Uppababy Minu Review.

Is your mind settled on Uppababy as a brand? Well, if yes and you are looking for a light buggy then the Uppababy Minu is perfect for you.

In this article, I will review the detailed pros and point out the cons, so you know why it can be perfect for you.

I will also compare it to another light buggy that’s famous to see its value in the market.

Without any further due let me begin. The main link provides information about the other accessories as well.

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  • Seat unit suitable from 6 months up to 15kg.
  • Birth kit and Car seat compatible.
  • Leather made handlebar.
  • Adjustable seat (napping, playing and an upright position).
  • One-hand compact fold frame/chassis. (Stands when folded).
  • Shock-absorbing wheels.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • Swivel lockable front wheels.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Large seat unit with adjustable straps.
  • Extendable canopy with UVP50+ and ventilation panels.
  • Straps to carry
  • Medium size basket ( can carry up to 9kg).
  • Brakes (red and green).
  • Luxury and high-class fabrics and fabrics. ( Aluminium frame).

Uppababy Minu Review: Stroller.

Product: Uppababy Minu.

Price: 331.93€.

Size of the Product: Open dimensions: 104 cm x 52 cm x 71 cm. Folded dimensions: 58.4 cm x 52 cm x 29.2 cm (Weight: 6.7kg).

Handle height: 104cm.

Delivery: Multiple Places (to the UK as well).

My Rating: 9/10.

Starting with the seat you have a spacious place where you can place them. It’s suitable from 6 months as you can see above.

From 6 months up to 15kg which is around 3 years of age, depending on your toddler it can be more as well.

Reading from a parent who said that the seat is indeed spacious and provides multiple reclining positions.

It’s there to provide your little bundle of joy a near flat position for naps, a play position and an upright position for them to seat comfortably.

Although it does not accommodate your newborn, it will give your baby and toddler a place to relax.

The adjustable positions can be done with two hands by adjusting the straps behind the seat.

Moving away from those features you have the 5 point harness system. It has shoulder pads to keep your toddler comfortable and these are adjustable as well.

Uppababy Minu seat is also said to be suitable for larger toddlers so your child will have space to sleep there and be free.

The position of the seat, the closeness and the lightweight makes it easy to for you to interact with them.

Uppababy provides a pocket behind the seat, which is good to store your phone or wallet.

Even your babies wipes and clots. Anything you need near you.


Said to provide a cocoon-like canopy that’s large and will keep the child protected from the suns UV.

Behind and top of the canopy you have a peek a boo window to keep an eye on your sleeping baby or toddler.

The window has a closing patch that is magnetic. This prevents it from making noise, so you won’t risk waking your little one up.

Minu also comes with a UVP50+ canopy which means it will provide extra protection from the sun, and it also comes with ventilation panels.

These will allow airflow during the summer so your child can breathe better. Very important for small children.

The colour of the canopy is like the seat so you have a one colour stroller. Available colours are such: Jake, Jordan, Devin and Ryan. (Most popular is Ryan with a turquoise colour).


A classy and luxurious 100% made leather made handle is designed with the Uppababy Minu. Has been reported to feel good to grip and push.

It makes the stroller feel and look quality. With the height of around 104cm, which is quite tall and also has been reported to be perfect for tall parents.

Also, easy for the average human height to push.

The whole frame is easy to push around and carry thanks to its lightweight. Around 6.7kg makes it one of the lightest strollers and this includes the seat unit with the canopy.

This also makes the Minu ideal for public transport and when travelling abroad. A mum from madeformums has tested the stroller and said it’s easy to manoeuvre.

Reported and confirmed to provide a one-hand fold mechanism. Although it said to take a while before getting the hang of it.

When folded it’s compact and said to fit your boot with much space left, and if you live in a tiny space the Uppababy Minu accommodates your lifestyle.

It also stands on its own when folded which makes it easier to visit public places, and also easy to carry thanks to straps and a carry handle.

It has a unique brake system with red and green buttons. It releases and locks with these two.

The basket can carry much weight despite the size and you can fit it there your babies essentials. Easy to reach from the back and front, although you will need to bend down a bit.


With all suspension wheels to make the wheels smooth, and easy to push, going to places will be easy.

The Uppababy Minu also provides swivel lockable front wheels which is there to make navigating through tiny spaces easier.

I can think of soo many places where this will be needed. Living in the city will take you to such places and you would need to swiftly push through such places.

The shock-absorbing tyres/wheels make it also easier to push through some even grounds like grass and this has been proven by the same mum on madeformums.

This makes the Minu stroller an excellent light buggy compared to many flimsy and not easy to handle lightweight strollers.

The back wheels are bigger than the front wheels but in general, the wheels are small and sizable.


Uppababy Minu: Accessories.

Unlike some other lightweight strollers, this one is a travel system. With the birth kit, you can use it for your newborn up to 6 months.

A place they can flat. It’s also compatible with car seats from different brands. Uppababys own Mesa Infant Car Seat.

Cybex, Nuna, BeSafe and Maxi Cosi. View the links to see which of these you want.

You also have additional accessories such as:

  • Rain cover (for birth kit and seat).
  • Adapters for car seats.
  • Changin bag.
  • Parent organiser.


  • The seat unit is not suitable from birth which would have been better if it did.
  • It takes two hands to adjust the seat which means you are limited in some situations, and you use straps which is not easy ( Not easy to adjust).
  • The handlebar is not adjustable and quite tall, which means it can be hard to push by short parents. Not ideal for every family.
  • One mum complained the handle can’t be folded to fit tiny spaces when the stroller it’s open ( a feature other strollers can do).
  • Can’t be placed in an aeroplane cabin, which is a bummer when travelling.
  • Is not a double stroller convertible.
  • Only available in 4 colours.
  • Does not have a legrest and a footrest.
  • It does not provide all-terrain wheels even though the wheels are good.
  • A bumper is not included to keep the baby more secured and it’s not available to buy either as an accessory.
  • It’s pricey with the single stroller and if you add the necessary accessory it will be pricier.
  • Only forward-facing.

Uppababy Minu vs Nuna Pepp Next.

Although always compared with the Babyzen YoYo strollers, I thought to try another stroller this time. this one is in the middle, however, a little bit tilted towards the heavy side.

It’s still considered to be a little bit light.  Both of these brands are top leading brands and let’s see which of these light buggies do better.

Like many top brands they do share similarities and these are:

  • Both are travel system convertible (With car seat).
  • Fold compact and easy to carry with handle.
  • Stands on their own when folded.
  • Swivel lockable front wheels.
  • All suspension wheels.
  • UVP50+ 50/UPF50+ Canopy.
  • 5 point harness system with pads.
  • Sizeable seats.
  • Both handlebars cant adjust.
  • Adjustable seat unit.
  • Cost almost the same.
  • Available in more than one colour.


When looking at the Nuna Pepp Next stroller you can see the bumper bar it offers and as well the legrest. The stroller also offers eyeshade and dream drapes beside the UPF50+ canopy.

It has a one brake system which for some mums it’s easier.

When folding you can also remove the canopy to make things easier and the seat unit is said to be suitable from birth. (Although this does not provide the best experience).

It’s compatible for up to 18kg instead of 15kg.

Now analysing the Uppababy Minu it’s better in the way that it’s 2.4kg lighter and provides a more colourful look.

The light buggy has shock-absorbing tyres, carry straps, ventilation panels, better basket, and the biggest difference is the carrycot.

It’s compatible with a carrycot which is the best for newborns. The Minu also offers fewer wide wheels and a wider seat which makes it more compact.

It’s also compatible with car seats from more brands.

The winner is of course the Uppababy Minu if you are looking for a lightweight frame and it’s for your newborn.

When it’s only for your toddler then both take the first spot because they both offer things that will be excellent for toddlers.

Uppababy still delivers with their strollers.


Not many lightweight strollers can compare to the Minu because it does accommodate many families. This is the reason why it’s one of the beloved strollers out there.

Although it lacks some points it is still ideal for a day to a day life journey. Strollers that provide just that are good to think about.

According to Uppababy manufacturers, this buggy can be taken anywhere and everywhere. It is good both for the summer and winter.

Travel system convertible strollers are always in demand, and this is the reason why it has thousands searches.

Will the Uppababy Minu be perfect for your family, or will you look for something else?

Watch this video to view the Minu and how it’s folded:


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