Which Car Seats are Compatible with YoYo?

Babyzen is one of the top leading brands in providing umbrella strollers. Their YoYo strollers are known by many parents.

If you own one or are looking to buy one, then it’s good to know about the car seat these strollers are compatible with. For this article, I am looking into the YoYo+ and YoYo2.

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Babyzen YoYo+ and YoYo2 Car Seat Compatibility.

These car seats are compatible with the Babyzen strollers:

I only displaced these links because I have written reviews/comparisons on these. Babyzen provides adapters for all of these car seats and you find out in the “Babyzen” link above.

Lightweight Travel System.

Together with these car seats, you can build one of the lightest travel systems out there. The YoYo strollers as I mentioned are light and many of these car seats are light as well so it won’t add that much weight.

These car seats are also one of the top leading brands in the market. Nuna, Cybex and Maxi Cosi are known for their car seats which are quality.

Maxi Cosi offers cheaper ones and they are compatible with soo many other brands (Incase you change brand in the near future).

View the full review of the YoYo+ and a comparison on the YoYo2 if you want to know more about the strollers before buying (If you haven’t bought any).

Do you think these car seats are the ones for you? Have you seen all these brands and car seats before?

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  1. There are so many brands and so many models out there that it is extremely hard to choose which one is good for you. Most sellers don’t help as they try to sell the ones they promote the most so it is a bit of a gamble to choose one for your case. Thankfully articles like your can help to point to the right direction. Thanks a lot!


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