What’re The 12 Best Baby Strollers of 2022? – Top Rated Strollers By Parents.

There are many strollers out there that parents love, and so it’s hard to choose. Many don’t know what to buy for their babies.

What type of strollers should they buy or what type are there available. It’s not easy to choose. In this article, I will give you all the facts you need to buy your first baby carriage.

Or maybe is not your first, but it’s been a while since you bought one, and want to know the current best ones. I will be listing 12 strollers I have already done reviews on.

These picks are my picks, but through my research, I have seen they all have been praised by parents.

View What’s the Best Stroller for more options and information on strollers.

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Do You Need A Baby Stroller?

Let’s first address those parents who might not need a stroller, to begin with, but think they do. Baby carriers are another solution for you.

Sometimes it can be expensive to buy strollers again, just because you have another baby. Baby carriers can be used to take a stroll with your baby.

Not a newborn, but a bigger baby. It helped me a lot when I was travelling with my baby alone. Sometimes it can be more helpful than strollers.

This is something to think about too. A stroller board can also be another option for you. If you have a toddler right now they can use the board when your baby arrives.

It will cost much less than a brand new stroller. How about a second seat with adapters. You might even have a convertible stroller in your hands.

With adapters, you can buy another seat, and use that for your toddler. Your options are not limited.

What Type Of  Strollers Are There?

So, let’s first point out what types of strollers are there for you. It’s important you know before you make some decisions on your own.

Knowing the types of strollers will make it easy to make the right decision when buying. It all depends upon your lifestyle, but sometimes lifestyles do change.

It’s better to choose wisely because strollers are like investments. It’s expensive if you want the whole deal, the best for your little one.

6 Types:

  • Single Standard Strollers – These strollers are single strollers with just the seat or sometimes with a carrycot/bassinet. They are neither heavy nor light. You can have the seat detached or this option sometimes is not available. They can be converted into a Travel System, but not always. Often comes with leg covers or footmuff. The seat is suitable from birth. Buy a nappy changing bag and car seat separately, and you are good to go.
  • Travel Systems – You have 2in1 or 3in1 Travel Systems which means a stroller with car seat only or carrycot only. The third option is with both. These s prefered by many parents. Sometimes you will need to buy the car seat and carrycot for your tiny baby. Some strollers are not suitable from birth so, you have to use these two.
  • Lightweight Strollers – True to the name. Some strollers are extremely lightweight, just at 6.6kg sometimes. These are excellent for travelling or during summer. Some buy it for their toddlers only. You can have these in travel systems or single.
  • Jogging Strollers – If you love running then a jogging stroller is an option. These have 3 Wheels and are narrow, but good to jog with. They also offer more puncture-free tyres filled with air. They are faster and easier to steer. You can have a lightweight or normal one.
  • Convertible Strollers – Convertible strollers just as they sound. Single strollers can be converted into double strollers. Many parents go with this option because it’s safer, or they want to have more kids in the future. It can be expensive for now, but it will save you money soon.
  • Double Strollers – Last, but not least you have strollers that are already manufactured double. Strollers that have double seats sometimes can’t be removed. Some of these can only face forward and are not suitable for carrycots or car seats. Some are suitable.

The 12 Best Baby Strollers of 2022.

1. Uppababy Vista 2 Stroller.


£899, Kiddies-kingdom.

The Vista 2 is suitable from birth with the carrycot, and the seat is suitable from 6 months upwards. Here to make life easy for families with its quality design and look

For this model, a new longer mattress is available with a ventilation system. Makes it easier for your little one to breathe and have some fresh air.

Forward and rear-facing. Reclining options and the wheels are all suspensions. A convertible stroller indeed. A single stroller that is converted into a tandem stroller

Travel System ready with a carrycot and car seat. Foldable with or without the seat on. View the Mesa Infant Car Seat for suitability.

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2. Bugaboo Donkey Mono Stroller.

£1049, Uberkids.

Suitable from birth with a carrycot or car seat. The stroller is also a convertible stroller that offers you mesh and zip pockets.

It’s also foldable for compact storage. Adjustable canopy with UPF50+ protection and sunshade. Provides a cool environment for your little one.

Also has a peek a boo window on the canopy/hood, lighter wheels and an adjustable handlebar. Easy to use by many parents. Comes with a rain cover.

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3. Bugaboo Ant Stroller.

£379, Uberkids.

An extremely lightweight stroller for easy compact, and the best option to travel with. The stroller is suitable from birth up to 22kg, which’s around 4 years old.

Comes with UPFO50+ sun protection and you can remove it to wash it. Makes it last longer. With an integrated footrest, the ergonomic seat makes the ride smoother.

The stroller is a travel system ready with a car seat. It also offers other features such as a backrest, 5 reclining positions and it’s forward and rear-facing.

Truly amazing stroller for those who love to travel around the world.

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4. Bugaboo Cameleon 3+.

Image from Uberkids.com

£675, Uberkids. 

Suitable from birth up to 2 to 3 years old, that’s 17kgs. It offers a forward and rear-facing seat with punctured tyres and all suspension wheels.

All-terrain wheels make it possible to use on any ground. The canopy is big and has a sunshade for your little one. This one is also travel system ready. With both a carrycot and a car seat.

Reclining positions on the seat, adjustable straps and 5 point harness system. What makes this stroller unique is that the two front wheels can be removed to allow better steering.

Easier to use on any ground.

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5. The egg 2 Pram.

£998.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

Suitable from birth with the carrycot. The seat can be used from 6 months upwards. Its travel system ready with a car seat. Unique in its design.

The egg 2 is the newer version that offers a few new features. Forward and rear-facing, adjustable footrest and easy to fold with just one hand.

It also stands when folded. Multiple reclining positions, and comes in nice quality fabrics and materials. Swivel wheels and offers compact fold.

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6. Silver Cross Wayfarer.

£695, Boots.

Suitable from birth up to 25 kg. A standard normal single Stroller that can be converted into a Travel System. It offers reclining positions on the seat.

A reversible seat liner made from top quality fabrics, a large shopping basket, a big canopy with sunshade and UPF50+ protection.

Swivel lockable front wheels. All suspension and punctured air-filled tyres. Reported as a good choice for the urban lifestyle. Comes in nice colours.

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7. Silver Cross Wave.

£995, Kiddies-kingdom.

Suitable from birth with a carrycot. Travel System and convertible stroller. A stroller your twins or children will enjoy. It has a simple design, but with quality fabrics.

Reclining seat with 7 and 30 configurations. A ventilated hood or canopy made from Bamboo, one of the best fabrics out there.

Forward and rear-facing seat with an elevated height system. A footrest that’s adjustable and the stroller offers an easy assemble than some double strollers.

Better than the Icandy Peach Blossom Twin Pushchair.

All swivel wheels and excellent tyres. Perfect for an urban lifestyle.

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8. Babyzen YoYo+.

€688.43, Samuel Johnston.

Suitable from both up 3 years old around 18kgs. It has a carrycot and can be converted into a Travel System with its car seat. Fold and unfold easy.

A wide-open canopy or nest. An extra-large basket for all your groceries. Shoulder straps for the carriage and the stroller can be used for changing.

It’s so flat that it offers this option. All suspension wheels and all-terrain tyres offer a smooth ride. It’s a lightweight stroller with an adjustable handlebar.

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9. Icandy Peach Blossom Twin Pushchair.

£1,415, Kiddies-kingdom.

Suitable from birth with the carrycot. This one is also travel system ready. It can also be used on single babies, it’s both for twins and children of different ages.

All suspension wheels and a footrest on the seat. With reclining positions available you can adjust the seat for a comfy ride. Forward and rear-facing.

Also easily reachable brakes with a large shopping basket underneath. Removable and washable fabrics for longer usage.

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10. Mountain Buggy Duet V3 Twin Stroller.

£649.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

Suitable from birth up to 4 years. This one is a double stroller that has only forward-facing seats but does offer many features.

Such as reclining positions, big canopies with sunshades. A large shopping that takes up to 5kg weight. It’s also travel system ready, compatible with two carrycots and two car seat

Easy compact fold and hand control brakes to make it easier in case of emergencies.

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11. Thule Glide 2 Sports Jogging Stroller.

£493.99, eBay.

This jogging stroller also, travel system ready with a car seat. You have an adjustable handlebar and handbrake to make things easier for parents.

Wheels can be removed which gives a better compact fold. With a large canopy for better protection from the weather. The canopy has a ventilating system with a sunshade.

Air punctured wheels and a lightweight stroller. It’s a jogging stroller your family will love to jog with. It of course offers 3 wheels.

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12. City Mini 2 Double.

£519.00, Uberkids.

Suitable from birth with each seat having a leg rest. It’s also easy to fold and its, travel system ready for a carrycot and car seat. An extended canopy or hood.

Only available in one colour, but it offers you a place to add a child tray for your twins. Simple, yet beneficial stroller many parents have praised.

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All of these strollers that are listed are truly amazing. Every one of these offers many features that families will love. Almost all of them have reversible seats and are travel system ready

Having these options on each stroller is important because you might not know when you will need them. It’s also what your baby or toddler is comfortable with.

So, having the options ready when your baby gets here is better. When I bought my stroller I was not that knowledgeable about all of these, I would have made a different choice.

However I did choose a good stroller, but my choice could have been better. Having a convertible stroller is the best choice if you ask me now.

A second child can come anytime, so one never knows. Are you a traveller? If you love travelling, not only abroad but other places in the same country.

Then, having a lightweight stroller with all of these aspects can help you out. This is the reason why I chose these strollers. Some are suitable for all lifestyles others almost all.

The only problem with these is the prices. Top-quality and rated strollers tend to be expensive, especially coming from these famous brands.

Other Strollers.

I have also reviewed others that are much cheaper but don’t quite offer the same.  Other quality strollers are also available. You are free to explore my site.

What are your thoughts on these strollers I just reviewed? Pick 3 of them and tell me how they can help you and your family.

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  1. The choices we have today are just so many and therefore very confusing when it comes to purchasing baby strollers. Your article makes it “real” if I may say in that the 12 ratings are given by parents and not “sales people” therefore I think, making the right decision possibly easier. Every family may have different requirements in the type of stroller they want and price often can be a decision maker. You make a point of delivering both price and functions of each of the 12 strollers. I like your style.

    • Hi Helen. Yes, indeed. Everyone has their lifestyles, and it differs from everyone so we will not have the same choices. It’s important to present different choices to parents, so they have the chance to choose.

      I always write my articles in that way. Parents are the consumers and the ones buying these products, so they should have the opinion, and be listened to.

      I am happy you liked how I presented my article. Thanks for dropping by. Always here to help. 

  2. Load of information here , I am certain parents will appreciate your article and your site. It seems buying a stroller is like buying a car. You have to look at all your needs and decide on functionality versus price and then also not to mention the appearance. Wow… its a whole new world out there when you have babies 🙂

  3. I don’t even know which one to choose because they all look beautiful. The egg 2 pram looks perfect even the color is beautiful. It looks unique in its own way. My sister is currently pregnant and I think she will be interested in one of these. Will definitely share this.  I know she is going to love this. She is always going around during the day because of her work and I am sure she will find a suitable pram in this article.

    • Hi Mimie, congrats on your soon arrival niece or nephew. I am glad you liked the list and especially the egg pram. Many parents love it.

      Drop by anytime. Tell your sister if she needs other options to just let me know. 


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