What Angle Should a Newborn Car Seat be at?

Figuring out what angle a car seat should be is not in everyone’s expertise so it can be difficult for many parents. When you buy a car seat whether it’s an infant car seat or convertible car seat it does not always come in the way that suits your baby.

In this article, I will try to help you solve the problem through research and personal experience.

What Angle Should a Newborn Car Seat be at?

If you newborn or small baby is positioned in a bad way that can affect their head and neck development. It will also make it difficult for your baby to breathe.

This will cause further damage to your baby so it’s important to make sure your little one is comfortable and well seated. Some of the things you can do are this:

Car Seat Suitability.

As you know newborns come in many sizes. Some are born prematurely at around 1kg or others at 2.5kg and others above 3kg. So not all car seats are designed for every newborn.

Some car seats a more suited for tiny babies than others. This means you need to read the instructions and know if the car seat you are buying or have bought is the right size.

Buying the right size will ensure it perfectly fits your baby. This means your little one will be able to seat comfortably. Will they be able to stretch their legs, arms, etc?

As they grow up as well. If not then when seated your baby won’t be at the right angle that will suit them.

Find more about this here.

Car Seat Angles.

According to the experts, you should not have the car seat in an upright position with it rotating more than 70 degrees and at a 45-degree angle, it is what some babies need to help with their head and neck.

It’s not advisable to go more than 45 degrees and this is from a vertical angle. To keep their head and neck in a good position these angles are good.

Of course, every car seat differs so the recommendation angles will also differ. There is always an instruction manual on the car seat so it’s important to read and find out what the manufacturers recommend.

Car Seat Harness and Inserts.

Did you know that the car seat parts can help give your newborn car seat a good angle? For newborns having inserts behind their neck and head is not really helpful.

In fact, it can make things worse. Although these parts can be good for warmth and provide protection during a crash, they are not good when it comes to his matter.

Letting the harness loose is not good as well. Remove any extra insert and fasten the harness to keep your baby safe.

The insert and headrest can make that your baby’s chin is on their chest which is not advisable. As I mentioned above this can make it difficult for them to breathe.

Not all inserts are bad, some can be adjusted to fit your baby’s size. Read on how to do that before removing it. As stated earlier these soft inserts can help at times.

Bases and Noodles/Rolled Towels.

Bases can also help place your car seat at a good angle, or at least keep it firm so it won’t move. Many bases come with indicators to help you adjust the car sear in a good way.

If the car seat is not placed in a good position the indicator will turn red. Which is a good way of finding out if the whole car seat is positioned right.

So-called noodles or rolled towels can be placed underneath the near end of your baby’s car seat and on top of the seat. It’s where your little one’s legs are.

This is to create a balance so that your car seat is not too bent forward which again, has risks.

Not all brands recommend you to do this on their car seats. These are Chicco, Clek and Donio. Check with the brand you have if they are not these.

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Has this article been helpful for the question you had? It’s important to keep your little one safe so they can develop their head and neck and also be able to stretch.

Keeping the car seat at the right angle will ensure just that. Test these different methods and see which suits you better.

Ps. your car can also be a factor. Certain cars are not compatible with all car seats. Check that out as well.

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