Chicco Goody Stroller Review.

I am sure you have heard of the Chicco brand before and want to know which strollers they offer. Well, I will not list all of their strollers, but I review one of their strollers.

The one that will be perfect for you and your baby. Have you heard of the Chicco Goody stroller before? If not you are about to. If buy it during sales time you have it much cheaper.

This stroller is a perfect match whether you have a baby or toddler.

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  • Suitable from birth up to 22kg (four to five years)
  • Forward-facing.
  • Can’t be converted to a travel system.
  • Lightweight and agile.
  • 5-point harness system.
  • Big canopy with sunshade.
  • Easy fold and stand when folded.
  • Reclining seat.
  • Transparent wheels.
  • A rain cover included.
  • A handle.
  • A large basket.
  • Two colours.

Chicco Goody Stroller.

Product: Goody Stroller.

Price: £139.00 (sale price) £189.00 (original price).

Weight: 6.9kg

A Place to Buy: Kiddies-kingdom. Click Here

Delivery: Multiple options.

My Ranking: 8/10.

You know some parents are looking for simple strollers they can use anywhere. On holidays or when they are using public transport.

These kinds of strollers are what Chicco mostly offers. Whether you have a single baby or twins. So, what Chicco stroller should you buy?

Let’s delve into the details of this Goody Stroller. It’s suitable from birth up to 22kg. Depending on your child they can use it for up to five years.

If your toddler is anything like mine by then they would have forgotten all about sitting on strollers. If they reach the age of three they are not that keen on sitting.

However, you might want to keep it. There will be instances where you need to use the stroller. If you have a toddler you know what I mean.

The pram is only forward-facing. Facing the world to see different shapes and colours, and to also explore more. Forward-facing can be something many toddlers love.

They want to see other views. View this post to see how forward and rear-facing can affect your baby or toddler. This Chicco Goody stroller is extremely lightweight at just 6.9kg.

It does not weigh much making the pushing easier. The nightmare of buying a heavy stroller + your child’s weight and then pushing it.

That’s not easy. If you live near hills or have to use public transportation every time it won’t be easy. It’s super lightweight for public transportation use and many other adventures your baby will have.

The big canopy offers a sunshade that will protect your baby from the sun’s rays. Those nasty rays are not that good for your baby’s skin.

Let them relax and have a good time without worrying about their health. The canopy will also offer protection for your baby. They will be more shielded.

Hold On, There’s More?

A reclining seat to offer age suitability. The Goody Stroller seat makes it possible for your baby to lie flat, hence it being suitable from birth.

The other reclining positions also offer sitting and a spacious place to play. Don’t forget to bring the pram toys. Keep them busy at all times.

5-point harness system to protect your baby. The shoulders, body and hips will be protected so that they can’t fall off the stroller if an accident occurs.

With one click mechanism, the stroller can be folded and stands on its own when folded. It saves space and makes it easier for you wherever you go.

There’s a handle for you to carry it. You don’t have to hold the frame/chassis to carry it. First of all, that’s difficult and not any. Second, you won’t have a soft place to hold.

Transparent and lightweight wheels. It makes the stroller easy to use and handle. A large and spacious basket underneath is ready for you to use.

If you love to buy groceries every day then the stroller will make it easier. The Goody Stroller comes in silver and black. These colours are most common on all strollers.

The colours will match with any accessories. If you want to match it with a nappy changing bag you have in mind or other additional accessories, you can do so.


What are the accessories the stroller comes with or can match with? Well, a rain cover is included with it. When it’s raining or snowing cover the pram and you are good to go.

That’s the only accessory it comes with. For other additional accessories see these amazing nappy changing bags. They are spacious, stylish and fits many lifestyles. However, they are a bit pricey.

If you want something that’s more cheap view other reviews. Because of how the handlebar is built you can buy a separate cup holder to attach it.

Some of us can’t function without our morning tea or coffee. You won’t have time to prepare it and then drink it. Why not take it with you?


  • The Goody Stroller is not compatible with a carrycot and car seat. This means you can’t detach the seat to fix the carrycot and car seat on. This can be a con for many parents. Some prefer to use carrycots up until their babies are six months, and so do others.
  • It does not come with many features, although considering its design and simplicity it’s understandable.
  • It’s a simple stroller. May be too simple for some parents.
  • No adjustable handlebar.
  • No extended hood/canopy.

Are You Convinced On What To Buy?

So, are you now convinced that this Chicco stroller is the one you could buy for your baby or toddler. Before reading this post you were wondering what stroller could be the one.

Like I stated above it’s not easy to find what you are looking for. If you are a first-time parent it can be both hard and time-consuming.

Now I know you have an idea of what you want and need for your little one. The Goody Stroller is lightweight and simple which can match many lifestyles.

Now your question “What Chicco Stroller to buy?” has been answered and you can now relax and offer your baby or toddler many adventures.

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