What’s the Difference Between the Joie Spin 360 and I-Spin 360?

According to Madeformums the Joie I-Spin 360 is the best rotating car seat, and if you want to make it easy getting your baby in the car then this one should interest you.

However, which one of the Joie convertible car seats is better? Is it the original spin 360 or I-spin 360?

What’s the difference between the Joie spin 360 and I-spin 360? I will cover the differences so you can see which one to go for.

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About the Joie Spin 360.

A convertible car seat that’s suitable from birth up to 18kg which is around 4 years. Rear-facing from birth up to the age limit and then you have forward-facing from 9kg.

It’s called 360 because of the degree of rotation, which you can do from all angles. Making it easy for your child in whatever car you have.

Installed with seatbelt or Isofix base. Just like any other car seat the Spin 360 has a harness, headrest and body cover. Side Impact protection to keep baby safe.

5-position seat adjustment for the front seat and you can use one hand to adjust the headrest.

You have 5 points which can be adjusted by height and with one hand.  The harness and buckles are covered to keep it clean and warm.

The car seat covers can be removed to be washed.

About the Joie I-Spin 360.

Just like the predecessor it’s suitable from birth up to 4 years and can be used for both rear-facing and forward-facing.

It has multiple layers of shock absorbent to keep the baby safe from impacts. It has 5 point harness system which can be adjustable with just one hand.

It has pads covering it fully. A newborn insert and body cover keep the baby comfortable. These can be adjustable and removed to be washed as well.

Can be both installed with the base and or the seatbelt.

Both these Joie car seats share this feature that’s amazing.

The headrest and the harness can simultaneously be adjusted and you don’t need to re-thread it. This is done with one hand. Keeping the other hand busy with other things.

What’s the Difference Between the Joie Spin 360 and I-Spin 360?

Spin 360 and I-Spin 360 Regulation.

The EU complaint is to see which car seat is the safest to use. You have the old ECE R44/04 compliant which the Joie Spin 360 has and then you have the new one which is the R129 compliant.

The new one indicates the car seat is the safest when facing rear. This means the I-Spin 360 is safer to use for your newborn and older baby when they face rear.

It also means more things. Overall the car seat is better regarding safety matters.

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Spin 360 and I-Spin 360 Age Limit.

For the Joie Spin 360, you can use the forward-facing option from 9 months, which you can’t do with the I-Spin 360. It’s from 15 months instead.

However, both are still up to 4 years. The only difference is that for the I-Spin 360 you have 19kg instead of 18kg.

It means the latter will have better tolerance to your child’s weight.

Spin 360 and I-Spin 360 Seat and Shell.

There is a so-called misuse mechanism which makes sure that your baby is very safe when placed rear-facing for up to 15 months. These are the recommended heights: 80-105cm.

You have 5 position reclining options for both rear and forward-facing with the Spin 360, but with the I-Spin 360, you have 6 reclining options.

This is for your growing baby. It shows that the I-Spin 360 lasts longer. Joie I-Spin 360 also has 19 adjustable support leg positions to help position your child in the best way.

One feature the I-Spin 360 has which makes it quite unique is the panel mechanism.

As soon as your baby seats in the seat there is an extension to keep your baby’s head, body and hips safe. It widens it.

The I-Spin 360 has side ventilation keeping air circulating, which is very good during warm weather. This is a feature which many car seats don’t necessarily have.

You can spin the seat 360 degrees using only one hand for the I-Spin 360.

Spin 360 and I-Spin 360 Weight and Dimensions.

These are quite heavy. For the Spin 360, you have 11.95kg and for the I-Spin 360, it’s around 13.9kg.

You have these dimensions for the Spin 360 rear-facing l 66.1-69 x w 45 x h 56.8-63.3cm and these for the forward-facing l 55 x w 45 x h 67.1-76.5cm.

These are the base dimensions w 40 x h 28.5 x w 48cm.  For the I-Spin 360, you have these dimensions for the rear-facing L68 x W46 x H51cm and these L69 x W46 x H61cm for the forward facing.

These sizes are good to check and see if the car seat matches your car or not. The Spin 360 is lighter which means less weight.

Spin 360 and I-Spin 360 Colours and Prices.

(These are the colours I could find). For both the Spin 360 and I-Spin 360 you have black, dark grey with black and light grey with dark grey.

For the Spin 360 only you have dark grey only, red and green which are unique to it. For the I-Spin 360, you have a very light grey only and a blue colour.

These are the colours I could find in the market. Joie Spin seem to offer more colours and these are also less seen which is wanted by many.

I have seen many online stores set almost the same price for the Spin 360, which is £178-179. This of course includes the base that it comes with.

It can be £230 for some colours and places.

You have £295-£600+ for the I-Spin 360 depending on where you buy it and also the colours. Amazon sells it for £404.

However, if you look at it the Spin 360 is way cheaper than the former.

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Which One is Better?

Without a doubt, the I-Spin 360 is better because of the extra features it has. It also checks with the new EU compliant which makes it offer the best rear and forward facing options.

It does offer the best seat with more adjustment and extended panels. It also has ventilation to keep the car seat cool at any time.

The spinning is done with only one hand and besides, there’s a possibility that you can use the car seat a bit longer than the former.

You also have the 19-position support leg to make your child comfortable.

Who Would Go for the Joie Spin 360 Then?

Now the question is will the features be worth the price difference? For some yes and for others no. The Spin 360 still has its 360 degrees rotation feature.

It has all the features the other car seat has except some minor and one major change.

Besides it is lighter, has more colours and you can use the forward-facing option from 9 months.

This is a car seat for parents who want trendy and stylish things, but who also have to look out for the budget. After buying it you won’t need to worry for years.

Spin 360 and I-Spin 360 Cons.

The major cons are the prices and weight. Because these are convertible car seats you would need to buy a separate infant car seat if you plan on using it.

This will cost money. These are also heavy, so moving them won’t be easy. However, that won’t be a lot because you will have them in your all the time anyway.


Although the Joie I-Spin 360 is better the Spin 360 still has enough features to offer your child safety and comfort for years.

After knowing the differences between these two seats, which one will it be?

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