Uppababy Minu vs Bugaboo Ant.

Another comparison between these two top leading brands. For this article, like the title suggests I will be comparing the Uppbaby Minu and the Bugaboo Ant.

Two lightweight buggies that are used for travelling and also for everyday journeys. I will compare the similarities and differences and point out the cons of both these two shares.

I will first do a quick review on both, so you can see their main features.

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About the Uppababy Minu.

The Minu buggy is suitable from 6 months with the seat unit up to 15kg. You can use a birth kit and a car seat if you want to use it from birth.

Comes with multiple reclining positions and a one-hand fold mechanism. It also stands when folded perfect for travelling abroad or using public transport.

It has shock-absorbing tyres, all suspension wheels and swivel lockable wheels. This makes it break the norm which most umbrella strollers are famous for.

With a sizeable seat and a 5 point harness system. An extended UP50+ canopy with panels. The basket underneath is big enough for many items.

Durable aluminium frame and like all top quality Uppababy strollers its fabrics are amazing. The bars are of leather. Perfect for the city and your day to day journeys.

About the Bugaboo Ant.

Bugaboo Ant is known for its incredibly compact size to fit in aeroplanes cabinets. You can also pull it like a trolley when folded down making it easy for the pushing.

Suitable from birth according to manufacturers, but you can also use a car seat if you don’t trust using the seat unit. It’s up 22kg.

You have 5 adjustable backrests giving many positions and a 5 point harness system. The Ant has a UP50+ canopy with ventilation.

An adjustable handlebar with two positions. It also provides suspension wheels and swivel wheels to make pushing easier.

The underneath basket is also big and suitable for many. Like all Bugaboo buggies, this has a durable chassis and well-designed fabrics to keep the stroller long-lasting.

Similarities Between the Uppababy Minu and Bugaboo Ant.

Minu and Ant Seat Unit and Canopy.

Both seats don’t have bumper bars and they both offer more than 2 positions which with most umbrella strollers is not the case.

You also have both of them offering a 5 point harness system with chest pads and these are a little bit thinner than usual harnesses.

When it comes to the canopy both are UPF0+ and offer protection against the sun’s UV, minor rain and the wind. These strollers offer ventilation panels.

Making it easier for your baby to breathe during summer days.

Minu and Ant Frame/Chassis.

Their handlebars are leather made making them easy to grab and push. This also adds to the style and luxurious look.

The maximum height they share on the handlebar is between 102cm for the Ant and 104cm for the Minu which is good for tall parents and the average human height. Both frames offer compact folds and are easy to carry.

They both offer all suspension wheels and swivel wheels to make it easier to push and handle the city’s many terrains. Both baskets are reachable and offer a large space.

Minu and Ant fold in one piece without any struggle and they can fit in your boot without a hassle.

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Differences Between the Uppababy Minu and Bugaboo Ant.

The Differences with the Minu and Ant Seat Unit and Canopy.

Uppababy Minu offers 3 positions and that does not really offer a completely lie-flat mode, and with the Ant, it’s 5 positions and this one offers just that.

This makes it more suitable for newborns, and therefore advertised as being suitable from birth. With the Ant, your child has more positions to feel comfortable.

Its also suitable for up to 22kg which is around 4 years, and the former is up 3 years. 15kg is the average weight for most 3-year-olds.

Bugaboo Ant has an adjustable footrest to keep your child comfortable and the Minu does not offer this. The seat also faces both forward and rear.

With the Minu, it’s only forward-facing. Bugaboo Ant also offers a more ergonomic seat unit which according to many gives more comfort.

Uppababy Minu has a pocket behind the seat for personal use.

Looking at the canopy, the only difference is the peek a boo window and sun visor the Uppababy Minu offers. Because it only offers a forward-facing mode the window is very helpful.

Its canopy seems to be deeper and covers all sides well. For the Ant, you can remove the canopy and only have the seat.

The Differences with the Minu and Ant Frame/Chassis.

The designs don’t look similar of course. Bugaboo Ant is a little unique compared to the average umbrella stroller. It also has a higher frame than the Minu.

Unlike Minu, the Ant has an adjustable handlebar. It’s from 94cm up to 102cm and that’s two. Making it more suitable for short parents.

Minu can be folded with just one hand and has a bigger basket which can carry up to 9kg of weight, compared to the Ant which is 8kg. (1kg does make a difference for many).

You can push the Ant like a trolley after being folded, but with the Minu, you can carry it with the integrated straps. Some parents prefer both and others one more than the other.

Minu and Ant Weight and Dimensions.

Uppababy Minu weighs less at 6.7kg and the former at 7.2kg. Although both are lightweight the Minu is much easier to carry around.

When looking at the folded dimensions Minu dimensions are 58.4 cm x 52 cm x 29.2 cm and the Ant dimensions are 55 x 38 x 23 cm.

This makes the Ant very compact, and for this size, you can fit it in an aeroplanes cabinet. You of course need to check with the airline first.

Looking at the open dimensions for the Ant is H92-102cm × W40.8cm × L97cm., and for the Minu is 104 cm x 52 cm x 71 cm.

Uppababy Minu offers a wider seat unit which is good and it has less length and the frame itself is a bit higher.

Minu 3in1 vs Ant 2in1.

What makes the Uppababy Minu good is that it offers a 3in1 travel system. It’s compatible with a cot or also called a birth kit. Many parents prefer their babies to use this for up to 6 months.

Bugaboo Ant doesn’t offer this and only has the car seat. For this reason, many would prefer the Minu.

Minu and Ant Price Colours and Price.

Minu offers these colours Jake, Jordan, Devin and Ryan. (Most popular is Ryan with a turquoise colour). The Ant offers these colours Grey Melange, Black, Steel Blue, Neon Red and pink melange.

The Ant offers more colours. Looking at the price, the Uppababy Minu cost around £450 depending on where you buy it. For the Ant, it’s around £415.

Making the Ant much cheaper than the Minu on average.

Minu and Ant Car Seat Compatibility.

These are the car seats that are compatible with the Uppababy Minu:

These car seats are compatible with the Bugaboo Ant:

Ant is compatible with the Cloud Q and all of the Maxi Cosi car seat series which makes it suitable with more car seats. Although not that much.

Which One is Better?

It’s hard to choose, but the Ant does look better if you compare the features it offers vs the features Minu offers. However, Bugaboo Ant is more like a travel stroller, than a day to day stroller.

Its biggest con is the lack of a carrycot. For the Uppababy Minu, you can attach a cot, plus the bigger seat unit and more space makes the Minu more suitable for daily activities.

It also offers lockable wheels which makes it easier to help it steady. The peek a boo window is also good to have with daily activities.

The Ant is super good for travellers with its umbrella compact fold and other easy features it offers. Minu offers you to use the stroller for a longer period in the day.

It is advised not to use the car seat for a long period for babies. To conclude, the Bugaboo Ant seem to be better in general but not the best option for daily activities.

Uppababy Minu can offer the best experience. So, it’s up to your lifestyle. If you constantly travel with your little one then the Ant is better.


Two very expensive single buggies. Although it can be because of the brand name, many still think it’s not worth it. Some however differ.

Yes, the price is a big con. Both are single buggies and don’t have all-terrain wheels. Although the wheels are good, some bumpy rides can occur with these tyres.

The Ant is not compatible with a cot and that’s a big con as well. Although they are lightweight and durable for being umbrella strollers, they still lack the durability to withstand some weather’s and terrains.


Are you still wondering which one to choose? Well, why not visit your local shops and test drive both. If that’s not possible then see what other mums who have used the buggies said.

YouTube is a great site, to begin with. Another piece of advice I give is to look at what matches your lifestyle. Which of these will best suit you and your baby?

These are the best lightweight buggies out there alongside the Babyzen YoYo. Top-quality materials, fabrics, features and design.

You will certainly enjoy your adventures, but it only depends on your style of life.

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