What is the Best Baby Stroller? – What Strollers Should Have.

So, you are probably wondering if this will be a review post where I will most likely write about one stroller and state why it’s the best stroller. Well, not this time.

I wanted to try something different. From my point of view, it’s not easy to just decide a certain stroller/pushchair is the best.

Parents all over the world have different lifestyles and choices so, that answers can indeed differ.

So, I will instead point out things that can make a stroller the best and which will suit you and your family. However, in the end, I will link stroller/pushchairs I think are one of the best.

It’s either going to be strollers that I have done reviews on or a link to where you can buy them. Without any further due let’s delve into it.

So, What Do I Mean With This Title?

Yes, like I already stated above I will suggest to you things that will make a stroller the best, well if not one of the best. Let’s first start with what most parents think it’s important.

All of us want a stroller that’s agile, lightweight and offers many features, but also compatibility. We want this because it will make it easier to use and you have had the stroller/pushchair for years.

I stated most because we are all different and some parents don’t mind these things. Again, I will only state what I have experienced and know will suit you.

It’s also important to have a stroller/pushchair that’s cosy and offers a quiet environment for your baby to sleep, and a spacious place for your toddler to just relax and have fun.

High-quality fabrics and materials should also be included. You should be able to keep the stroller for years unless that’s not your plan.

To be able to keep it clean and neat. A stroller/pushchair that won’t make your life more complicated, children are already hard to take care of. If you are a single parent it can be harder, so pros to you.

Now let’s start with the things I think are important in strollers/pushchairs, and that will make them earn the title “the best stroller“.


Compatibility might not be number one on your checklist, but I am sure it’s on the list. If you want to buy a stroller you need to find out if it’s compatible with car seats, carrycots, rain covers, etc.

The stroller should be compatible with car seats, make it many. It would be much easier for you. Your baby often tends to sleep a lot when you are out with the car.

It’s much easier to carry the car seat and fix it on the stroller/pushchair than picking your baby up and placing them on the stroller seat.

You risk waking them up. Some standard strollers/pushchairs do not come with carrycots/bassinets, you need to buy them. It’s best to have a stroller that’s suitable for many brands.

A universal rain cover should be something that should fit any stroller right? However, even though it’s called that it does not fit every single stroller in the world.

See if the stroller is compatible with the rain cover you want to buy. This is of course if the stroller does not come with a rain cover. Some do

If you want to use a shoulder nappy changing bag then you will need to have a handlebar that can be adjusted. You can’t always carry the bag. It will hurt your shoulders.

You can, of course, use the shopping basket underneath, but if you are a person that buys groceries daily or weekly then it’s not ideal. You won’t have space.

Stroller boards can also be added here. If you plan to have more children or maybe you already have and haven’t used stroller boards then this should be something much want.

Not every stroller is compatible with a stroller board. Always check to be sure. So these are the important accessories that will make parenting easier.

The best stroller is compatible with all of these points that I have stated.

Offers Many Features.

Here comes the important part. Features. It’s the canopy/hood big enough? And does it offer a sunshade, peek a boo and ventilation. All of these things add to making life easier for your baby or toddler, and even both.

The canopy does not have to have a peek a boo or ventilation, but it will make it better. A big and sunshade canopy will do. To just keep your child protected.

Does the seat offer multiple reclining positions? If yes, then it’s the one. Multiple reclining positions offer your baby or toddler to be able to sleep, sit and play.

Can it be folded? If it can be done with the seat, with one hand mechanism and can stand when folded then even better. Not all strollers/pushchairs can be folded, and some strollers can but not with the seat. This is my case.

A big shopping basket underneath should be a bonus. It will make it easier to bring with you many things, especially if you love going out for long walks.

An adjustable handlebar, swivel wheels and all suspension wheels should also be considered. All of these features will make it easy for the stroller to be used.

There are additional minor features that make life, even more, easier and enjoyable, but I can’t state them all here. Otherwise, you will never leave. You are not here to be bored and you want me to go straight to the point.

It’s Convenient.

So, in this case, what do I mean by convenience? Well, if you can take the stroller anywhere and that it’s suitable for many places.

The city is an example. Is it best suited for a city lifestyle if that it’s your lifestyle? Or maybe you live in the country. Where ever you live and visit many times make the stroller suited for it.

Public transportation. Now any stroller can use public transportation unless you have a stroller for multiple children. A stroller that can be folded, that has straps and its light is good to have.

You won’t take much space and you avoid people staring at you, which sometimes can be both embarrassing and frustrating to many. It is for me.

Are you a traveller? We all love going on holiday and relaxing our minds and body. A stroller that’s easy to use at the airport, and when you are abroad will make your holidays more fun and interesting.

Overall a stroller that will offer convenience will make it easy.

What You Have Been Waiting For.

Here comes the thing you have been waiting for. What is the best baby stroller? Well, I can’t just state one stroller that’s the best even if many awards have chosen it.

Like I stated many parents differ. What’s best for you might not be what’s best for others. If the stroller or Travel System offer these things that I mentioned above, then I will think you have a good working stroller.

See the Bugaboo Bugaboo Donkey and Uppababy Vista strollers. Two quality and excellent strollers. The Bugaboo ant stroller it’s also another one that might suit your family.

A review on Chicco and Graco strollers.  See the Oyster Zero stroller/pushchair and the Joolz Hub stroller/pushchair.

One last thing before I leave you. The fabrics should be washable and the materials should be of good quality. If you want to keep the stroller for a while it’s good that it has these two things.

Do you agree or disagree with all of the things I stated? Which of these examples do you think are more important to you? If you have any questions to ask feel free to do.

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