What to Do with Expired Car Seats?

Like any product, car seats expire as well. The expiration date depends on the quality of the brand, its fabrics and materials. Also the type of car seat.

Some car seats last up to 12 years which is a good investment. What do to with expired car seats? Why do they expire? These would be questions many have before buying car seats or even after the purchase.

You must find out, so you won’t be driving around an expired car seat. In some countries, it’s illegal so it’s important to check.

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What To Do with Expired Car Seats?

A car seat’s lifespan can be up to 5 years or up to 12 years and again it depends on the reasons above. To find out when your little one’s car seats expire you can flip the seat.

It’s on a label. Expired car seats mean you should not use them ever again. An old car seat does not mean it’s expired. If you have had a car seat for 8 years but the expiration date is 12 years then it’s still safe to use it.

Although it might not be the best option. However, when it comes to expired car seats you can only do two things. Either you take it to the nearest recycle centre or throw it away.

Recycle Expired Car Seat.

Car seats are made of many fabrics and materials. Different metals, cotton, etc. So there’s much to recycle, but that makes it also harder to separate. Not all recycling centres can accept it.

However, you can still call and try. Try doing these things;

  1. Call your nearest recycle centre or the one that’s not far away and ask if they recycle your specific car seat. Tell them the material the car seat has. The centre will also inform you of what parts they want. All or just some.
  2. The padding, harness, covers, canopy, etc are usually parts that are not recycled so you should get rid of them before delivering the car seat.
  3. Some metals are not acceptable as well so you will need to remove them. Either you do it or maybe a family member can help out. It can be quite a hard task if you have a bigger car seat.

Throw It Away.

Not all car seats can be recycled so you will need to throw the expired car seat in the trash. You should not whatsoever try and use the seat.

Living the car seat outside your house and waiting for the garbage truck to take it, won’t happen. They will most likely leave it there.

So here is what you need to do:

  1. Just like the recycle process you will need to remove all padding, foam and canopy and throw it separately. The straps are also included in it.
  2. Take out any metal parts as well. This time it should be all the metals.
  3. Throw away the empty shell and according to an article, I read you should make sure people know it’s expired and not usable.

If It Has Not Expired, but Old Then Do This:

If your little one’s car seat is only old and not expired then you should make sure it’s clean, has not been in an accident and the materials and fabrics are still usable.

Donate the Car Seat.

There are many organisations out there looking for ways to help families. Some parents can’t afford brand new car seats and they don’t mind taking old ones as long it’s safe.

These can be women’s organisations, religious organisations or other local charity events. Drop it in and see if they will accept it. Your car seat might still be of use to many families.

Visit this page for more info on that. Target in 2016 came up with an idea that allows you to trade in your baby products for coupons or another kind of compensation.

The same site has more information about those kinds of events.

Gift It To Family or Friends.

You can also give it to family and friends. Some who has just gotten a baby and they are looking for car seats. If they don’t mind, it can save them a lot of money.

I have gifted many baby products to my near ones instead of throwing them, and some of these were almost new. If the car seat is still usable giving it to some is much better than throwing it.

People Also Ask;

Do Car Seat Bases Expire?

Car seat bases are very important to have for many car seats. As some don’t work without them and bases help secure the seat in the car even more.

Yes, the car seat expires as with any product. The time limit is between 6 to 10 years depending on which car seat you bought.

Just like the car seat, you have a label underneath which informs you of the expiration date. So, you wonder why car seat bases expire?

Well, just like car seats being too much in the car damages it. The heat and other weather conditions might harm the plastic in it.

Food can also be a reason. Food that’s stuck between the different parts. Attaching it and un-attaching it to the car can make it also malfunction.

Your baby can also be the reason. Their weight or the damage they can cause to the base. By scratching it, etc.

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