What is the Difference Between the Chicco Goody and Goody Plus?

Chicco is a well know brand in the baby product industry among parents worldwide. Some of their famous strollers include their lightweight buggies.

Chicco Echo is one of these, which is bought by many. You also have the Goody and Goody Plus. What is the difference between the Chicco Goody and Goody Plus?

In this article, I will just go over that. If you have a hard choice, knowing the differences will help make the decision easier.

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About the Chicco Goody.

Madeformums awarded this stroller with Gold in 2021 and Mother & Baby awarded Silver for the best lightweight buggy the same year. This shows the buggy was or is a favourite among many.

Suitable from birth up to 22kg which is around 4 years old. It has a Uv50+ canopy that’s adjustable.

Leather stitched handlebar and bumper bar. The folding is as simple as pressing a button on the handlebar, which makes the whole stroller fold.

When folded the bumper bar can be used to carry it. It has multiple reclining backrests keeping your baby laying down flat. It has 3 reclining positions.

You can fold it with one hand and the wheels are removable to have a more compact fold. Both the Goody and Goody Plus are flight approved.

The Chicco Goody has 5 point harness with pads to keep it clean. You only need to wipe it clean and not wash it.

You also have brakes on the chassis which helps with sudden emergencies and it’s a feature that stayed with the update.

About the Chicco Goody Plus.

Just like the predecessor the Goody Plus is suitable from birth up to 4 years which is around 22kg. A quick folding mechanism with just a click of a button.

A wide seat with a 3 reclining backrest to keep baby comfortable at all times. Eco premium leather on the handle and bumper bar.

Normal wheels that are easy to manoeuvre on a day to day life journeys. A Uv50+ canopy to keep the sun and mild rain away.

It’s water-resistant. You also have an adjustable footrest.

This one and the first Goody are suitable for newborns without any accessories according to Chicco because of the backrest. I would personally not recommend it.

The Goody Plus won Madeformums Gold price 2022 on the best lightweight buggy.

These strollers are very similar with the same weight of around 6.9kg, and the dimensions are also the same.

Folded dimensions are 56 x 46.5 x 25cm and unfolded dimensions are 105 x 46.5 x 79cm.

What’s the Difference Between the Chicco Goody and Goody Plus?

Chicco Goody Non-Travel System Compatible vs Goody Plus Travel System Compatible.

This is the main difference between these two strollers. The Goody Plus is compatible with the Chicco KAILY and KIROS i-Size Fast Car Seats.

The original is not compatible with car seats, and not with carrycot either.

You can have a 2in1 travel system and a 3in1 travel system with the Goody Plus which is a great advantage and attracts many parents.

This means the Goody only has a forward-facing option and not a rear-facing option.

The Goody Plus offers you two options for seeing your baby rear-facing.

Buy Chicco Goody On Amazon.

Buy Chicco Goody Plus on Amazon.

Chicco Goody and Goody Plus Colours and Prices.

The colours I could see for the Goody are these, which are Grey mist, cool grey and graphite.

These are also available for the Goody Plus, but you also have Black, green, purple, dark and light blue which are the new ones.

These are the colours I could find. Regarding the price for the Goody Plus, you have from £167 up to £287 depending on the place you buy it from and the colour.

On Amazon, it costs £183.90 for the grey mist. The Chicco Goody costs about the same in all the places I have searched for. It can be a bit cheaper.

Which One is Better?

Travel systems are what most parents are always looking to buy. Because the Goody Plus can be converted to a travel system makes it wins.

It’s better because you have the option to give your baby up to 6 months a better place to lay down or sit. A carrycot or a car seat.

If you are also bored having the same standard colours like grey, then with the Chicco Goody Plus you can have more options.

You won’t only have a travel stroller, but also it can work out as a day-to-day stroller. Although it won’t be the best experience and might not be useable for up to 4 years.

Who Will Go for the Chicco Goody?

In secondhand and almost new you can buy the Chicco Goody much cheaper. That’s the only reason I can see someone going for it.

You might only buy it for travelling and buying a cheap one will help your budget. Having a carrycot and car seat won’t be necessary if it’s for these reasons.

Chicco Goody and Goody Plus Cons.

Most of these umbrella or travel strollers do come with cons because they tend to be simple and standard. These ones are no exceptions. These are the cons:

  • The handlebar is not adjustable. Can be short or too tall for some parents. It has a height of 105cm which can be tall for some parents and difficult to handle for some very tall parents. It worked well for a parent who is 176cm.
  • The canopy is a bit flimsy and not fully adjustable like some strollers. It does not also have a peek-a-boo window which many would love to have.
  • The bumper bar is not swivelled.
  • Wheels are tiny, with a few suspensions and not all terrain. (Although because of the nature of the stroller it can be understood).
  • The legrest has two adjustments and according to reports, it’s not that strong. This means your older toddler might not be able to use it.
  • According to one YouTube review, the chassis itself is not as stable as more quality strollers. (Again, this is a travel stroller so some qualities are not meant for certain lifestyles).
  • It can be considered not that cheap, especially if you add the carrycot which costs about £79 and the car seats are around £90+ each.
  • The tiny basket can take 2kg and maybe more according to the same YouTube review.


There are disadvantages and advantages with every stroller, just like these ones, but that should not prevent you from seeing the many pros.

If you travel by plane and train these are great to have. You can also use these on your holiday or just for a quick stroll.

If you live near even grounds then the Chicco Goody or Goody Plus would be a good choice for your everyday lifestyle. It’s much cheaper than the standard pushchairs on the market.

What will it be? Goody or Goody Plus.

Buy Chicco Goody On Amazon.

Buy Chicco Goody Plus on Amazon.

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