What to Cook with Kids? – 10+ Recipes

When we make dinner or lunch we often want our partners or older children to help us out, and not small children. We might not think they are capable.

Children love to explore and learn new things so that can be done through playing or, them helping out with many tasks.

When we often state small children, people are more focused on maybe 6+-year-olds. What about your 2 to 5 year old? They can learn much from helping out.

You are wondering what to cook with your kid? Well, it’s a question many parents have and don’t know where to begin.

My daughter is almost 3 years old and she is always excited and interested in helping me out in the kitchen. She always plays with our kitchen sets and likes to pretend that she’s cooking.

It keeps her entertained and busy. I will list recipes I have tried and new ones, I think will be suited for you and your child or children. You will most likely be doing the hard work, but your children can help you out. This post contains an affiliate link. See my affiliate disclosure.

Why Cooking is an Activity?

I have written soo many activity lists and ideas you can do with your children (age 6 months – 4-year-old), which mostly involves other things than cooking.

Do you also know that cooking is an educational activity for your young kid? When cooking they can learn the fruits, vegetables and other ingredients.

They are busy using their hands and are always active in doing tasks. Whether is pouting water, washing things or you ask them to do other things.

It’s an activity that will keep them both entertained and educate them. It’s a good start when they grow up so that they will be familiar with these things.

How Cooking Can Help Them Develop.

At this age, it’s important for your kid to learn many things while they do activities. Even cooking activities. Their sense of touch, sight, smell, taste and even hearing will develop.

Early on they are curious and want to taste and touch everything. The best thing to do is to let them help you when cooking and also cook a variety of meals so that they can taste different things.

Cooking with your kid helps them develop their senses and therefore their brain. They will be more open to viewing the world differently

Ideas for Lunch/Dinner.

Cooking ideas for lunch. These meals are both healthy and easy to do with your little one. You will have much help from them and be able to bond with them.

1. Pasta Salad.

This one is super delicious. I got the recipe from a friend of mine and It does not involve you doing a lot. The only thing you need to do is to cut the vegetables.

Together with your child or children, you mix the pasta with vegetables, mayonnaise, seafood sauce and prawns. While cooking it allows your little one to taste it.

Will make a nice side dish for your roasted chicken or grilled lamb.

2. Cheese Salad.

I learned this recipe way back in school and have done it many times. My family loves it. The ingredients that are included are salad, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, free feta cheese. You can choose other vegetables and add-in.

A delicious salad recipe that will go with anything you cook and it’s also healthy. Your little one can help you with washing the vegetables and also mixing them up.

This salad recipe goes well with a dressing. A homemade dressing.

3. Mashed Potatoe.

This one is a little bit on the unhealthy side but is one of my favourite sides dishes I make when I prepare dinner with family. Is a good and easy recipe your kids can help you with.

The only thing you need to do is to boil the potatoes and then your little one can help you out. Let their hands get busy. The ingredients include mayo, boiled egg, dijon mustard, black pepper and salt. The amount depends on how much you want.

4. Fish Curry.

Do you love fish and if your child does too then this one is a good meal to try. The soup has many flavours and offers your child to taste something different.

It can be a little bit strong depending on your little one, but try and see if they will love it. Again task them with minor things to get them active and involve.

View the recipe here on Feastybox.

5. Baked Potatoes.

A simple yet delicious dish to do. Your kid is already familiar with potatoes and it is probably one of their favourite things to eat. A good side dish to have while cooking dinner or lunch.

View the recipe here.

Ideas for Desert.

Deserts are what most kids love and they love helping out. I for one enjoyed baking when I was in school and I always found it much easier to help out when we made deserts.

See these 10 recipes that’s easy to follow and your kids will love helping out.

6. Strawberry Smoothie.

I learned this one a long time ago and it has always been one of my favourite desserts. It’s a good and healthy dessert for you and your preschooler. Well, for the whole family.

The ingredients are strawberries, bananas, yoghurt, orange juice and sugar

7. Cheese Cake.

My husband loves to make cheesecake and he is good at it. He’s the reason why I love cheesecake and if you haven’t tried it you should.

A good way to have your children involved and help you out. Your little one will have fun using their hands and tasks them mixing the fruits and cheese.

A good dessert for the whole family. There are many ways to make cheesecakes depending on what topping you like.

View a recipe here.

8. Strawberry Cake.

This recipe is for the summer, well that’s what I was told. A famous recipe in Sweden and it’s always baked on many summer events. Kids love it.

An easy recipe to get help from those little hands. You can of course make it whenever you want and have your child help you out. It involves a lot of mixing and taste. So, be ready.

View a Recipe here.

9. Sugar Cake.

This one is also a little bit on the unhealthy part, but it does not have to be. Put less sugar than you should and taste to make sure the sugar is perfect.

A simple and all hands on deck recipe. Perfect for your little one’s hands. One of my favourite recipes that I just love.

View recipe here.

10. Brownies.

What kid doesn’t love chocolate? Well, unless they are allergic, kids love it. Brownies are easy to make and it’s an all hand on deck recipe.

Your child will love mixing the different ingredients and they will learn much. Know how these different ingredients taste like.

View the recipe here.

11. Cupcakes.

Cupcakes are nice to have as dessert. After a nice dinner, it will make a good dessert to have with your family while watching TV or playing together.

There are of course many cupcakes recipes out there and it also depends on what you like and doesn’t like.

View the recipe here.

12. Roll Cake.

Roll cake is another all hand in deck recipe that your family will love to make. It can contain a lot of sugar but you can minimise it to make it more healthy.

I love this dessert because it involves using your hands a lot, and it also brings backs memories from early childhood. It takes time to make it which greats bonding opportunities.

View the recipe here.

13. Baklava.

Have you heard of baklava before? If not then know that it’s super delicious. It’s an Arab dessert that was introduced to me by my friends.

It’s also a little bit on the unhealthy side but you control the amount of sugar. I will recommend you to make it just one of a thing. Something you bake once every 3 months or so.

View the recipe here.

14. Cookies.

Cookies are also one of my favourite desserts and they’re loved by many parents. The ingredients can also differ depending on what kind of cookies you want.

View the recipe here.

15. Homemade Ice Lollies.

You can buy ice lollies in the shop, but wouldn’t it be nice to sometime make it at home? Ice lollies are nice to have during summer when it’s hot and you are out with the family.

Let your little one help with making one of their favourite ice creams.

Which One do you Choose?

So, out of all these cooking ideas which one is your favourite? Have you tried all of these ideas before? I will love to know which one you think your little one will enjoy doing.

All of these cooking ideas will make your little one recognise different flavours and even introduce new ones. To add variety to their meals.

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