What’s the Difference Between the Bugaboo Donkey 2 and Donkey 3?

Do you plan on buying the Bugaboo Donkey and you are wondering which one to go for? Well, in this article I will be reviewing Donkey 2 and Donkey 3.

Side by side double pushchairs that have thousands of searches a month. City and suburban strollers are suitable for many lifestyles and luxuries.

I will only go over the differences, so you can see which to buy and if the Donkey 2 is still worth it.

First, I will do a quick review on both to see the major pros.

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About the Bugaboo Donkey 2.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 is suitable from birth with the cot or car seat up to 22kg which is around 4 years. So it’s a convertible stroller.

As mentioned above it’s also a double, which means it can be for single babies, twins or children of different ages. A big canopy that’s UPF0 proof, protecting your little one from the sun’s heat and UV.

Multiple reclining positions on the seat it’s forward and rear-facing. When the second seat is not used you can add a small basket on the side.

Just like all top strollers, a 5-point harness system is included with a removable bumper bar and an adjustable handlebar.

It has an easy fold and can stand when folded. All suspension and swivel lockable wheels and foam tyres to keep the stroller going. A big underneath basket as well.

It has many accessories to help with the journey and is available in multiple colours.

About the Bugaboo Donkey 3.

The famous Bugaboo Donkey 3 was made for growing families with a side by side double unit. Available in black or aluminium frame so parents can choose their liking.

Suitable from birth with the cot or car seat up to 22kg each seat. From 6 months you use the seat. It offers multiple reclining positions and has both forward and rear-facing.

Big so-called breezy canopy with ventilation and peek a boo window. The fabrics on this stroller are changeable.

You have an excellent bumper bar and adjustable handlebar for tall parents. The big basket underneath and all suspension wheels and swivel wheels.

It offers one mode fold and two-mode fold and it’s freestanding when folded (For the one mode fold).

With multiple colours available to choose from as well. Made for the city and those parents who love to take long strolls. It can tackle many terrains. It’s durable, stable and long-lasting.

Differences Between the Bugaboo Donkey 2 and Donkey 3.

Donkey 2 and Donkey 3 Weight.

The strollers don’t share the same weight. Bugaboo updated the Donkey 3 weight, making it have less weight because of its reduced wheels.

The wheels have EVA foam and are much lighter, though it still has the same features. This is unusual for many brands. With updates, pushchairs tend to get heavier.

With the Donkey 2 full size you have 15.3kg and the Donkey 3 it’s 14.6kg which makes it a bit lighter. It’s much easier for parents to handle the buggy.

These are the double strollers. For the single strollers, you have 13.3kg for Donkey 2 and 12.4kg for Donkey 3. This makes them one of the heaviest buggies.

Donkey 2 and Donkey 3 Canopy.

There’s a difference with the canopies as well. For Donkey 3 you have added features such as a peek a boo window and ventilated panels.

Donkey 2 lacks these features making the Donkey more suitable for many families. The window can be of much help when your child is facing forward.

During hot days the ventilation panel will help your baby or toddler breathe better. However both a the same size and offer excellent protection.

If you want a ventilation panel on Donkey 2 you can buy a breezy canopy separately which can cost you more money.

Donkey 2 and Donkey 3 Carrycot.

There’s also a difference with the canopies. Donkey 3 has two side pockets on the canopy. You can use these for storing personal items.

You also have a rotatable bumper for the carrycot which can be used for the toddler seat as well. The bar makes it easy to place your child on the cot or take them out of there.

These features are not designed with the Donkey 2.

Donkey 2 and Donkey 3 Basket.

So there’s also a slight difference with the basket underneath. For Donkey 2 you have a basket cover on top of the basket but for Donkey 3 it has an extended pouch.

This pouch can extend and add more storage and can also be tucked away when you are not using it. It keeps it clean and out of the way.

The cover on the Donkey 2 act just as a shield and it’s not stable. The new update is better although a basket cover is good.

Donkey 2 and Donkey 3 Colours and Fabrics.

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Of course with the new update, you have more fabrics and styles. You also have classic and premium versions which are just different styles of fabrics as well.

These are the Donkey 2 colours and fabrics:

  • Black
  • Olive Green
  • Ruby Red
  • Sky Blue
  • Soft Pink
  • Sunrise Yellow
  • Grey Melange
  • Red Melange
  • Blue Melange
  • Waves pattern
  • Botanic pattern.

For the Donkey 3 these are the colours and fabric styles you can use with the mono, duo and twin:


  • Black
  • Grey Melange


  • Black
  • Grey Melange
  • Fresh White
  • Soft Pink
  • Vapour Blue (new for Donkey3)
  • Red (new for Donkey3)


  • Grey Melange canopy and style set with aluminium frame
  • Red canopy and Grey Melange style set with aluminium frame
  • Black canopy and style set with black frame


  • Washed Black canopy and style set with black frame
  • Dark Navy canopy and style set with aluminium frame
  • Taupe canopy and style set with black frame.

These colours are not available for the Donkey 3:

  • Style set fabrics: Blue Melange
  • Canopy: Steel Blue, Ruby Red, Sky Blue, Sunrise Yellow, Blue Melange, Waves, Birds.

Donkey 2 seem to offer more canopy.

Donkey 2 and Donkey 3 Price.

With the new update of course the Donkey 3 cost more. For Bugaboo Donkey 2 it’s £898 for the mono stroller. For the duo, it’s from £1395 and for the twin mode, you have around £1500.

Then for the Donkey 3 mono mode, you have from £1095, £1255 for the duo mode and you have £1500+ for the twin mode.

However, These prices depend surely on where you buy them from, which colours and fabric set you to choose. Also the frames matter. You have black and aluminium frames.

Aluminium is cheaper.

Which One is Better?

Have there been any major updates? To be honest not that many and the updates are not major. The fabric sets and style can be considered something major by many.

In this, the Donkey 3 is better, although it lacks certain colours it’s still better. Offers more quality premium fabrics.

The next important feature is the canopy update. Now it has a peek a boo window and a ventilation panel, which is super useful in summer.

Those extra pockets on the canopy and the less weight are also helpful for many. Less weight means it’s easier to carry the buggy upstairs

Last you have the basket, which offers even more storage for parents. New minor changes make the Donkey 3 worth it, and it came out in 2020. Trendy and luxurious making it one of the best buggies out there.

However, the major features of the Donkey 3 still it’s the same as the Donkey 2, which means the former is worth buying for many. The best pro is the price. It’s way cheaper.


There ain’t that many cons with these. The experience prices and heavyweights are the major cons. Some cons can be the lack of some colours, and the fact the Donkey 2 has no peek a boo window nor ventilation panel.


Deciding which one you should go for, will surely depend on your lifestyle and your babies needs. If you want to save money and yet have trendy things you can buy the Donkey 2 frame, and then buy Donkey 3 parts. That way you can combine both.

Whatever your choice is you will enjoy these buggies.

Made for many terrains and you are free to wander around for long walks, shop in the mall and push through the city’s multiple or narrow terrains.

View some accessories for both buggies on Samuel Johnston.

So, have you decided, which one is it going to be?

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