What Capsules are Compatible with Cybex Priam?

Do you own or want to buy a Cybex Priam stroller and wondering over the car seat? Whether it’s the Priam3, e-Priam or Priam4 it’s important to find out which car seats these three stroller models are compatible with.

These strollers are all compatible with the same car seats so you don’t need to choose between them when considering the car seats.

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So, the Capsules that are compatible with the Priam are, i.e car seats:

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What Capsules are Compatible with Cybex Priam?

The Priam models are perfectly compatible with Cybex car seats and these are:

So you can attach these car seats to the stroller by using adapters and the adapters most of the time come with the stroller. You can also buy separate adapters online if these get lost, damaged, etc.

These are some of the best car seats on the market. Cloud Q rivals many trendy car seats. It’s compatible from birth up to 15kg and also offers a reclining option.

Very similar to it is the Aton Q which has almost all of its features. Aton and Aton 2 are a bit older but these are still good. Aton M came out a few years ago, so it still has the features that are most important in car seats.

When it comes to Cybex car seats they always offer platinum and aluminium materials with their newer car seats. These come in different colours that would suit your lifestyle.

PS. Cloud Q and Q plus have sensor safe, which keeps your baby more secure in the car seat.

  • Clek Liing.

This car seat is also compatible with the Priam strollers. You as well need an adapter to be able to use it. This car seat looks more like most infant car seats and it’s a bit tinier and lighter than the Cybex car seats.

Capsules That are Maybe Compatible with Cybex Priam.

Nuna and Maxi Cosi are known to have a similar design to Cybex and these three brands are some of the famous car seat distributors.

For the Priam3 and e-Priam it’s a bit difficult to attach and detach car seats from these brands so it’s not recommended. For the Priam4 it does not seem to be the case.

However, it being difficult does not mean impossible. So yes you can use car seats from these brands which gives you more options to choose from.

Although I would still advise you to go for the other brands above because it’s easier for you. Some of these car seats that can be suitable for your stroller are these:

Maxi Cosi:

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Remember to do research and contact the manufacturers to be sure, because all of these car seats might not be compatible with the Priam strollers.

I did reviews on some of these and you can click the links to view them.

If you want to buy one of these visit Kiddies Kingdom for Nuna car seats.


There are some car seats to choose from and as I mentioned above these are some of the best in the market. However, buying a car seat separate from the stroller is not what I would recommend.

Buying a travel system is much cheaper and better in so many ways. Although you can still buy the car seat separate because everyone differs.

I went with buying a travel system and I still have it and have been using it for both of my kids.

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