Uppababy Cruz V2 vs Bugaboo Fox 2.

There are a lot of big brands out there, and I think you pretty much have heard of these two and want to know what all the fuss about?

There are soo many to choose from and they sure are expensive. So, you got the money and everything is ready, but which one will it be? The title Uppababy vs Bugaboo is heard of by many.

For this article, I decided to go with the Uppababy Cruz V2 and Bugaboo Fox 2. Compare them in detail and see what they got. I already did a full review on both.

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Uppababy vs Bugaboo: About the Cruz V2.

£679.00-£700.00, Kiddies-kingdom.  

Product dimensions: Unfolded dimensions: 95.3 L × 57.8 W × 101.6 H cm. Folded dimensions: 41.9 L × 57.8 W × 83.8 H cm. Folded chassis: 30.5 L × 57.8 W × 76.2 H cm. (Weight: 11.6kg).

So, the Cruz V2 is suitable from birth and has a lie-flat position. It’s up to 22kg which is 4 years depending on your little one.

A leather bumper bar and harness. The harness can be adjusted. Stands when folded and offers a slightly compact fold. Other reclining options are available.

Seat unit suitable from 6 months, and an additional upgrade from the older version is the higher back seat, and reclining footrest. Forward and rear-facing seat unit.

UPF50+ Canopy which height adjustable. A no thread harness is included.  Large basket with up to 13.6kg of storage capacity. Bigger wheels and all suspension wheels.

Suitable with a carrycot up to 6 months, the mesa infant car seat is also available without adapters. You can also use Maxi Cosi and BeSafe car seats with adapters.

A piggyback ride buggy board for toddlers are available as an accessory.

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Uppbaby vs Bugaboo: About the Bugaboo Fox 2.

£995.00, Boots. (Included with a Carrycot).

Product dimensions: Unfolded dimensions: H115cm × W60cm × D104cm. Folded dimensions: H90cm × W60cm × D47cm. (Weight: 10.2kg)

Suitable from 6 months old up to 22kg which is around 4 to 5 years depending on your child. Useable from birth with the carrycot.

The convertible carrycot has a soft mattress, apron and two back pockets. Also, travel system convertible with a car seat. A forward and rear-facing seat with 3 reclining positions.

The seat is high as well to give a better view. 5 point harness system, a large canopy with zip-open panels and it all has a peek a boo window.

Leather made bars and the handle is adjustable. Washable fabrics as well to make it long-lasting. Basket capacity of 10kg and it’s enough to fit many things.

Big 4 wheels that be switch to 2 modes. Called beach mode because they are capable to be used on any terrain even sand. Removable wheels as well.

Swivel wheels, all suspension wheels and flip flop brakes which is easier for some parents. Folded in two ways. With the seat which stands on its own.

Only chassis which offers a more compact fold. Auto locks when folded.

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The Difference Between the Uppababy Cruz V2 and Bugaboo Fox 2.

1. Design and Style.

When it comes to design both of these two offer top quality, but they are both built differently of course. The Uppababy Cruz has a higher back seat with deep leg rest.

It’s to make your toddler sleep better and be able to nap in a comfortable environment. It’s available in colours such as two sets of grey, deep black, green, pink, white and cream.

It has leather made bars just like the Bugaboo Fox 2 but with the black option, the leathers are black. Giving you an only black option.

The stroller’s higher built which makes it higher when it’s standing next to the latter. Both are upgrades from previous versions, so their designs are more sleek and modern.

Though the Fox 2 has a longer seat or chassis as well when in an open dimension, as seen above. It offers a bigger size when folded as well.

When it comes to the Bugaboo Fox 2 design it looks luxurious with its variety of colours. Both the frame, canopy and fabrics offer a variety of colours.

You can use and match it up. It’s in blue, black, red, cream, etc. Bugaboo Fox 2 stands a bit shorter when standing next to the former and it as well has leather bars.

It has a flip flop brake with sleek chassis. However, the Fox offers 3 reclining options while the Cruz V2 has 5 reclining options.

Giving your baby or toddler more seating options. Both offer big and nicely designed hoods that match the set. Uppababy Cruz V2 has a UPF50+ hood that’s height adjustable.

Giving more room to your baby. Very good for tall children. On the other hand, Bugaboo Fox 2 has a zip-out sunshade with peek a boo window and mesh panels.

2. Wheels and Tyres.

When it comes to the wheels and tyres they differ here as well. Bugaboo Fox 2 offers swivel lockable front wheels and has all suspension wheels.

It also has rubber covered tyres. Fox 2 has 4 big wheels which can twice to 2 modes when using on rough terrains. It’s also removable to allow a compact fold.

This differs from Uppababy Cruz which only offers all suspension wheels and a more compact fold when folded with the seat unit, than the former.

3. Basket Capacity.

When comparing strollers, the basket capacity is always included to see which offers more and better storage. As seen above Uppababy Cruz V2 has a basket capacity of 13.6kg which is more than the formers 10kg.

The basket also looks very big. You can fit in many items and your babies essential things. Both baskets are reachable no matter if the seats are forward or rear-facing.

4. Weight Difference.

Uppababy Cruz V2 weighs around 1kg more than the former which is not much of a difference but it’s still there. Both are no doubt heavy, so the less heavy the better.

The weight of the Bugaboo Fox 2 is without the carrycot of course and only with the pushchair. It can also weigh less if you remove the two front wheels when using on rough terrains.

5. Carrycot and Car Seat.

Bugaboo offers a bigger and bulkier cot and as you have read above the cot, it’s convertible. Meaning you can transfer it into a seat and verse versa.

It’s excellent for overnight sleep and also comes with extra features. Two back pockets to store in essentials. Uppababy offers a slightly smaller cot which also matches the colours.

Its cot is separate from the seat unit. Uppababy Cruz V2 is compatible with the Mesa Infant car seat and with adapters you can use Maxi Cosi and BeSafe car seats.

Bugaboo Fox 2 also has compatibilities such as the Bugaboo Turtle, Turtle from Nuna, Chicco keyfit and keyfit 35, Cybex Aton and Q car seat series, Maxi car seats( not all) and Nuna Pipa Car Seat series.

With the available car seat, you can transform both these into a travel system to be used from birth.

6. Additional Accessories.

Uppababy Cruz V2 offers additional accessories which will make the journey easier. You have a newborn inserter, Rain cover, bug shield, carrycot stand, mattress protector, extended adapters for Maxi Cosi and normal adapters.

You also have changing bag, travel bag, basket cover, a piece of leather bumper bar, snack tray, reversible and normal seat liner, cup holder, carrycot travel bag, footmuff, parent organiser and rain cover for the carrycot.

When it comes to the Bugaboo Fox 2 you have a rain cover for the seat, adapters, changing bag, blanket, snack tray, parasol, footmuff, seat liner and parent organiser.

These are all the available accessories that will make the journey better, and they are available to buy separately.  As you can see they differ in it as well.



Which One Is Better?

Why the Uppababy Cruz V2 Can Be Better.

Without repeating myself the Cruz V2 has many features families all over the world would love to have. Let’s first start with the price.

The single pushchair/stroller is cheaper which makes the travel system as well. It offers a more roomy seat and has an adjustable legrest.

13.6kg basket capacity which gives you the ability to pack as many things as you need. Buying groceries will be fun. You have a seat that reclines more.

Your toddler will be well seated. It’s suitable with the famous Mesa car seat which is one of the best out there and has many additional features you can match with.

Depending on where you live these accessories can help a lot. It also offers more colours than the former and the colours are only limited to the canopy.

It’s more sleem as well.

Why the Bugaboo Fox 2 Can Be Better.

Let first that with the weight which is less and will make things easier for some parents. The wheels and tyres stand out as well. You have 4 modes and 2 mode wheels system.

This one offers better usage on tougher grounds and will make visiting the beach a whole lot easier. When narrowing through the city Bugaboo Fox 2 has a better experience.

It offers this with swivel lockable wheels. You also have a cot that’s used for overnight sleep, it’s deeper, and has extra features which give the baby more comfort.

It’s also more suitable with other car seats and this gives you the option to choose from anyone you like. These car seats are also from high-quality brands.

It offers two sets of fold instead of one. When folded without the seat it has a more compact fold, and even more when the wheels are removed.

A convertible carrycot can save you some space (I have a convertible cot).

Which One Wins?

The answer to that question is not easy to answer. What makes us buy a stroller?  For many, the price and weight is a huge deciding factor.

If we are only comparing the features and design which I always do with my comparisons, the Bugaboo Fox 2 tilts more on the winning side.

All of the explanations are above and the only major issue it has is the price. Its wheels and tyres, car seat compatibility and some additional features make it better.

The weight as well.

Uppababy Cruz V2 Has its Fans.

You read it that right. Uppababy Cruz V2 just like the Vista V2 has many fans across the world. Uppababy Cruz V2 is very known by many parents.

It offers a much better seat unit and has much better storage than the former. It’s also way cheaper and almost offers the same features.

Certain features are also better than the former which makes it better in many parents eyes. So, when choosing a winner it depends entirely upon who is using it.

Potential Cons.

Both are expensive, heavy for single strollers and are not double stroller convertible. They also lack certain features such as Cruz V2 don’t have higher seat.

The cot is simple, etc. When it comes to the Bugaboo Fox 2 the lack of features the Cruz V2 offers are cons. You will have other single strollers that offer almost the same, but are always cheaper.

The brand fame makes them more expensive. Which are major cons themselves.

So, What is it Going to Be?

Have you made up your mind yet, after reading through me explaining about these two amazing strollers? It’s not easy to make your mind because both offer many things.

For some, it does require thinking over and contemplating. Remember to always look at your lifestyle and not at others. Just because some are buying the Bugaboo Fox 2 doesn’t mean you have to, or vice versa.

Choose the one you think will suit the family the most. Any additional thoughts? Let me know.



2 thoughts on “Uppababy Cruz V2 vs Bugaboo Fox 2.”

  1. I would definitely chose the Bugaboo Fox 2. i have had 2 small children myself and this one is very handy because you can take the upper part off and carry or strap it in the car. Although it is bigger when folded I think this one is more versatile and better suited for a baby. I also liked the Zip out sun shade. Big wheels is definitely an advantage in wintertime. The bugaboo Fox 2 wins.

    • Hi Hilde. The Bugaboo Fox 2 is a fan favourite, and I myself would go for it. The price is the only issue other than its perfect. 

      Uppbaby Cruz 2 it’s cheaper, which can make many buy it. Both are good it’s just depend on the lifestyle and budget of course.

      Thanks reading, and please share with family and friends. 


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