What’re are the Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys? – For Activities.

There are many toys out there for babies, and it can be overwhelming. What are you looking for? Is it a doll, legos or some shape toy?

Whatever it is It’s possible to buy from different online shops, that are available globally. For this post, I will list toys I think will be good for your baby or 1-year-old base on my experience.

So, it’s not awarded toys or toys that are picked by others. I have done my researched and picked these toys for your little one.

Some of these are similar to what my then 1 year used. Most of these toys are only for fun. At this stage that’s the most important thing.

View other toys for your 1-year-old, or if you have toddlers view toys that are suited for them.

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What Toys are Best Suited for 1-Year-Olds?

When it comes to 1-year-Olds, what toys are best suited for them? It should be toys that offer fun activities imaginative toys and educational too.

At this stage, they haven’t learned to speak yet, well most children. So teaching them about alphabets and numbers should be through songs I believe.

Toys at this stage should encourage your little one to be active and enhance their 5 senses. So, that’s why I will only focus on toys that make this possible.

Of course, every child is different, and some children have already done this before and are ready to move on to other things.

Some parents might even teach their kids other skills. Giving them all the different toys they can play with. Which is also good if you decide to go that way.

I think it’s better to introduce some toys at a time. If you give them all they will be too busy to play with all of it, and won’t gain benefit from the toys.

1. Cbeebies My First Vehicle Puzzle, £2.00

This toy is good for your little one. Although it’s written that is suitable for 18 months, it can also be suitable for your 1-year-olds.

It encourages fun and interactive learning. They can build cars and other vehicles through the CBeebies characters. Characters they might be familiar with.

There are 10 pieces and when the puzzles are set together it will make 5 of them. Adult supervision at all times. They will be learning the shapes, colours, eye to hand coordination, etc.

2. Fun Time Casey the Caterpillar, £6.00

3 activity balls are joined together to make a caterpillar. The toy is designed to enhance your baby’s senses. With sounds and colours.

It includes spinning, rolling and twisting around. It is perfectly made for your little one, and they will love playing with this set.

My toddler had a similar toy, and she found it entertaining. She was amazed by the colours and the different sounds it offered. Making her familiar with it.

The toy can also improve the sense of touch. They will be familiar with different materials.

3. Lion Push n Go Animal, £5.00

This is simple to encourage motor skills for your little lone. It’s suitable from 10 months upwards. By this stage your little one already is crawling, if not then this one should do.

I also believe you can use it to encourage your 1-year-old to walk. Tie a rope on it and let your little one pull it encouraging them to walk.

If you live in a tiny space then this one can be ideal instead of a baby walker. Baby walkers are of course better, but this toy can be a second choice.

The push and go animal is available in other animals. Choose the animal your baby favours to encourage them even more. The toy will also make your little one active.

4. Disney Frozen 2 Olaf Toy, £5.00

A soft toy for your little one to have as a best friend. The toy will help with imaginative plays, therefore, making them active. The toy is also good for their sense of sight, touch and hearing.

Why not join them and help them with their imagination. If your little one can’t sleep without you, the toy can be there and comfort them.

It’s soft and big. Olaf might be their favourite character from frozen.

5. My First Learning Controller, £7.00

Teach your little one the numbers, alphabets, colours and shapes with this controller. It’s suitable from 6 months upwards and perfect for their little hands

It has 30 sounds and the toy is made of different colours. Good for your little ones sense of touch, hearing and sight. It’s also an activity toy.

They will be busy pushing the buttings wondering what does what. One of the best toys for the eye to hand coordination. The controller isn’t big and heavy for them.

The controller also has 2 play modes.

6. Shopkins Gift Plushie, £5.00

Another toy for your little one’s imagination. It’s a toy that’s suited for all ages. So, it’s perfect for your 1-year-old. It’s both for boys and girls

At this age, they will love to have soft toys wherever they go and would love a friend to follow them. They can play many different imaginative plays with learning to communicate and learning other skills.

The toy is super soft and has a face, encouraging your little one even more. It makes it more relatable. It has bright colours that your little one will love.

It’s a toy that will stay with them for a long time. You can use it for your future children.

7. Incy Wincy Spider Carry – Along with Book, £1.00

Is your baby a fan of the song Incy Wincy spider? Well, then they will love this book. It encourages them to sing and dance. Perfect for families.

If you have more than one child this creates a good bonding time. Your children will love spending time together and even the parents can join in the fun.

Their sense of hearing and sight will be improved. The book also helps them get active. Eye to hand coordination, motor skills and social skills are the skills they will learn.

The book is suitable for any age, so you can use it for all of your children.

8. Megablocks bag, £6.99

Legos are one of the best toys out there, and children love engaging with them. These 60 colour blocks are just for those busy hands.

It’s colourful and the blocks are big, which means your baby won’t risk swallowing them. They can build anything with it with your help.

The blocks help with their senses and it creates a fun activity for them. The blocks are also good for social skills and eye to hand coordination.

Suitable from 12 months up to 5 years. If they don’t disappear around the house it will last for 5 years. Your 1 year will not be bored with it because of the variety of colours and it’s quantity.

The Megablocks also help with creative thinking and your little one will learn to solve problems too. Big blocks are not only good for the risk of swallowing, but also grasp.

It’s easier to hold it which makes it easy to build and rebuild.

What Do You Think?

Are these toys the ones you are looking for, for your little one? Or maybe you are looking for something else? I believe these toys are good for your 1-year-old.

The best toys for 1-year-olds. Being active whether it’s by moving or developing their brain is important. Enhancing their 5 senses also is good by using sensory play.

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