What’re the Best Educational Toys for Toddlers? – Top 26

To have toys can be both fun and creative for your toddler. A ride on car, a dollhouse or maybe they can pretend to bake or cook something?

It’s something that can and will keep your toddler busy insides and outdoors. We often see toys as something distracting, something used for entertaining and nothing else, but do you know that toys can educate your child?

Well, of course, some toys are designed to educate your toddler, like an alphabet puzzle or blocks, but others are not obvious to see.

If you think about it every, toys can be used to educate your child even silly toys. I will list some toys I believe will educate your toddler and also help them enhance their 5 senses.

These toys are not nominated and I chose them because I believe they will be helpful.

So, what are the best educational toys for your toddler? It can be a different kind of toy as long it provides some skills for your preschooler.

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Why Are Toys Important?

Why are toys important? Well, they not only keep your child busy they also can be a way of teaching your child many things. Many children learn through toys.

Manufactures design toys with multiple colours, after some characters, audio toys, and all of it is used to help your child in some way or form.

It can teach them to recognise colours, numbers, alphabets and also start to speak. It can even work as a haven. When children are sad, angry or feel any kind of uncomfortable emotions they use their toys for comfort.

They see it as something that keeps them safe and happy. Children also can use toys to communicate. What they see in real life or on Tv.

For example, imagining drinking tea with dolls or bathing their dolls. It is something that has a possible impact because they can learn much from it.

So, toys can teach your child many things if you pick the right ones.

What Should Your Toddler Learn At Each Age?

We often think that at each age your toddler should and be able to do something. Sometimes that thinking can be wrong according to studies.

By 2 years old we want our toddler to learn and memorise the alphabets, numbers and shapes, but that’s not always the case. We should take it easy and know that every toddler is different.

When your child is 2 years they can begin to write, learn the alphabet and learning to build things. A simple line or trying to imitate your writing is a good start.

Learning a few alphabets through the song and building legos is also a good start. Get them busy with sensory activities. By 3 to 4, they have mastered the alphabet, numbers, shapes and can build things.

They can draw circles or better imitate your writing. If it doesn’t happen, don’t panic. It will come with time. By doing all of these things your toddler will also have math skills.

Also, enhance their 5 senses and start to think.

Best Educational Toys.

Let’s see which toys are good to have to teach your toddler. It can be a way for them to acquire math and reading skills or other skills that will develop their brains in other ways.

Melissa and Doug My Daily Magnetic Calendar.

This toy is suitable for 3-year-olds upwards, but it can also be something for your 2-year-old to play with. Every child is different. It consists of 2 boards, 82 magnets and has multiple colours.

The 1 boards have a calendar of the months, seasons, feelings. It teaches your child to organise, think and learn the months. Perfect for autistic children.

It’s also made out of wood so it’s a safe toy for your toddler to use.

£14.99, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug See and Spell.

Suitable for your 4-year-old plus. This toy board is made out of 8 pieces of sets. With 3 to 4 words cut. All and all there are 60 boards. It allows your child to match each picture with its own words.

Allows them to recognise drawings and it also comes in many colours to make it more fun while learning. This toy is used when your toddler can already spell out words and recognises the spelling of many words.

£18.95, Uberkids.

Consist of 40 wooden boards. From numbers 1 to 20 which allows your toddler to learn the numbers and have fun while doing it. It also teaches them the fruits and other things.

The boards can only fit together with their counterparts, which allows your toddler to correct themselves and learn from their mistakes.

Good for their thinking minds.

£10.00, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Wooden Numbers.

Another way of teaching your child numbers. This one is more suitable for your younger toddler. Place the wooden numbers on your fridge and let them learn from it.

The numbers a big and have multiple bright colours to encourage them to learn.

£9.50, Uberkids.

Tonies Despicable Me, Audio Character.

Is your toddler a fan of the despicable me movie and love the minions? Then this can be a good way of keeping them entertained and for them to use their imagination.

The character tells bedtime stories and it comes with a Tonie box speaker (sold separately).

£14.99, Uberkids.

Primary Science Big View Binoculars.

This is a toy that allows your child to go out and explore things. They can use the binoculars to view near and far object’s. Can also be used for their imagination. Teaches your child to think and come up with ideas.

Its colours are bright and have a strap. They can use it to hang it on their neck.

£10.00, Uberkids.

Primary Science Magnifier and Tweezers.

A toy that can be used to view insects and explore the outside world. Take your little one outside for some bug exploration. Let them think and learn about the tiny insects.

It can also be used for other things. Give them ideas or let them be creative.

£6.00, Uberkids.

Galt Toys First Activity Book.

With 20 pages of puzzle and colouring to keep your little one motivated and interested. It also consists of reward stickers for more encouragement.

It’s a good way to start and teach your toddler the colours with puzzles. It will reward them for their hard and good work which teaches them that good work is rewardable.

A good life lesson right from an early age.

£3.50, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug Stack and Sort Board.

An early way to also teach your toddler the shapes and tech them to stack and sort it. With 5 different shapes and 5 different height on the wooden stand.

It also allows them to count, learning the numbers. It has 5 basic colours.

£7.94, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Cube

This one is more advance and consist of many side and shapes. A good way for your toddler to start and learn the different shapes and also master things.

It will teach them to figure out things and use their tiny mind. It’s made out of wooden which is safe.

£7.98, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug Flip to Win Memory Game.

A card and board game for your little toddler. It’s a guessing game where your toddler will need to fit the right card with a certain fruit or animal. It can be played by 1 or 2 to make it a competition.

Teaches them cognitive thinking and learn new skills along the way.

£10.00, Uberkids.

Learning Resources Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game.

Do you want to develop the memory of your little one? Or teach them to think and recognise things? With of help of this toy is possible. Consists of flashcards and wooden shapes.

Let your little one use the shapes and stack them just as shown on the cards. Can they remember how there were stacked? A good way to challenge themselves. Suitable for your 4-year-old.

It can also be used for other things. Follow the descriptions. A fun game to spend time with your family.

£22.00, Uberkids.

Learning Resouces Fruit Basket.

Let your little toddler learn the fruits with this toy fruits basket. Consists of the 1 basket and plastic fruit toys. It can be used to play. Going for a picnic or to do grocery shopping.

Their senses of sight, smell and touch can develop with it.

£27.29, Uberkids.

Learning Resources Vegetable Garden.

Teach your toddler basic vegetables and at the same time teach them about gardening. Making it fun and a good way to keep them busy.

£27.29, Uberkids. 

Classic World Cutting Puzzle.

Improves your toddlers hand-to-eye coordination and teaches them the vegetables along the way. Also teaches them to figure out things.

£16.96, Uberkids. 

Galt Play & Learn Number Puzzles.

Match images with the numbers. Suitable for your 3-year-old upwards. Consists of the numbers 1 to 10 to keep it simple for your little one. It can also be used to recognise numbers.

£5.99, Uberkids.

Galt Toys First Sticker Colouring book.

A good book to use for starters. Learning through colouring and images can be a good start (used this method for my toddler).

£3.49, Uberkids.

Learning Resources Sensory Fidget Tubs.

Let your little one learn through this sensory activity toys. Consists of 4 tubes that has 4 different colours and creative’s inside. Good for hand to eye coordination.

Keeps them busy and thinking.

£34.96, Uberkids.

Big Jigs Chunky Alphabet Puzzle.

Another way of teaching your toddler the alphabet is through puzzles. Big wooden alphabets that are safe to use. Designed with many bright colours to keep your preschooler interested.

£17.48, Uberkids.

Done by Deer Stacking Cube Deer Friends.

Also another way of teaching the numbers, but this time is much easier and fun. Perfectly suited for your 2-year-old and upwards. Pictures of animals and numbers.

£19.96, Uberkids.

Tonie Audio Characters.

Consist of many characters you can choose from. Dolphins, movie characters, career characters, etc. Choose your toddlers favourites. The Speakers are sold separately.

£11.99 -, Uberkids.

Chicco ABC Sam the Pop Up Mall.

Is a bilingual toy. Help them learn English and French. Learning alphabets, colours, shapes and many more things. An easy way for your toddler to learn and have fun.

£19.99, Kiddies-kingdom.

Casdon and Baby Huggles Bath and Potty Set.

Let your little one use their imagination with this toy. Teaches good hand to eye coordination and responsibilities. Also how they should behave.

£7.99, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug Beauty Salong Play Set.

A playset for little one’s imagination. Consists of different salong accessories. Let your toddlers play together and have fun while doing it. Bright colours to make them more interested.

£34.94, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug Pots and Pans Set.

If your toddler loves to do kitchen shores like mine then these toys are good to use. Let them use their imagination and play with friends or siblings.

£17.94, Uberkids.

Melissa and Doug Hand Puppet Set.

These are good for fun and imagination time. Let them play as an Alligator or Shark. Consists of 4 puppets sets. You can use from different categories. Farm or sea animal puppets, etc.

The fabrics are washable.

13.60, Uberkids.

Let Your Toddler Learn With Time.

Out of all the toys I mentioned which ones do you like the most? Which ones do you think your toddler will love to have. Let me know in the comment section.

It’s important to know that your toddler will eventually learn all of these things before beginning kindergarten or even after. There’s no pressure it will come naturally.

I believe you should let your toddler learn in their own space and let them have fun while doing it. Toys are a great way of adding fun to teach and learn.

See outside toys for toddlers.

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