What’s the Difference Between the Cybex Cloud Q and Cloud Z?

Cybex is also one of the leading brands when it comes to car seats, and their car seats are known to be expensive and compatible with many brands.

In this article, I decided to look into both Cloud Z and Cloud Q. What are the differences between these two?

If you are uncertain which one to choose then hopefully by me answering this question you can make up your mind. Let me first introduce these two in a quick review.

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About the Cybex Cloud Q.

The Cloud Q is available in the normal group 0+ and with the new update you have stronger fabrics. It’s suitable from birth up to 15 months/13kg.

I will look into one of the models that came out in 2017. The Cloud Q should match the height from 45cm up to 75cm. This car seat was made to accommodate many lives.

It has an adjustable headrest made to suit your growing baby and give them comfort. It has side impact protection like all car seats, but because is an i-Size car seat these ones are much stronger and secure.

The LSP system as it’s called is there along with aide with the shells that absorb energy. This makes protecting your child from accidents much easier.

The seat offers an adjustable position for up to 3 months and then the sets can be removed to provide more space for your growing baby.

Cloud Q has integrated seat belt installation with the headrest.

Cloud Q also provides a 3 point harness system that’s adjustable and easy to insert. The belt has covers and pads to keep it from harming your little one.

It has UPF50+ protection integrated with the canopy and it’s big enough to keep your little one covered. It’s extendable as well. With adapters, you can transform it into a travel system alongside a stroller.

Weighing 5.6kg making it not the lightest car seat.

About the Cybex Cloud Z.

The Cloud Z is an i-Size car seat that had many updates. Suitable from birth up to 15 months which is around 13kg. The Cybex Cloud Z has an adjustable headrest meant to keep the baby comfortable.

It can be removed later on for when they have grown.

It has side and front impact protection to keep the baby from having any serious accidents. Shock absorbing shells helps with that as well. It can be used with a belt or the base.

It also has outer harder shells and inner softer shells. You can use two fabrics. One has a hard inner shell and a normal soft inner shell. Both have hard outer shells.

With the base, the Cloud Z Can rotate 180 degrees making it easier for you to take your child out of the car. Cybex Cloud Z has a 3 point harness system keeping your baby safe.

So-called premium twill fabrics make the fabrics one of the best and washable. UPF50+ protection canopy and it’s adjustable.

An adjustable ergonomic handle is included as well and made with a material that’s smooth and sleek. With the Sirona Z, you can use the Cloud Z for up to 4 years.

What’s the Difference Between the Cybex Cloud Q and Cloud Z.

Cloud Q and Cloud Z Frame.

Both have similarities with the car seat frame but they also differ. When looking at the harnesses both offer 3 point, but they differ slightly.

It’s much safer to use. Cloud Z does not only offer side impact protection but also front.

It means it offers more than the Cloud Q. Cloud Z has two different fabrics you can choose from. One that has two hard shells both in and out, and one that has an opposite.

With the base it comes you can rotate the Cloud Z 180 degrees in the car. This makes it easy for the parents who are removing or placing their child.

When attached to a stroller the Cloud Q reclines being the only car seat that does that. The Cloud Z can face forward and rear.

Cloud Q and Cloud Z Compatibility.

These strollers are compatible with the Cybex Cloud Q:

For Cybex Cloud Z most of the car seats here are the same except there are some changes. Cloud Z is not compatible with Peg Perego strollers, Bugaboo Bee 3, instead it’s compatible with ABC design, GB, Babystyle, Nuna, etc.

It adds way brands than the former which makes it better.

Cloud Q and Cloud Weight and Colours

The Cybex Cloud Z is lighter around 4.8kg and the other 5.6kg. It’s not that much and but it still differs and can be importamt for some families.

Cloud Z has these colours Autumn Gold, Manhattan Grey, Midnight Blue, Passion Pink, Orange and Stardust Black. The Cloud Q is the same except the Passion Pink is replaced by an Orange colour.

On some sites the Cloud Z is listed to have way more colours, it can be the other versions and not with this one. It has one colour more than the former.

Cloud Q and Cloud Z Price.

The Price for the Cloud Q can be from £240 up to £400 plus. For Cloud Z most of the stores sell it for only £239. This makes the Cloud Z cheaper in some stores.

They have almost similar price depending on where you buy them but it still differs.

Which One is Better?

Without any doubt, the Cybex Cloud Z is better than Cloud Q. It’s lighter which they say is 15%. It has side and front impact protection.

It also rotates 180 degrees to make it easier for the parent. Other than these car seats have more in common. When it comes to stroller compatibility the Cloud Z seem to be compatible with more brands as well.

It does lack compatibility with certain strollers and a brand the Cloud Q is compatible with, but the former miss out the most. This makes the Cloud Z actually better.

When it comes to safety they both offer excellent comfort. Cloud Z can be cheaper as well which means parents might be more willing to go for it.


Both are very expensive and heavy for car seats. Although they are quality and have excellent features they are not that affordable.

You will also need adapters to match them up with all of these strollers. This means more money to spend. Although they are compatible with soo many strollers, it’s not all.

The canopies don’t have windows so they don’t really offer a ventilation system.


Cybex is indeed one of the best brands out there and their Cloud car seat series are one of the best in the market. They are better than most car seats as they are suitable for much longer and compatible with soo many strollers.

When it comes to safety these two scores very high. You can use a base or a seat belt giving you the option to choose both will make it easier for parents.

There ain’t that many cons when it comes to these two infant seats. More benefits and pros than cons. Which of these two will you go for?

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  1. My partner and I will be expecting next year, and we are over the moon! However, this is also our first, and we are trying to be overly prepared for what is to come! haha. I am glad I found your site.

    My favorite aspect of this brand is the UPF protection, as I don’t think a lot of people realize how damaging the sun can be, especially to soft little baby skin. 

    For me its all about going big for our baby, I would be more inclined to spend the extra money on the Cloud Q.

    Thanks for the article!

    • Hey. I am happy you found my site. I hope you will get all the information you need. Please let me know if you need more help. If you are looking for strollers I have reviewed many good ones. Look at my categories. Thanks for reading.


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