What 8 Things To Look For When Buying A Car Seat – Child Car Seat Buying Guide.

In my post/article on car seats, I mentioned many things about car seats. Why they are important and how they could help you out. You can find this here.

Now in this article, I will be giving you what you should consider when buying a car seat for your stroller if it doesn’t come with it. After I have provided that information for you I will then suggest the car seats I think will benefit you.

This article is only about car seats for strollers, not car seats in general. This means car seats that are suitable for your newborn up to 12 months or some even 18 months.

Whether or not this is your first time buying it’s always good to come back and check some valuable information. If you bought your first car seat some years back then it’s good to check a buying guide.

Things are always improving, so it’s good to be out on the look for the best car seat, well one of the best.

What Are Car Seats For Strollers Good For?


I remember when I bought my stroller some years back and it came with it a car seat, so I was thinking yes I won’t need to buy one separately.

Being a new parent I didn’t know if that car seat was good, but it turned out okay. There are other car seats out there that are more than okay which means they are above the safety regulation guide.

They are more features to them to make your baby comfortable which is good to consider when doing your research to buy any.

You must have car seats whether you intend to use them on the stroller or not. If you have a car or you take a taxi you must have a car seat. It’s the law.

However we are not here to discuss that, but I’m here to provide for you what you should consider before buying a car seat.

The carrier can stand on its own which is good. If your baby has fallen asleep on it you won’t need to remove them from the car seat. You can just put it down or fix the car seat on the stroller and let them carry on sleeping.

However, don’t let your baby sleep on it for a long time. Car Seats can also be used longer than carrycots/bassinets. Their usage is up to 12-18 months like mentioned above while for most carrycots it’s 6 months. This is good if your baby is not yet ready to sit properly.

Everyone develops differently so, they should be given the chance to do it at their own pace. Many things make the car seat unique from the carrycot/bassinet which I consider easier to use. Even though I prefer carrycots.

See the link above to find out more about it.

1. Look for High-Quality Materials.

Now let’s delve into the guide. When you are always buying things you should always look for quality materials which even includes car seats.

Look for hard shells and the ones that are designed with aluminium. Hard shells can protect your baby’s whole body and at the same time provide for them a cosy and quiet environment to be in.

The materials should not be easy to peel off and they also should be reflectable that way they will last for many years and even save your lives.

The handle should be covered and soft. My baby’s car seat had an uncovered handle and this was difficult. During the winner, it was cold to hold it and very uncomfortable too. So, have it covered to make it easier for you.

You can also buy a cover for the handle on the internet if it does not come with it.

An extendable canopy is good for the baby to protect them from the elements. Make sure the car seat comes with a rain cover if you are going to use it a lot.

If the materials are easily damaged your baby’s car seat won’t last long and you will eventually need to buy a new one if you are planning to have more children.

High-quality materials mean more money to spend, it’s not always possible, but try to find a quality and an affordable one. If the ones I recommend don’t suit you.

2. Look for Quality Fabrics When You are Buying.

The fabrics should also be something you should look into. Good fabrics will give your baby a good sleeping environment and they also make the car seat last longer.

They should be soft, thick and chemical-free. Soft and thick fabrics not only protect your baby, but it makes the seat feel like a bed. Your baby will be much better and safer.

Dangerous chemicals on the fabrics can benefit you in some ways, but these are not good for your baby’s health. Don’t consider it when buying. Find other means to keep insects away.

Washable fabrics are also a must. Nowadays almost all car seats have washable fabrics. You will need to wash them if you want to keep them clean and neat. Just cleaning it won’t do you will need to wash it. This is of course a factor when buying a car seat.

You can also buy recyclable fabrics if you want. It’s not a must. It’s always good to try and save the planet when you are buying things.

3. Design.

Even though car seats are used for the same things their design are different as you know. Just like strollers, the design can affect how long you use the stroller.

Some car seats a tiny and others big. My child’s car seat is big and bulky which enables her to have a lot of space to move freely. Look for these types of car seats because It will make it easier.

The only problem with these types of car seats is that they will take a lot of space. If you have little space then look for something else.

A car seat that has a 5 point harness safety protection is better than the 3 point harness safety protection. It should be adjustable and have soft fabrics on it to protect your baby from any harm.

The canopy should have a UPF50+ sunshade to protect it from the elements. Nowadays it’s not hard to find that feature on car seats. It also doesn’t make the car seat more expensive.

There are some car seats designed with reclining positions which is very good to have. The reclining positions will make the car seat just like the stroller seat unit.

4. Convertible Car Seats are Always Better.

With convertible car seats, I mean car seats that can be adjusted and converted into something. Most car seats are rear-facing for baby’s which is good, but there are also forward-facing car seats out there.

If you want to use the car seat and still have your baby facing the world then this is ideal. I always recommend baby’s to face you but sometimes they face the world can help you out.

To see new faces and other environments can be good for their development. So I say, a convertible car seat should be considered.

Convertible car seats are only ideal for your car and not the stroller. These are car seats that are suitable for toddlers.

Some infant car seats do have forward-facing but it’s not that common as a rear facing car seat.

5. Buy a Well Tested Car Seat.

Some car seats have only been tested a few times and they pass the normal safety regulation guide, but they can go more than this and some manufacturers have done that.

Some car seats have much deeper inlays that can be adjustable and they have even thicker side Impacts protections made with good materials.

They offer a peek a boo window, airflow and Bambo fabrics to keep fresh air and baby protected from bacteria. Some even come with covers. These features or accessories of course makes them expensive.

If they are well tested they tend to feature all of these. These types of car seats are also easy to attach to the stroller and some of them have a magnetic attachment.

Which makes no noise and therefore won’t wake your baby up when transferring from car to stroller.

 6. If  You Can, Buy with a Stroller.

So, do you want to know how to save up money when buying a car seat? DO NOT BUY A CAR SEAT SEPARATELY. Yes, you read it right, when you buy a car seat on its own it’s more expensive than buying with the stroller.

Go to the stroller section and look for travel systems because that my dear parents will make things easier. When having a baby things cost soo much, which you have heard or experienced, so imagine how saving money is going to do for you.

In my experience with reviewing and doing research on this topic, travel systems are always cheaper. You will buy a stroller anyway so why not buy it all together.

I am sure you have experienced this on other items as well. Many strollers a compatible with multiple car seats if not then the strollers brand has its car seats.

7. Buy a Multiple Compatible Car Seat.

After all the decision is yours only. If you are still bent on buying the car seat on its own, then buy the one that’s compatible with many strollers.

There are many car seats out there made for many strollers by just using adapters. One of these brands is Maxi Cosi. In my research, their car seats are mostly compatible with many strollers and even high-quality strollers.

Some of these car seats however don’t always offer the best features and such. So, always make sure to check what you want.

Multiple compatible car seats will save you money and time. If in the future you want another stroller then you can easily use the same car seat.

8. Car Seat Compatible with Many Fix.

Although this does not have anything to do with the stroller, 0+ size car seats are also used in the car. Not all are compatible with all cars.

Some come with a base and are only used with and some can be attached to the car by using the car seatbelt. Whichever it is, it’s best to have a car seat that can do both.

It’s not easy to find these but believe me, finding them will make things a whole a lot easier. You need a reasonable car seat size that can fit the Isofix base and is also compatible with your car seat belt.

That way when you change a car you are more likely to use the same car seat.

Consider Doing These Tips And They Won’t Fail You.

If you do the things I mentioned above you will have a good car seat for your baby, that you will also be able to use for your other children. If you are planning to have more children, that is.

These tips are only the important factors, but there are of course other things that you can consider if you are looking for a specific car seat.

Have you heard of the Doona car seat before? If not, read about it. I consider it to be one of the best car seats out there. Visit here to see and read more about these car seats:

These are car seats I have reviewed and done many searched on and considered them to be one of the best car seats out there.

Some of these are even very famous worldwide, and easily bought by many parents. Some are suitable for up 12 and others up to 18 months which will be perfect for your growing baby.

What do you think about these tips I have given? What are your thoughts on the car seats recommended?

Have you heard of the brands before? Anything else you want to ask? Feel free to leave them down below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Read more facts about car seats in general on NHS.UK

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