What’s the Best Stroller? – How To Choose A Stroller.

I have already written little on this topic before, but now I wanted to give more information and suggestion to those mothers who don’t know much.

Being a first time mum and choosing a stroller can be something difficult. This article it’s also for those who are familiar with strollers but want to know what’s in the market right now.

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Read what’re the best baby strollers if you want more options on strollers. A jogging stroller is included with the strollers.

What’s a Stroller?

So, what’s a stroller? A chair on wheels if you Google it up that’s what it will tell you. Which is true. Strollers are used by babies or toddler’s to sit on.

You of course have strollers for animals too, but we are not here for that. Strollers make it easy for you to go out with your baby or children.

It’s a place where you can place them and push. The stroller consists of a seat, canopy/hood, wheels, handle and bumper bar, basket, tyres, harness system and frame/chassis.

This is the general ruling on all strollers. Strollers must have these things for you to use them, accept the basket. That’s a feature all strollers have to help mothers.

What makes one stroller better than the other is all about how manufacturers have designed that specific stroller. Others add an adjustable handlebar to accommodate tall or short people.

A footrest for better relaxing for your baby. Swivel and all-terrain wheels mean the wheels are smoother to push. They are easier to use in narrower spaces.

They will also be easier to use on any ground. I have experienced how hard it can be to push a stroller on certain grounds. If you love travelling and hiking this is super useful.

Removable and washable fabrics make the stroller last for years. Not all brands offer these things. Another thing can be the weight of the chassis/frame.

Many strollers a made of aluminium which is the normal material for it. Some add magnesium to it also. The lighter the frame and fabrics are the easier it is for parents.

Many look for these types of strollers. There are many more things a stroller consist of, let’s analyse other aspects below.

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What Type of Strollers are Considered to be the Best?

Through my research on strollers, there are always certain types of strollers parents love to have. It will make life easier for them and their families, and these are:

  • Lightweight Strollers – Lightweight strollers are what many parents want. It’s strollers that are light with its materials and fabrics. They often don’t consist of too many heavy fabrics and are viewed as simple. You can have lightweight strollers that are not suitable from birth and others that are suitable from birth. These strollers are easy to carry when using public transport, carrying up stairs or when travelling abroad. Some are designed to work like suitcases. Meaning when you fold them you can use straps to pull them without carrying them.
  • Convertible Strollers – Convertible strollers are usually single strollers that can be converted into double strollers. Or a double stroller that can be converted into a single stroller. Parents favour these strollers because it’s safer to buy them. They will save you money in the future. If you plan to have more kids it’s better to buy convertible strollers. Even if you don’t. You never what the future might hold. It’s better to be on the safe side of things.
  • Reversible Strollers – Almost all strollers that are convertible are also reversible. This means your stroller seat can face the word or you. It’s called forward and rear-facing. Many parents look for this feature when buying a stroller, and it can something’s be the reason they buy a specific stroller. The best option for newborns is rear-facing, and not all strollers offer this. Even from the top brands and quality strollers. So, it’s best to read the description. Both will make your baby experience the outside world, and also keep their privacy.
  • Travel Systems – Travel Systems are strollers that can use car seats and carrycots/hoods. Many strollers when single can’t accommodate babies, so you will need a car seat or cot to be able to use them. Not all single strollers come with them. Sometimes you have to buy them separately, and sometimes with adapters included. Adapters are used on the stroller to fit the accessories.

Choose Base on These Matters.

So, base on what matters should you choose a stroller? Many matters come into factor when you are choosing a stroller.

Some are more important than others, and it all depends upon your lifestyle, situation, and hobbies.

1. Your Lifestyle.

That first is your lifestyle. What do you do? Are you a traveller? Do you love hiking or jogging? Whatever you have for a lifestyle you somehow find strollers that accommodates that.

Having a lightweight stroller, car seat and carrycot can be something a traveller needs. Everyone needs it, but they are in more need of it.

You have to make sure the stroller can fold easy, compact when folded. Have straps to pull and that the fabrics are removable. It’s also easier if the fabrics on the car seat are removable also, and a foldable carrycot/bassinet.

These features will make it easier for that parent. If you love to jog there are specific strollers made for that. With three wheels, stronger tyres and bigger canopies.

They are made to run or jog with. Jogging strollers can also be used on daily activities or walks, so you won’t need to buy a separate stroller.

2. The Area You Live.

The area you live in comes also into play. If you live in a county where it rains a lot like in the UK then finding stroller with waterproof fabrics is better.

Although you do have rain covers, in certain situations you might forget the cover, and if you don’t have resistant fabrics it will get damaged.

If you live up a hill or in a difficult area then having all-terrain wheels and swivel wheels is a must. Having an adjustable handlebar is also useful.

Living in the countryside can also be a reason to have a well designed featured stroller. It’s to make life easier for families.

3. How Many Babies You Are Having.

Of course, the number of babies you are having will also determine the stroller you choose. If you’re having twins a twin stroller is a must. Also called double strollers. It’s either a tandem or side by side stroller.

You also have strollers that are for triplets and more. You have double strollers that are designed with two seats and can’t be removed, but other double strollers like I mentioned above can be used for single babies also.

It’s best to buy those. It’s easier to fold and it will save you space too.

4. Provision To Baby.

What do you want to provide for your Baby? Meaning how comfortable do you want them to be. You have many features that are good for your baby.

A footrest, backrest, ventilated system, sunshade on the canopy, leg cover on carrycot, chest pads, multiple reclining options, height adjustable seat, etc.

I can go on and on really. The features are many, and manufacturers are now competing on who will have the best stroller. All of these things of course makes the stroller expensive.

It will also depend on your budget. Try to provide a good stroller for your baby within your budget, and there are strollers out there that will meet these quarries.

5. Is There Any Guarantee.

Strollers are also investments, so having guarantees are good too. When something is at fault with the manufacturers you have the right for it to be fixed.

Buying a £500+ stroller without any guarantee can be risky. It’s good if you have one to not waste money. It also depends on you. If you don’t mind then that’s fine.

6. Is It Suitable For Many Accessories?

The last thing I will mention is its suitability. Car seats and carrycots are not the only important accessories. You also have nappy changing bags, rain cover, sun cover, net cover, adapters, stroller boards and stroller clips.

When you have universal suitability for these it does not mean for all strollers. Find strollers that have suitable for almost all of these it will be easier for you.

When you have that type of stroller you are more flexible to choose a car seat, changing bag and carrycot. Even rain covers.

Having flexibility it’s better than being limited, then you might choose what you and your partner like. It’s not easy to find these strollers, but they’re out there.

5 Top Rated Strollers of 2021.

1. Bugaboo Cameleon 3+.

Image from Uberkids.com

£675.00, Uberkids.

Suitable from birth with the carrycot up to 17kg. Between 2 to 3 years. Offers forward and rear-facing, reclining seats and the tyres are puncture free.

All-terrain wheels. Its travel system is ready with the car seat also. A big canopy with sunshade and UPF50+ protection. Easy fold and adjustable handlebar.

The stroller offers more than colour for the whole family. The two front wheels are removable to offer an easier push on hard or difficult grounds.

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2. Silver Cross Wave Tandem Pushchair.

£995.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

Here is a convertible stroller. Suitable from birth with the carrycot. Made out of magnesium chassis which makes it lighter. It has ventilated canopy with a seat liner.

A big canopy with sun protection. Forward and rear-facing, reclining seat and harness system.  The seat also offers a height elevated system.

You can have a close bond with your baby. Travel System ready with a car seat. The wave has excellent fabrics which will last long.

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3. ABC Salsa 4 Air Stroller.

£868.90, Kiddies-kingdom.

A travel system with its car seat and carrycot or bassinet. Suitable from birth with the accessories. Reversible and adjustable seat, adjustable handle and footrest. The footrest can wash.

It has also a backrest. Swivel and removable wheels for more storage. Puncture free tyres, and the handle stroller is also detachable.

It comes with many more features that will fit many lifestyles.

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4. Mamas and Papas Ocarro Pushchair.

£799.00, Boots.

Suitable from birth with a carrycot or car seat. Reclining positions and the strollers offer more breathable fabrics. Perfect for newborns.

It has cushioned head support which can be good for your 6-month-old baby. The handle is adjustable and has a big canopy with sun protection.

The frame or chassis is lightweight, and it offers an easy fold. Good for those who love to travel. Travel System ready and offers mesh pockets to store your usual things.

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5. Silver Cross Pop Star Stroller.

£152.99, Boots.

Here’s a simple and extremely lightweight stroller that’s suitable from birth up to 25kg. With padded bumper and harness system.

The stroller has more than reclining positions which makes it good for children of different ages. It comes in nice and bright colours.

It’s also super cheap. The only con is that it’s not a Travel System and not a convertible stroller. It does have sun protection and a footrest that is adjustable.

Some strollers don’t have this. It offers easy to fold and a nice stroller to travel with. Easy to lift and carry.

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What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts dear, parents after reading through this whole post? Do you agree with the things I have stated above or do you disagree?

I will love to know what you think. As you can see with the strollers I suggested, I tried to find strollers that were somehow suitable for many.

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  1. Thanks for educating us on the right baby strollers to choose from! I think the Lightweight Strollers would be the choice of many moms out there, as they’re easy to transport about. Considering the fact that Convertible Strollers can be converted from two to one or from one to two, any mom would likely go for this type. Some mothers can possibly have many children of different shapes and sizes. And once they have this type of strollers, there’ll be no cause for alarm. Thanks.



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