What Capsules are Compatible with Joie Versatrax?

Do you own a Joie Versatrax single stroller/pram or are you planning to buy a travel system and wondering what car seats the stroller is compatible with?

The Versatrax is one of the most famous strollers coming from Joie and it even rivals many popular brands. So, this question is quite common and I thought to answer it.

Helping parents and making their search quicker. Most Joie strollers are only compatible with the brand’s own car seats and you most of the time would need a Maxi Cosi Adapter.

What Capsules are Compatible with Joie Versatrax?

These Joie Car Seats are:

  • Joie Gemm.
  • Joie i-Gemm 2.
  • Joie i-Snug.
  • Joie i-Level.

It’s unfortunate that it’s only four of these, but some of these are some of the best in the market. They are suitable from birth up to at least 12 months.

Compatible with bases and can be used without bases as well. Three are i- size car seats meaning they have a new safety compliant which is the R129 regulation.

They are rear-facing car seats and compact with soft fabrics to protect your baby.

Which One is Better?

All of the I-size car seats are better than the Joie Gemm car seat which has the older regulation but it is still good and cheaper.

I did a comparison between the Joie i-Snug and Gemm alongside the I-Gemm you can view it to see why the I-Snug is better.

When it comes to the i-Gemm 2 and i-Level I have not done any reviews or comparisons between these two, but after doing my research they are both good and almost like the i-Snug.

What differs between these three most are the colours. Some have more and it’s different. The size of the seat, the softness of the fabrics and how the handle carrier is designed it’s all the same.

You will need to read a more detailed description to know which one best suits you.


Although these car seats are few, they are still have high quality and will stay with the family for years.

If you have not bought the Versatrax already I highly recommend buying a bundle or a travel system because it’s cheaper that way.

You can find travel systems or bundles which include each of these car seat, except the Joie Gemm because its a bit old. Buy the Versatrax bundle with the i-Snug car seat. More options are available on Kiddies-kingdom.

You don’t always have to buy a travel system or bundle, doing it will help you a lot. View my Joie Versatrax review if you want to know more about the stroller.

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