What is a Pram Stroller? – Pram vs Stroller.

According to the dictionary, the word pram stands for a perambulator, as in the one who walks.

In other words, a baby carriage is important for your baby in the first 6 months of their lives.

First-time mothers often wonder what baby carriage to buy and it takes them time to find out, but of course now with the Internet, it’s easier.

Prams pop up many times because of how it is considered to be the safest baby carriage for your newborn and therefore it has been common for parents to buy one.

Prams For Newborns.

A pram is a frame/chassis with a carrycot which’s on 4 or 3 wheels, and it allows your newborn to lie – flat, and are used for the first 6 months of their lives. It can be longer if your newborn still needs support.

Detachable carrycots may come with the pushchair, which makes it possible for you to change from using a lie-flat pram to a sitting pram/stroller without buying a new pram.

You can also use your baby’s car seat if you want to, which many parents do.

Manufacturers are now making carrycots more suitable for your baby so they may sleep on them at night or anytime.

Softer mattresses are used, and this allows your baby to comfortably lie flat as if they are lying in their cots. This can make your baby sleep well och longer, and it has been proven to be the truth with the experience I have had with my baby.

This, therefore, has an advantage over other baby carriages when it comes to newborns.

Prams are usually bigger and bulkier than other strollers which gives it more space for your newborn to move about.

The perambulator is designed to be more concealed, which can make your newborn unable to be seen by others unless they walk up to you.

The concealment protects your baby more from the cold wind during winter and even from the direct heat of the sun.

If you have a newborn you are advised not to go out in open spaces because of how fragile your newborn is, and therefore it is important to buy a pram for protection until they are stronger. So, therefore, prams are the best for your newborn.

Pram or Stroller.

Originally the word pram was used for only the cot that offers a lie-flat position, and the stroller offers sitting positions. Nowadays both terms are used for both meanings.

So, a pram can mean the cot with the frame or just a single seat unit with the frame. People are used to mentioning the word pram when referring to strollers in general.

This term is used widely, especially in the UK. Buggies and pushchairs are more used for lightweight strollers or only upright sitting strollers.

So, when writing one should differentiate what they intend with the word pram or stroller.

Prams Even for Toddlers.

Prams are ideally for newborns as I mentioned above, but do you know there are prams designed for your toddler. It can be up to 3 years.

These carrycots can be adjustable and have a sitting area with a harness system. They come with a stroller seat and functions exactly as carrycots.

Some of these cots are suitable for your baby for more than 6 months and are there to provide comfort for your little one until they can fully handle themselves.

Carrycots vs Cocoons.

So, if you buy a stroller nowadays it can come with a carrycot or a newborn cocoon. Not all stroller brands provide the newborn cocoon it comes with certain brands.

An example is the YoYo buggy or pushchair. We have already mentioned what a carrycot is so no need to do it again. What is a cocoon then?

As the name suggests is a cocoon that will shield your baby even more and provide a good sleeping area. All newborn cocoons are bigger, softer and they provide the features that the seat unit provides.

A harness system, reclining positions, etc but not all though.

It can be preferred if you want your baby covered and protected. Many parents go for this new option than the cot.

Some Of The Best Prams Of 2021.

When buying prams one should buy the best and that goes for anything you may want for your baby. To know the best prams you need to search for reviews from parents because they are the most important customers.

I have written many reviews on prams and there are still many more left to cover.

If you want to find out what makes a stroller the best, then head over to this post where I list what’s the best baby stroller.

As I stated above reviews from users are more honest and will also help you make the right decision. Now let me not waste your time and get starting.

So, what are the best prams you can find in all years? Meaning these prams will be good for years to come. I will recommend only prams, pram travel systems, twin prams and pram/strollers.

Best Prams:

Best Pram Travel Systems:

Best Twin Prams:

Best Prams/Strollers.

Choose Good Pram.

The perambulator is important for you and your baby because it will help you navigate those first few days with ease and it will grow with your baby.

To be able to choose a good carriage you need to think about a lot of things, like size, versatility, and compatibility.

Are you going to use your baby carriage for long walks with your newborn or just for shopping?

You also need to think about your house and car, and if the carriage is going to take a lot of space.

Your budget also plays a role, but it is always good to buy a good one yet cheap, and there are those parents who want to buy an expensive one which is okay as long you are satisfied and can afford it of course.

Choosing a good pram will save you a lot of time and money.

Many parents consider Bugaboo prams or strollers, in general, to be the best because of their designs and details.

You need to remember that it is not always about appearance, but quality counts to and there are top quality prams and still not expensive.

Why Your Newborn Needs To Lie Flat.

A lie-flat pram is best for a newborn, although a carrycot is better for me which I recommend to parents, a seat is also good for the baby as long they lie flat.

Your baby needs to lie flat because they can’t support their neck and them sitting upright too long can narrow their airways.

You will even find that midwives will advise you how your baby should sleep and for how long they need protection.

Being a parent already you may know all of this but it is always good to check on facts from time to time and get more informed if something new comes up.

Prams Are Best Suited For Your Newborn.

As you have just read prams are best for your newborn because it protects them until they can sit upright. It is also important for you to buy a good one so that you save money and time.

Read more on the differences between prams and other baby carriages here.

After reading this post, is there something else you want to ask? Do you prefer carrycots or car seats?

If you have any questions please let me know.

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