What Car Seats are Compatible with Cybex Balios?

Do you own either the Cybex Balios S or Balios S Lux? Or are you planning to buy one of these strollers which are famous from Cybex?

It’s therefore important to find out what car seats the Cybex Balios series are compatible with. I will also direct you where to buy them or where you can read detailed reviews of these car seats.

What Car Seats are Compatible with Cybex Balios?

Both strollers are compatible with the seat range of car seats so they do not differ, which makes choosing between the two easier for those looking to buy either of them.

These are:

Car Seats Compatible with Cybex Balios S and Balios S Lux.

You can use these car seats with the adapters that come with the stroller. Unfortunately, other car seats are not therefore compatible with this type of model.

Although Cybex is a well-known brand and it’s usually compatible with many famous brands such as Maxi-Cosi, etc.

These car seats are old models from Cybex but they are still good. The best out of them all is the Cloud Q, which even rivals many new car seats today.

It’s spacious, suitable for a longer period and has a great design and is very durable. It’s very similar to the Cybex Cloud Z Car Seat.

To have a more detailed view see my comparison between these two. Aton M seems to be a more recent car seat than the other Aton models.

I have not done a review of these except the Aton 2. It’s an old model but still good. Offers more than what some of the new models don’t.

Read my reviews of them. Buy the rest in their own links above.


If you are looking to buy the Cybex Balios then I recommend you read to review on the Cybex Balios S Lux review where I go over the detail of this pram.

Buying the stroller with one of these car seats it’s way cheaper and this is of course if you can find a store that sells them together.

If you want to buy the whole Balios S Lux bundle that comes with the Aton M car seat then visit this site.

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