Uppababy Vista V2 vs Cruz V2.

Have your mind settled on Uppababy and you are wondering which one of their famous strollers should you buy? It’s either the Uppababy Vista or the Cruz.

Because both of these has had an update you have to settle for either the Vista V2 or the Cruz V2.

As the title: Uppababy Vista vs Cruz suggest in this article you will learn in detail about these strollers, and which of them can be better for you.

I will try and analyse every aspect of their design to compare them, so you can see their value.

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About the Uppababy Vista V2.


Suitable from birth with its carrycot (This is included in the purchase) and the seat unit is used after 3 months up to 22kg which is an upgrade of the older version.

Can also be used with an infant snugride from birth.

The Vista V2 is called a single to double tandem stroller because it accommodates your growing family. With many configurations with the double stroller.

It has a forward and rear-facing seat, an adjustable seat with one hand and the canopy is big and is adjusted to suit taller toddlers.

With a UPF50+ that protects from the sun and is water-resistant and an extended sun visor. Bars are made with leather with an adjustable handlebar. The bumper is removable.

All suspension wheels both front and rear. The fabrics are removable and washable which makes them last longer.

A larger basket than usual and it’s reachable both from the front and back. You also have a one-hand fold that has a click mechanism.

Can be folded with or without the seat and it’s freestanding. Combines magnesium and aluminium to give a lighter weight. Also included are bug and rain shields to keep up with the environment.

The carrycot has ventilation panels, it’s useable up to 9kg and good for overnight sleeping. Excellent mattress and fabrics and with a bar that’s also made of leather.

The carrycot does not require adapters to use it.

It’s travel system convertible with the Mesa Infant Car Seat.

Open dimensions are, 91.4 L × 65.3 W × 100.3 H cm. Folded dimensions with the seat: 44 L × 65.3 W × 84.5 H cm. Folded dimensions without seat: 33 L × 65.3 W × 81.3 H cm. Weight: 12.3kg included with the seat.

About the Uppababy Cruz V2.

Also suitable from birth either with an infant snugtide from Uppababy which gives head support, buying a separate carrycot or also with the Mesa Infant Car Seat.

Seat unit suitable from 6 months up to 22kg.

Forward and rear-facing seat unit, multiple positions on the seat with one hand, UPF50+ extendable canopy (zip-out) with sun visor and it comes with multiple colours.

Height-adjustable canopy as well. Extra-large basket, leather made bars. So-called telescopic handlebar and removable bumper bar.

Offers all suspension wheels both front and rear. Offers one had folded and has a click mechanism when folded. Stands on its own as well.

Can be folded with and without the seat unit. Removable fabrics and also washable. Has the same carrycot as the Vista with the exception of one thing.

Comes with rain cover and insect net. Open dimensions: 95.3 cm (L) x 57.8 cm (W) x 101.6 cm (H). Folded dimensions: 41.9 cm (L) x 57.8 cm (W) x 83.8 cm (H). Weight: 11.6kg.

Similarities Between the Vista V2 and Cruz V2.

Colours and Patterns.

When looking at the Vista V2 and the Cruz V2 they look identical coming from the same brand. They offer the same colours and these are:

  • Gregory Blue Melange
  • Jordan Charcoal Melange
  • Emmett Green Melange
  • Jake Black
  • Bryce White Marl
  • Finn Deep Sea
  • Alice Dusty Pink
  • Sierra Dune Knit.
  • Hazel Olive Green

So you do have many colours to choose from when it comes to these two. Whichever you use you won’t miss the amazing colours.

Leather Made Bars.

Both the Vista V2 and the Cruz V2 offer leather made bars. Both also have telescopic handlebars as it’s called. This is good because it accommodates any parent.

Whether you are short or tall you can easily push the strollers. The bumper bars are also removable.

This allows you to easily remove your child from the seat or place them there.

Compatible with the Same Car Seats.

With adapters, you are able to use the Mesa Infant Car Seat on both of the strollers.

Also, car seats from other brands and this also accommodate any family who will like to use other brands.

The Seat Unit and Canopy.

When looking at the design it’s the same on both. Both offer forward and rear faxing seats, which have multiple recline options with just one hand.

Both have a similiar size on the seat and it’s suitable up to 22kg which is around 4 years of age. Your toddler by this time will be tired of the seat.

Both offer 5 point harness system with chest pads. When looking at the canopy is the same as well. The hood’s the same size, offers the same pattern both inside and outside.

They both share a height-adjustable canopy. Both are UPF50+ canopies with weather protection and both have sun visors and are extendable.

Wheels and Folded mechanism.

As seen above both offer all suspension wheels and shock absorbing wheels to make the ride smoother. This allows the strollers to be pushed on different terrains.

When it comes to the folding part is the same thing as well. Folded with one hand and with a click mechanism. Stands when folded as well.

Design of Frame.

The frame of both of these is the same. Both offer one stroller with a black frame and this cost more than others because it takes more to make.

Both also combined the magnesium and the aluminium frame for a lighter weight.

Offers the Same Accessories.

Besides does mentioned already. These are:

  • Handlebar leather cover.
  • Handlebar cover.
  • Bumper bar cover.
  • Rain shield for carrycot.
  • Travel bag for carrycot.
  • Two seats of carrycot stand.
  • Adapters for car seats.
  • Snack tray.
  • Cupholder.
  • Reversible seat liner.
  • All parent organiser.
  • Changin bag.
  • Basket cover.
  • Travel bag.
  • Carrycot mattress cover.
  • Stroller board.

Because the Vista it’s double convertible it comes with additional accessories.



Differences Between the Vista V2 and Cruz V2.

So, I did cover the similarities in some features, but these same features also differ and I will cover it down below so it’s a little bit off repetition when it comes to the parts.


So when we look at the single strollers both the Uppababy Vista V2 and Cruz V2 have the same configurations. Forward and rear-facing.

What makes the Vista V2 differ soo much is because it can convert into a double stroller. Making it a single to double stroller.

This allows the Vista V2 to accommodate a growing family. Many parents nowadays are looking for these kinds of strollers which are smarter to buy (my opinion).

With the option for double, the Vista can have more configurations which makes it ahead of the Cruz. It has 12+ configurations excluding the single mode.

You have the option to buy an extra seat for your toddler, but this seat is not the same as the other. This also makes it not suitable for twins.

You can have two carrycots, two car seats and the combination of these three which faces forward and rear.

So, these make the Vista differ very much from the Cruz although both of these offer the same style and design.

Weight and Dimensions.

The Vista V2 weighs 12.3kg as seen above and this is quite heavy. Uppababy Cruz V2 is also tilting on the heavy side at 11.6kg making both of them heavy.

However, as you can clearly see the Cruz offers a lighter weight. Winning on this point and we all love lighter buggies indeed.

Although not much of a difference it will matter if you have to carry it down or upstairs and also when out with family and friends.

The Vista V2 offers an open dimension of 91.4 L × 65.3 W × 100.3 H cm and the Cruz V2 95.3 cm (L) x 57.8 cm (W) x 101.6 cm (H).

As you can see there’s a slight difference. The Cruz has a higher height, with its more narrowed width and it’s 1cm taller (which is not noticeable).

So it’s a bit bigger but slimmer. Making the Vista wider but shorter. This also means it’s better for bigger children when it comes wide.

The Folded dimensions with the seat on its 41.9 cm (L) x 57.8 cm (W) x 83.8 cm (H) for the Cruz and 44 L × 65.3 W × 84.5 H cm.

Another difference here as well. When folded the Vista is taller in height, wider and also the length is more. This only means that the Cruz V2 folds more compact than the former.

Making it a big pro for those who have tiny spaces and those who use public transport a lot. Another unnoticed feature.

Wheels and Basket.

Although they both offer the same on the wheels the Vista V2  has bigger wheels, and this wins it will offer a better ride.

When using it on terrains it gives better manoeuvrability and a  more sleek ride. This does have an effect on those who love going a lot.

Both have very large baskets which differ from many standard strollers and they are noticeable with it. However, they differ here as well.

The Uppababy Cruz V2 has a much bigger and accessible basket. It can take up to 12kg of weight while the Vista can carry 5kg.

It makes it more suitable to carry essentials like a changing bag, etc. Although both baskets can be reached both from the front and back.

Handlebar Differs As Well.

You won’t notice this until someone tells you about it or you buy the strollers. Both offer adjustable bars but the Vista V2 wins when it comes to the bar.

It has a maximum of 112cm in height. The other one has a maximum of 109cm. Although not that much it’s still an extra for those taller parents.

Having a telescopic handlebar that suits your height makes the pushing easier. So, it’s not only about the wheels.


Now the carrycot also differs. When you buy the Vista it comes with a carrycot so won’t need to buy something else. The Cruz however does not always come with a carrycot.

Although compatible you will need to buy it separately at times. The Vistas canopy is also suitable for overnight sleeping which the other carrycot is not.

Price Difference.

Their prices differ as well. Uppababy Cruz is cheaper around £250 less this is because it does not come with the canopy. It’s still cheaper with it.

Although the price difference is not that much. Depending on the colour or the frame you choose the prices also differ. Both for the Vista and Cruz.

Of course, with the double mode, the Vista is more expensive if you add an extra accessory. Overall it’s more expensive but not much with the single.

Seat Unit Suitability.

One minor difference is also that the Vista V2 has a seat that’s suitable from 3 months while the Cruz V2 offers a seat from 3 months and although it’s not major it’s still impactful.

Some might want to use the seat from 3 months.

Which One is Better?

There’s no doubt that both these are some of the best strollers out there. These are always compared with Bugaboo, Nuna, etc.

Which makes it kind of hard to choose as well. However, if you have to choose then the Vista V2 is the one. It not only accommodate families with two kids but even more.

It’s better because of the single to double stroller. The handlebar has a higher height, carrycot offers overnight sleeping, more accessories as well even with a single stroller.

It has larger wheels to give a better ride on many terrains, accommodate bigger toddlers (not in height) and it’s more popular. (Some might like this).

When looking at the single strollers both take the same spot, although depending on my lifestyle I would go with the Cruz.

The Cruz does accommodate two children with the stroller board, and can easily be picked bit it’s not a convertible stroller making it fall back.

Yes, the Uppababy Vista V2 is the Winner.


Uppababy Vista V2.

  • More expensive.
  • Wider which means the fold it’s not as compact and it also means getting through narrow streets will be harder with the Vista
  • Heavier than the former.
  • Smaller basket, although still big

Uppababy Cruz V2.

  • The handlebar is less in height.
  • Less big wheels.
  • Only accommodate maximum of two kids.
  • Seat unit only suitable from 6 months.
  • Carrycot is not good for overnight sleeping.
  • Need to buy essential accessories separately.
  • Does not offer many configurations.


Wow! After reading through all of that it can be too much to take in. Looks do deceive as many people have said before. Even, when it comes to products.

Looking at these two you might think they don’t differ that much but when analysing them you begin to see the differences.

Both the Vista and the Cruz are two great strollers and both will make things easy for the family. They also have top quality fabrics and materials which means they will stay with you for a while.

Uppababy Vista vs Cruz, which one is it for you? Do let me know in the comment section. I would love to know your answers.

All the best,


Video demonstration of the Vista V2:

Video demonstration of Cruz V2:



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  1. I love that the Uppababy Vista V2 comes with built-in sun protection and that it’s waterproof. Can’t tell you how many times it would start to drizzle before I got back from walks with my kids. Another great feature is that you can actually remove the fabrics if they get dirty and wash them. The rest of the stroller is super easy to wipe down with a soapy rag.


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