What’s the Difference Between the Joie I-Gemm and I-Gemm 2?

Joie is known for its quality car seats and strollers. Their car seats are what many parents look for every month. One of their top car seats is the Gemm series.

I have done a comparison between the Gemm and I-Gemm and this article gets a lot of visitors every month. Showing how well-liked the brand is. Visit the article by clicking on the link below.

For this article, I wanted to inform you of the differences between the I-Gemm and I-Gemm 2, just in case you are unsure which one to buy.

Is the I-Gemm still worth it or should you go for the new I-Gemm 2? Knowing the difference will help you make a clear decision. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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About the Joie I-Gemm.

Product dimensions: l 66cm x w 43.5cm x h 58.5cm (4.6kg).

The I-Gemm is a famous Joie car seat alongside the one above and has also the latest I Size standard measure. The newest R129 regulation safety checker.

Joie introduces this car seat that’s suitable from birth with a height of 45cm up to 85cm, but the maximum weight to use on it is less than 13kg according to manufacturers.

It has Intelli fit foam and Tri fit foam both for side impact protection and for the headrest. Give your newborn a place to rest their head and body comfortably.

The headrest has three layers so it’s thick and it also offers 3 adjustable options as your baby grows. As well as a harness that’s adjustable too.

It’s made to fit infants of different sizes and it comes with chest pads to keep the car seat clean and give your baby a soft place to touch and feel.

Curved features on the bottom rock the car seat, which can help you out a lot. A UPF50+ sun and water protection with zip-open panels.

The canopy is adjustable and removable. To make things even great you got an adjustable handlebar, that’s ergonomic making carrying it even smoother.

Joie i-Gemm must be used with the base and these are the Joie I Advance and Joie I base LX. The car seat can be used to travel with as well which is amazing.

All of these amazing features are enjoyed by your baby on your long journey. Compatible with almost all Joie strollers without adapters and if you happen to own others then just use adapters from Maxi Cosi.

By the way, this is an award-winning car seat.

About the Joie I-Gemm 2.

The newly upgraded I-Gemm 2 is suitable from birth up to 13kg which is around 15 months. It’s I Size compliant meaning it has the new R129 regulation safety checker.

Make your child travel in style and quality. For travelling, you can either use an Isofix base or seatbelt making it easier for many parents

Starting from the inner frame with the fabrics you have a so-called Tri-protect headrest. This has three layers that will offer your little one comfort and safety.

The headrest has 7 positions and as your baby grows you adjust it to suit them. It also offers a one-hand adjustment and you won’t need to adjust the harness either.

You also have new features inserted such as a newborn insert, pillow and soft pads for the harness. All of this is to make things easier for your little one

Side impact protection with so-called Intelli-fit foam which bounces off things and provides great comfort during a collision.

Because the I-Gemm 2 has the new regulation makes the side impact protection better.

A curved base is used to rock your child to sleep. With an ergonomic handlebar and a rear and forward-facing option.

UPF50+ canopy with ventilation panel in the middle. A zip extension makes it viewable.

Differences Between the Joie I-Gemm and I-Gemm 2.

I-Gemm and I-Gemm 2 Seating Area.

There’s much in common with these infant car seats but there are some added features with the I-Gemm 2. It has an infant pillow added for your baby.

Not only the Infant insert but the pillows as well. Making it more comfortable for your little one. Looking at the headrest it has 3 positions on the I-Gemm.

However, for the new one, it’s 7 positions making it more suitable for babies, especially those that are tall.

I-Gemm and I-Gemm 2 Handle Bar.

The handles are made of the same materials but their shape differ. As you can see with the images.

I-Gemm has a more bend handle.

I-Gemm and I-Gemm 2 Price.

Of course with the updated version the price will differ as well. With the I-Gemm the price is from £125 up to £150. For the I-Gemm 2, it’s £128.98.

So, it depends where you buy the car seat from. As you can see overall the Joie I-Gemm 2 is more expensive, but that’s expected with the minor updates.

Which One is Better?

With the added features the I-Gemm 2 is of course better. There’s not much difference with the major features, but with the minor changes, things will be better for your baby.

Is the price difference worth it? Well, that answer is up to you. More positions on the headrest is very beneficial for your growing baby which many will agree.

Without any doubt, the Joie I-Gemm 2 is indeed better and worth buying. However, if you want to save some money the I-Gemm is excellent.


Both car seats are quite expensive and they are not that light either. The colours are limited and they are not compatible with all popular strollers.

So, view before you buy. You also need adapters which will increase the price even more.

They are also only rear-facing which most infant car seats are. These are the major cons, otherwise, the Joie car seats are good.


If you want more comfort for your baby then the I-Gemm 2 is great otherwise both car seats have high scores and are almost the same.

Not that much different so choosing either one of them will have almost the same effect. Both have quality fabrics and materials to last for years.

With the right stroller, you will have a long-lasting travel system. Which one is your choice?

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