.

When it comes to the colours, they both offer the same colours. So, you can choose and match it to your pram.

When it comes to dimensions it’s the same and the weight as well. At:

  • D)67x (W) 44x (H)56cm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg.

Both of these offer guidelines on where to fit the seatbelt and have hooks on each side where you can hang the harness when placing the baby on the seat.

6. Stroller Compatibility.

Both are suitable with all Maxi Cosi car seats, and some Quinny car seats.

The Pebble Plus has matching colours that are perfectly fit for some Quinny strollers.

The Pebble Pro and Plus are also useable with other strollers if you use adapters. Some of these brands are Icandy, Babystyle (You have the Oyster Pram series), Joie, Silver Cross, Bugaboo, etc.

So, if you have been given one of these as a gift you have the option to buy from any brand. You are not limited.

Choose the brand you think will match your lifestyle, plus these come in many colours.

You can always ask the company for more information.



Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro and Plus Differences.

1. 2wayfix vs 3wayfix.

With the Pebble Plus, you have the 2wayfix and with the Pebble Pro, you have the 3wayfix.

Both are two bases that allow you to fix these two car seats in your car. The 3wayfix is the latest upgraded version of the former.

It offers are quicker installation, and an easier one as well. It has lights to indicate if you have fixed the base correctly.

The Pebble Pro 3wayfix base offers leg rest as well. It also comes with batteries for the lights of course.

Although both are within the Familyfix bases, so it’s pretty similar.

With the Pebble Pro, you can use this type of base.

2. Head Hugger Inlay.

I have been researching for the differences because these two looks almost the same. It’s not easy to find.

The major difference between these two is the head inlay.

With the Pebble Plus, you have an inlay that’s a one-piece and focused mostly on the head to give support and comfort for the baby.

However, when it comes to the Pebble Pro it offers a two-piece inlay with the head and the entire body equally focused.

This means your baby will have the same amount of safety on both body parts. It also enables you to remove one part and leave the other one.

When your baby grows, to allow more space you can remove one part to allow the baby to move better.

Pebble Pro offers a deeper inlay, and at the end where the feet are located, the fabrics are bigger and wider.

3. Price Difference.

On most sites, the Pebble Pro seems to be more expensive than the former, and on others, it has similar prices.

So, depending on where you end up buying it the price can differ a lot. Which is also different and can impact the decision of some people.

On Amazon, Pebble Pros costs about 169 pounds and the Pebble Plus costs 191 pounds.


Well, these two are not that major indifference when comparing them to the original Pebble car seat.

It offers a major difference to that one, but these are more similar really.

Whichever of them you end up buying you won’t miss out that much on the other one. Both are safe to use and offer excellent fabrics and materials

The bases both offer to take your child up to toddlerhood. They have reasonable prices compared to many brands and are suitable with many prams.

After stating that, however, if you have to choose I will recommend going with the Pebble Pro i-Size car seat.

It’s slightly better in my humble opinion.

So, what will it be? Did you get your answer, and are you now aware of the differences between Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro and Plus?



2 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between the Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro and Plus?”

  1. Does Pebble Pro fits with every adapter/pushchair that works with Pebble Plus?

    I am looking to check if micralite getgo that supports Pebble Plus automatically supports Pebble Pro. This information is not available on micralite website.

    • Hey. Although the Pebble Pro and Plus are very similar and both are updated versions of the original Pebble they are not compatible with all the same strollers. With Maxi Cosi and some other strollers yes, but they differ in some. Pebble plus is compatible with Bugaboo,Quinny, Micralite and Icandy strollers. The Pebble Pro is compatible with Thule, Yoyo, etc. Of course, with the right adapters.

      Regarding the Micralite Getgo, it’s only compatible with the Pebble Plus not the Pebble Pro.

      Let me know if you need more help.


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