What’s the Difference Between the Bugaboo Fox and Fox 2?

The Dutch famous stroller brand Bugaboo is known for its luxurious and expensive strollers worldwide. If you want long-lasting and top quality strollers/prams then these are one of the best you can buy in the market.

One of their most famous prams is the Fox model that came out in 2018, and it was updated in 2020. Parents are therefore wondering what differs between these two.

2018 wasn’t that long ago. Should you buy that version or the new one?

In this article, I will try my best to compare their differences so you can see which of these models you should buy.

Of course, an update is always better and more expensive but is the Fox 2 worth the money. Let’s first review the two models in few paragraphs so you get the picture.

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About the Bugaboo Fox.

The original Bugaboo Fox is suitable from birth with the bassinet/carrycot and car seats.  From 6 months old you have a seat up to 22kg which is around 4 years.

It has big tyres that are puncture-proof and offers a bump-free ride. All suspension wheels for a smooth ride as well.

It has a two wheels mode as well which you can use on snow and sand.

It has a big basket that’s curved, with pockets and covered which is reachable from both sides. It takes up 10kg of weight.

The fold is a one-piece compact fold and it can stand on its own when folded.

The seat unit with the frame weighs around 9.9kg which is not that heavy for a standard buggy. It’s easier to lift and carry. The Fox offers a higher seat.

It makes it easier for taller parents to lift their children in and out of the buggy.

A reversible and reclinable seat to make things comfortable. You also have a big UPF50+ canopy. A height-adjustable bar and a one-hand steering pushchair.

It’s suitable for many accessories and it’s integrated with accessory attachment points, for a cupholder, etc.

About the Bugaboo Fox 2.

Suitable from birth with the carrycot and car seat just like the original. From 6 months old you can as well use the seat up to 22kg.

You have a reversible and reclinable seat unit and a big canopy with UPF50+ protection, breezy panels on both sides and peek a boo window.

It also has a big mesh panel behind the canopy.

Comes in many colours and two frame styles. A higher seat unit with 5 point harness system. One steer and fold and seat unit weigh 9.9kg as well.

It has a one-piece fold and a two-piece fold which offers a more compact fold. Self-standing when folded. Beach mode, meaning tow wheels system.

A big under-seat basket that’s reachable from both sides. It has an ergonomic handlebar that’s adjustable as well. Also integrated with accessory attachment points.

Big puncture-proof tyres, all suspension wheels that are centre joined to make it easier and the bumper free ride will make the journey much better.

What’s the Difference Between the Bugaboo Fox and Fox 2?

Seat Unit and Canopy.

Both two models have the same seat unit. Both are forward-facing, offers 3 reclinable options, a higher seat, a 5 point harness system, etc.

The difference comes in with the recline. The Fox 2 has the recline lever back of the seat just like the original, but this one was designed to make things easier to use.

Often many complain about the recline, but Bugaboo has made it easier with the Fox 2.

You also have the canopy. Both canopies are big and water-resistant. Offering sun, wind, etc protection for your baby. What the original canopy lacked, however, was two things.

These are the breezy panels from the sides, which provides fresh air coming in and out. Often important during summer.

It also has a big mesh panel at the back.

You then have the peek a boo window. It’s important to have when your child is facing forward. The original Fox does not have this integrated into the canopy.

You will have to buy a separate breezy canopy which by the way cost more than what you think. So, that makes the Fox 2 much better.

Bugaboo Fox and Fox 2 Bassinet/Carrycot.

Both carrycots are similar in more ways, but with the update, Bugaboo added useful features to help out. You have two side pockets.

These are meant for parents and children. You can put keys, wallets and toys there. The carrycot is converted into a seat which means the Fox 2 is better in the sense that it has a rotatable bumper bar.

Bugaboo Fox and Fox 2 Folding Style.

Both the Fox and Fox 2 have the same folding mechanism and it’s easier to fold. Both offer one piece fold that’s self-standing.

The only difference would be where the pressing butting is located. For the Fox it was the underside of the frame, this made it more difficult to find.

Bugaboo Fox 2 made it easier by relocating it in front of the frame which is more reachable and of course easier to find.

So, when you are folding you won’t need to struggle with the new model.

Fox and Fox 2 Colours.

When it comes to the colours the Fox 2 is way ahead of the original Fox. It offers two frame options, more colours and special editions/collections.

The Fox only offers a few. They share the Aluminium and black frame. The grey melange and black set colours. When it comes to the canopies are these:

  • Black
  • Grey Melange
  • Fresh White
  • Soft Pink
  • Vapour Blue (new for Fox2)
  • Red (new for Fox2).

The Bugaboo Fox 2 differs from these options. Fully complete colours are :

  • Grey Melange canopy and style set with aluminium frame
  • Black canopy and style set with black frame
  • Vapour Blue canopy with black style set and black frame
  • Fresh White canopy with black style set and black frame.

New Collections:

  • Taupe canopy and style set with black frame
  • Washed Black canopy and style set with black frame.

So, as you can the Bugaboo Fox 2 offers soo many colours and has been updated to accommodate any parents needs.

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Fox and Fox 2 Price Difference.

Of course with an updated version the Bugaboo Fox 2 is much more expensive than the original price. It cost £795 up to £995. It depends on where you buy it from.

With the Fox, it can be from £750 up to £850. These are the prices for the new ones, but you can of course buy used ones for much cheaper prices.

The prices also differ because of the frame and colours. The black frame tends to be more expensive and so are the special edition collections.

The reason for that is because of the more detailed fabrics and quality as well.

Bugaboo Fox and Fox 2 Basket.

Both baskets are big and curved. They also are reachable and can carry up to 10kg of weight. The only difference is that the Fox 2 has ventilation holes.

It’s a mesh basket. Making it breathable, and the former is fully covered. Some might prefer that and others not.

Bugaboo Fox and Fox 2 Dimensions.

The Fox open dimensions are H:88.5cm W:60cm L:83.4cm and the folding one piece dimensions are 46 x 60 x 88 cm. The complete fold is 66 x 54 x 19 cm.

This makes the original Fox one of the most compact standard strollers. Easy to store at home and in your boot. The wheels are removable as well to make things easier.

For the Fox 2, the open dimensions are 104 x 60 x 108cm and the one-piece self standing fold is 47 x 60 x 90cm.

This makes the Bugaboo Fox bigger when standing and when folded.

Which One is Better?

After analysing both of these prams you can clearly see the Bugaboo Fox 2 is much better. Although the similarities are more than the differences.

It has a better hood, basket, carrycot, folding style, and the colours are much more. With these tiny differences yet major updates it accommodates more lives.

The Bugaboo Fox 2 is one of the leading prams out there. The Fox is also valuable and still has the major features. The seat unit, wheels, basket and golfing style is the same.

The only major difference is the colours. With the Fox 2, you will have so many colours and styles. So, therefore there’s no doubt it’s better.


The upgrades done on the Fox 2 are the cons the Fox has. When it comes to cons for both of them the prices are way too high.

Both are also only for single babies. These Bugaboo prams are heavy, lack leg/footrest and don’t have swivel wheels. They are bulky and big in size.

Not the best strollers to travel abroad with.


Both the Fox and Fox 2 share soo many features, so you won’t miss out on many major features and styles. They are for example compatible with the same car seats and accessories.

Some of these car seats are from Cybex and Nuna.

So, you are able to change your accessories to keep your original Fox new, if you decide to buy it. These prams will be with the family from birth up to 22kg which is a long time.

If you want something trendy then the Fox 2 is the one, but you will have to spend more. Both urban and suburban prams making it easier for you.

They are made in many terrains and have washable fabrics to keep them fresh and new looking.

Which one will it be?

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