What’s the Difference Between the Cosatto Woosh and Woosh XL?

Have you been looking in the market for a lightweight stroller? Well, you might have come across these from Cosatto.

Cosatto introduced the Woosh stroller series and parents have been loving them since.

This article is more about analysing what differs between the Woosh and Woosh XL. I will also mention the similarities of course.

Give you an all-depth explanation of these two strollers, so that you know the differences. Let’s get rolling.

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Cosatto Woosh and Woosh XL Similarities.

1. Age Limit.

The first major similarity is the age limit. Usually when an upgrade happens many brands are designed so it fits older children, but the Woosh XL is the same as the former.

It’s from birth up to 25kg which is around the weight of a 5 year old+ It depends on that child. There is no increasing weight more than this on a single stroller.

These Cosatto buggies are lightweight as well, so if you need more weight you need to increase the stroller weight.

Both are suitable up to your toddler gets tired of buggies, so you have a whole journey ahead of you.

2. Design and Style.

So, they are not completely different when it comes to their design and style. The Woosh has an adjustable UPF100+ canopy with a sun visor, so does the Woosh XL.

They have the same size basket underneath, and it’s sizeable enough to fit some groceries.

When it comes to similarities in safety they both have 5 point harnesses that’s easy to attach and detach. The harnesses have chest pads included.

Both Cosatto buggies are also designed to only face forward. They are forward-facing buggies, so there were no updates done on that part.

Both are available in the same colours which Cosatto is famous for. The folding part is with one hand on both strollers.

They are compact when folded, and easy to carry because of their lightweight. They also offer auto-lock when folded.

So, both can be good for travelling whether it’s abroad or using public transport.

The Cosatto Woosh and Woosh XL have the standard handlebar. They are not adjustable but are easy to hold and push.

Both also use straps to adjust the seat to a lie-flat mode. You also have other seating options to keep your child comfortable.

Woosh and Woosh XL have roomy seats and are suitable for many toddlers. Footbrakes are on the side and calf rest is included as well.

Both have so-called “climate science” designs. This means the fabrics are detailed designed and have good quality.

3. Wheels and Tyres.

Now that we have that covered only the wheels are left. Both have swivel lockable wheels and all suspension wheels.

When pushing the wheels glide smoothly on many terrains and when using in narrow places you can unlock the wheels allowing good manure.

Both are good for an urban and suburban lifestyle. Mostly for the city though. When it comes to the tyres is the same as well.

Standard tyres that are easy to use.

Cosatto Woosh and Woosh XL.

1. Weight.

Although the weight of the buggies is not that major it does matter. The original Woosh weighs 6kg which makes it one of the lightest buggies in the market.

The upgrade version weighs 6.8kg which is not a lot. When you ask parents to choose only base on the weight they will definitely go with the former.

Weight does matter. The less the better, and especially if your children grow. Light buggies helps out a lot.

When looking at them one might not notice instantly, but there are a few added features that make it weigh more.



2. Design and Style.

Coming back to the design and style you also have differences in them. The Woosh XL itself has had some upgrades.

Not all of them are similar. The standard has a normal frame but does still differ from the original.

You also have other Cosatto Woosh XL buggies with a chrome or gold chassis and with new colours other than that it’s almost the same.

Let’s analyse it with the original Woosh XL. When folded the chassis of the Woosh is more compact than the former.

At L: 57cm W: 49cm H: 38cm and the Woosh XL at L:62 cm W:52cm, H:40cm. As you can see it does look bigger which means it takes up more space.

Not that much though, so the original still wins in that regard.

Still, on the frame, you have now a bumper bar designed with it. The bar is made with leather giving you a more quality modern look.

It also provides more security for your child besides the harness. A longer and leather made handlebar as well.

They took the original handle and got rid of it to make a higher and designed bar.

Creates more space where you can hold. The basket for the upgraded version has extra fold-out storage.

When it comes to the style of the hood it was a bit flimsy and bigger on the older version.

You also have new patterns with the Woosh XL giving you a more modern look. One last thing is the friendly companion that’s added with the Cosatto Woosh XL buggy.

There to keep baby entertained and can be hanged on the bumper bar.

3. Pram Mode vs Pushchair Mode.

So, one of the major differences is that the new upgraded Woosh XL can have a carrycot attached to it, which the former couldn’t.

You, therefore, have a pram mode vs pushchair mode. The Woosh XL pushchair is only forward as seen above, but it can be rear-facing with the carrycot.

The cot is simple and can be used for your newborn up to 6 months. It’s not therefore used for overnight sleeping but it brings comfort for them.

It’s available to buy separately from many online and offline stores. This is a major deciding factor for many parents, as many consider the carrycot to be safer for newborns.

It makes a huge difference.

4. Travel System Convertible vs None Travel System Convertible.

Another major difference is this one. With the original, you only had the seat, but now Cosatto introduces a pushchair with the ability to convert.

The Cosatto Dock 0+ car seat is attached to it using adapters. Suitable from birth up to 12 months which most car seats are.

This one is also rear-facing giving you the option of two. The Dock car seat has a time lock technology, which means if you don’t use it for a while the car seat re-lock itself from the adapters.

Because car seats are needed and mostly you will save money with this one. It’s for the buggy and car.

This gives you the option to have a 2in1 travel system which is cheaper. Many parents prefer this.

Having a car seat means you can just take your sleeping baby from the car straight to the buggy without waking them up.

With the Woosh none of that can be done.


Well, now it’s time to analyse it all and see what’s the difference between the Cosatto Woosh and Woosh XL. You have differences in almost all factors.

Starting from the hood, handle, bumper bar, style and design, pram mode and lastly a travel system. Cosatto took some things that were good with the Woosh and upgraded it into the Woosh XL.

There were things left out which were already good and other things had to be lost, like the weight and folded dimensions.

Made it even better by introducing a carrycot and car seat compatible stroller.

Nowadays that’s what many parents are looking for.

So, there’s no doubt the Cosatto Woosh XL is much better and will make a better addition to the family.

It’s, therefore, more expensive at £299 and the former £199.95.

Do you agree with me? Are both of these ideals for your lifestyle? If not, please let me know in the comment section down below.



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