What’s the Difference Between Joie Chrome and Versatrax?

Joie is a brand based in the UK, but it’s also famous in other European countries and known to provide good strollers and car seats.

It’s mostly compatible with Maxi Cosi, Britax and Chicco. Some of their most famous strollers are the Joie Chrome and Joie Versatrax.

In this article, I will go over the differences between these two and also point out the cons this two share. Which one is better and why?

If you are interested in buying one of these the article will help you balance the pros and cons to which best suits your lifestyle.

I will compare the Chrome DLX which is the latest version.

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About the Joie DLX Chrome.

Suitable from birth with the seat or the carrycot. Also compatible with Joie Car Seats such as the Gemm and i-Gemm. It’s up to 17.5kg which is around 3 and half years.

It has both rear and forward-facing positions and a calf rest to make your little one’s legs comfortable. Multiple reclining options with 5 backrest positions.

Folds into a compact position and has an auto-lock fold. It can be folded facing rear and forward. It has a big canopy with peek a boo window to keep an eye on the little one.

It can be zipped to keep it comfy. Adjustable handlebar. The wheels are all suspension and swivel easily to handle in narrow areas.

Rubber tyres that are all-terrain and easy to ride on and have a detachable bumper bar, excellent brakes and 5 points harness that’s soft and comfortable.

It comes with the adapters to the car seats you can match it with.

About the Joie Versatrax.

Versatrax it’s suitable from birth up to 22.5kg which is around 4 years plus. Compatible with carrycot, a car seat and its stroller seat can face both rear and forward.

It has 3 reclining positions on the seat and its bumper bar can be removed. An adjustable handlebar to help you out. An adjustable UPF50+ canopy that’s water-resistant.

A one-hand fold mechanism which is very quick to handle. When folded it turns into a trolley which you can push. A legrest is also included with the seat.

A soft 5 point harness and wheels that are all suspension. Air tyres to make the ride smooth.

What’s the Difference Between Joie Chrome DLX and Versatrax?

Joie Chrome DLX and Versatrax Age Range.

Both are suitable from birth with the seat, car seats and carrycot. They have their own individual carrycots. When it comes to how long they will last in the stroller it depends.

For the Chrome DLX as stated above it’s 17.5kg and the latter is 22.5kg. So there’s almost a year in part. For some parents, that’s very good because they will love to give their children more time in the stroller.

For others 3 and a half years it’s fine (Which was my case). So, the Versatrax has this advantage over Chrom DLX

Joie Chrome DLX and Versatrax Seat Unit and Canopy.

Many similarities when it comes to the seats and canopies but there are some differences. The design and fabrics differ a bit. Chrome DLX has 5 adjustable positions on the seat.

The Versatrax has 3 instead which makes the former more reclining options.   The bumper materials differ as well. Versatrax has a brown leather bar while the Chrome DLX does not have leather at all.

Versatrax has mesh panels on both sides of the canopy while the Chrome DLX only has a Zipped opening back window which the Versatrax also has, but looks bigger.

Their canopies are water repellent and cover your baby from other weather conditions so there’s not much difference there.

Joie Chrome DLX and Versatrax Weight and Dimensions.

The two Joie strollers differ in weight as well. 12.1kg on the Versatrax and 12.7kg on the Chome DLX. On some sites, the Versatrax is stated as 11.7kg which I assume is the seat unit with the frame.

These are the dimensions of the Versatrax l 88-101 x w 58 x h 99-108.5cm when in an open position. When in an open position you have these dimensions for the Chome DLX l 86cm x w 59.8cm x 113.2cm.

This shows that Chrome DLX has a longer height and is less narrow than the former. It’s a better stroller for tall parents although the other can be fine as well.

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Joie Chrome DLX and Versatrax Frame and Basket.

The frames are also very similar but there are some differences. When folded both are turned into trolleys for you to push but the Versatrax can stand on its known.

It offers a one-hand quick fold. The Chrome DLX also offers a quick fold. It has auto-lock to keep the frame locked and it has better wheels.

These wheels are rubber foam tyres which are much smoother on rougher grounds. They also offer a quick-release on the rear and front wheels.

The wheels in the Versatrax are more like bicycle wheels which are also good for many terrains. Joie Versatrax has a strap attached to the frame which you can use to carry it as well.

Versatrax has these dimensions when folded l 82.8. x w 54.8 x h 42cm and these are for the Chrome DLX  l 93cm x w 59.8cm x h 38.5cm

Joie Chrome DLX seem to have a more height-adjustable handlebar which as I stated above it’s more suitable for taller parents.

When it comes to the basket both are good and spacious but the Versatrax offers more space. Both have a net on the basket which is more popular in newer strollers.

Joie Chome DLX and Versatrax Colour and Price.

The Versatrax comes in 4 colours which are green, grey, blue and lagoon. For the Chrome DLX, is the Dark grey and light colours, black and red.

Each has four colours but is only similar to the light grey colour. Although the shades do differ because the Versatrax has a more light grey colour.

The prices differ in some stores. The Chrome DLX is cheaper at around £365 with the pushchair and carrycot. While the Versatrax is £320 for only the pushchair.

It cost about £400+ with the accessories. When the rest of the accessories are added the Versatrax is much more expensive.

Joie Chrome DLX and Versatrax Car Seat Difference.

Both are only compatible with Joie’s car seats, but the amount differs.

Chrome DLX is compatible with the Gemm and i-Gemm while the Versatrax is compatible with Gemm, i-Gemm, i-Level and i-Snug.

This makes it better for many. As the i-Snug is better than the Gemm car seats. The more detailed explanation you find in my article about these.

It also has more options to choose from. The i-Snug and i-Level might be compatible with other Joie strollers which the other two ain’t.

So, it can be beneficial for the future as well.


The only cons these two strollers have are what the strollers lack which the other one has. For example, the Chrome DLX has more adjustable seat positions.

The Versatrax frame can stand on its own which the former lack. There are cheaper travel systems out there, which for some are a bit expensive.

However, when compared to some they ain’t. These are also heavy prams. 12kg or above is quite heavy and would not be easy to carry around.

These are not ideal travel strollers but are used for strolls in the park, city and other areas. They are also only compatible with Joie car seats which might not be ideal for some.

Very similar to Maxi Cosi when it comes to this matter. There are many car seats out there which have higher quality than the Joie car seats.

You would have to compensate. However, this does not mean the Joie car seats are in the lower end when it comes to quality. These car seats are still very good.

Which One is Better?

The Versatrax seems to be better and offers more useful features than the Chrome DLX. It’s suitable for up to 22.5kg which many would prefer just in case your little one’s weight and height become more than average.

When folded the frame can stand on its own, offers more car seats, more compact fold and has two mesh panels on both sides of the canopy.

Although the Chrome DLX also offers some better features and such, the former has more. Therefore, the Joie Versatrax is viewed as better in the market.

It is more expensive but better.


Have you already decided which one you will be choosing? These are indeed quality strollers and they are cheap compared to many expensive strollers out there.

They will last for years if taken care of carefully. What will it be? The Joie Chrome DLX or the Joie Versatrax?

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