What’s the Difference Between the Bugaboo Prams?

So, you have been looking for high-end stroller brands and your mind finally settled on Bugaboo.

It has been around for 3 decades now, and their prams have been providing quality design and features for parents.

However, you still have not made up your mind on which of these you should choose. They look so good and how will you know which one suits your lifestyle the must

Well, in this article I will do my level best to answer the question above. Give you an idea of each of these prams.

I will only mention the latest of their prams (the time of writing this article), and these are the Bugaboo Donkey 3, Fox 2, Cameleon 3 plus, Bee 6 and Buffalo.

All of these are upgrades to the previous models.

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Bugaboo Prams: Short Review.

Bugaboo Donkey 3.

This model is a single to double stroller that will accommodate your growing family. Suitable from birth with the carrycot or car seat for up to 22kg.

With the double pram, each seat is up to 22kg as well, which is around 4 years.

It has an extendable canopy with a peek a boo window and ventilation panel.

Large basket and with the single stroller, you have extra storage near the seat. You have a so-called beach mode (2 wheels).

One-hand reclining on the seat. Two ways of folding and its self-standing.

It’s forward and rear-facing and weighs 13.9kg with the extra seat for double mode. Available in many colours.

The wheels are puncture proof and have all suspension making it easy to push on multiple terrains.

Leather made bars and the handle is adjustable making suit any parent.

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Bugaboo Fox 2.

The Bugaboo Fox 2 is a single pram which means it is not a double. Also, an upgrade of an older version, which is suitable from birth up to 22kg.

Can be used with a carrycot or car seat and the carrycot comes with two pockets for extra storage.

Forward and rear-facing, extendable hood with peek a boo and panels.

Folds in two ways, all suspension, swivel wheels and all-terrain as well. Adjustable seat and the seat unit sits higher to give your child a better view.

A large basket underneath. Available in many colours and is made for those who live in the city. Has a two-wheel system as well.

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Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus.

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 plus is an update to an older version. This one is the oldest Bugaboo pram but it still has much to offer.

Suitable from birth with a convertible carrycot and also with a car seat. Suitable for up to 17kg.

It also has a two-wheel mode. Leather made handles. The bumper rotates and the handlebar is adjustable.

Washable fabrics, a large basket underneath and all suspension wheels and foam tyres to give a smooth ride.

It also offers many colours. The carrycot folds flat when folded to save more storage and folding of the Cameleon is done easy.

You can remove the wheels.

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Bugaboo Bee 6.

The Bee 6 is known to provide the lightest weight within the prams. It’s a good pram for those who are on the go. Suitable from birth with carrycot and car seat.

The suit unit is said to lie flat to be used for newborns. It weighs 8.9kg with only the stroller.

With breathable fabrics and a soft place for your baby and toddler to be in. The upgrade offers a canopy that has airflow, peek a boo window and it’s extendable.

It has an adjustable seat unit with an adjustable backrest with footrest to accommodate many kids. Larger wheels than the previous model and it’s all suspension.

All-terrain to push anywhere. It has an adjustable handlebar as well. The bumper bar rotates and folds with the stroller.

Available in many colours and the theme are more nature-oriented. Offers a one-hand compact fold.

Forward and rear-facing and suitable from birth up to 17kg.

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Bugaboo Buffalo.

Bugaboo offers the Buffalo which is suitable with the carrycot and car seat with the use of adapters.

Big and extendable canopy to cover the baby. Both on seat and carrycot. Swivel and lockable front wheels and all suspension wheels as well.

The seat is reclinable, reversible with just one hand. It suits urban and countryside lifestyles with all-terrain wheels.

Also available in many colours.  Very large shopping basket underneath and it folds flat and compact when with the wheels on.

Adjustable handlebar.

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The Differences Between the Prams.

Bugaboo Donkey 3 is a Single to Double.

What differs the Bugaboo Donkey 3 from the other prams is because it accommodates a growing family. It’s a single to double stroller and is suitable for children of different ages.

This means it’s for those who have kids and are expecting, and whose kids have also similar age.

The Donkey 3 is also heavy so if you can handle that then it’s good. It offers a lot of space and it takes up space, so you should have that.

Comes with great features just like the other prams, but it has more than Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus and the Buffalo.

Making it one of Bugaboos best prams and it’s the only pram alongside its previous models that offer double.

If you are hoping to have more kids in the future a single to double stroller is the best. Find out more here.

Although this one is also the most expensive with the double mode, and with the single, it is as expensive as the Fox 2.

It’s even more expensive depending on where you buy it.

Bugaboo Fox 2 is Donkey 3, but A Single Pram.

So, when it comes to features, quality and durability the Donkey 3 and Fox 2 share the same results.

Both are the most expensive Bugaboo prams, and one of the best prams out there. The only differences it shares with the Donkey is the storage and carrycot.

When it comes to storage the Fox 2 offers less storage because it’s not a double stroller but both offer a big basket.

Capable of carrying 10kg of weight. The Fox 2 and Donkey 3 are the only Bugaboo prams that are suitable for up to 22kg which is better for many.

It’s better than the Donkey because it uses less storage and has a carrycot with more storage. It also offers swivel wheels making pushing around the city easier

It offers a higher seat alongside the Cameleon 3 plus pram. These two also share traits in having convertible carrycots.

Saving more space.  You can steer the pram with one hand, a trait it shares with the Cameleon 3 Plus and the Bee 6.

Although expensive it’s considered to be one of the best prams and perfect for babies and toddlers.

Cameleon 3 Plus and Buffalo Share More Similarities.

Now let’s compared these two and add the Bugaboo Fox 2 because these are the only heavy single prams.

What differs these two from the Bugaboo Fox 2 is that the Fox 2 offers a carrycot with peek a boo window, ventilation panels and it has more storage.

It’s suitable up to 22kg and with the other is 17kg which they share with the Bee 6. Besides that, the Cameleon 3 plus is more similar to the Fox 2.

Both offer 2 wheel steering on rougher terrains and fold in two ways.

Both have much smaller front wheels which differ from all the other prams. It’s easier to navigate through narrow streets.

The Cameleon 3 plus is however cheaper than the former. This can make some parents choose it, even though it lacks some features.

Bugaboo Buffalo is also a good pram with many features but it lacks some of the all-terrain wheels the others have.

It does not offer a two wheels system it has much larger front wheels than newer prams. It’s a normal pram system and it’s also cheaper than the other two.

It’s not easy to come by a Bugaboo Buffalo pram, unlike the others.

Bugaboo Bee 6 is Bugaboos Lightest Pram.

This is what the Bee prams or strollers are known for. As you can see Bugaboo most of the time produce heavy prams but this is an exception.

The Bee 6 weight makes it stand out to the others, and not only that the design itself. It’s more nature-oriented like I mentioned above.

With the light features, you will think it will cut off some important features but no. It has many of the things the other prams offer. As you have read above.

The only difference is that it lacks space, not that big basket, wheels are much smaller and the Pram itself is smaller.

However, it’s easier to fold and travel with. Whether abroad or taking public transport.

It’s definately the pram to take when you are looking for a lightweight, luxurious and stylish pram.

If you have a tiny space then it’s also suitable. Another thing that makes it unique to the other models is the seat unit.

Although not the best option the seat unit lies flat and it’s useable from birth.

It’s up there with the Icandy Raspberry, Babyzen YoYo2 and many other prams. As you can also see it does offer features the other prams lack.


You can clearly see that these models differ in different ways. Some are more similar than others. Bugaboo has made all of these to accommodate so many families.

When it comes to choosing a pram which is the best thing you can do for your newborn baby then it also depends on your lifestyle.

Although you have chosen Bugaboo as a brand, how much are you willing to spend? How much are you planning to use the pram and where?

For how long are you willing to use it as well? These are some of the questions that need answering before buying a pram.

In my humble opinion, the Bugaboo Donkey 3 is the best one to buy. My sister bought this when she had her first baby and she’s still using it.

With two kids now it saves her money and time. Through my own experience single to double strollers are better if you are someone who goes out a lot and don’t have help.

If you can afford it go it, otherwise all of them are good.

Which of these prams do you like, and why is that?

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2 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between the Bugaboo Prams?”

  1. Really informative and detailed post on Bugaboo prams, thank you. It is a lot to choose from, I would be interested on your personal opinion about it. Which one would you choose? For me maybe the Fox 2 sounds the best, but probably my budget would welcome the Chameleon the most. 

    Either way, thank you for this rich content on Bugaboos, it definitely helps young parents to find the perfect pram.

    Have a nice day,


    • Hi Reka. I am glad you liked my post and I hope you can passed it on to new parents you know. I would personally go for the Donkey 3 because of the single to double mode.

      Other than that the Fox 2 is actually really good and I would also prefer it if I only wanted the single mode. You are right about the price.

      It looks like many would afford the Cameleon 3 plus, which is still quality. Thanks for reading. Drop by anytime. 


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