Uppababy G Lite Review.

I have been researching this stroller online and seeing what other mums or people say, and there have been mixed feelings. Some are more reclined towards the negative side and others have a more positive approach.

Uppababy present for you the G Lite buggy which is one of the lightest buggies out there. It’s a simple, sleek and yet stylish buggy.

I will look into the 2018 version.

Made for those who love to travel and stroll around the city or using public transportation. (Even confirmed by a mum).

In this article, I will try to detail the pros and point out all the cons so you know what you will have before buying.

Descriptions and reviews are always good to read before investing your money.

This can be especially said for this stroller because of the price. It’s not the cheapest. The black colour cost more than the red one.

I will also compare the 2018 version with the previous one and do a comparison with another brand to see its value.

Let’s get started then by analysing the performance.



  • Suitable from 6 months up to 25kg.
  • Comes with a rain cover and cupholder.
  • Mesh sling seat that has breathable features.
  • Sizeable seat for bigger toddlers as well. (Zipper recline seat).
  • Big canopy for an umbrella stroller with a silver sun visor. (SF0+ canopy).
  • Static ergonomic handlebar.
  • Footrest underneath the seat.
  • Plastic tyres and suspension on all wheels. (Equally sized).
  • Two brake systems on back wheels.
  • A small basket that is reachable. (4.5kg).
  • Hand triggered fold, meaning no foot. (Folds with two hands).
  • Carry straps when folded.

Uppababy G Lite Review: Buggy.

Product: G Lite.

Price: $179.98.

Size of the Product: Folded dimensions: 12.5″ L x 10.7″ W x 42″ H. (Weight: 5kg).

Handle height: 105cm. (41.5 inches).

Delivery: Chosen Areas. (Click the link to see options).

My Rating: 8.5/10.

For an umbrella stroller, the G Lite does pretty well with the features it has. The price is reasonable which some has said coming a well-liked and expensive brand.

It has an aluminium frame made to endure many challenges the outside world has to throw at this tiny buggy. Let’s first look at the seat unit.

Suitable from 6 months up to 25kg which is around 4 and half years or 5 years. So it’s good for big babies and perfect for toddlers.

You will be able to use the buggy up until your toddler is tired of it. The seat is said to have mesh sling breathable fabrics. Well, you might wonder what it does.

It basically it’s soft and makes it comfortable for your child to sit on it. It also creates a better airflow during warm days. With 30cm width makes the seat quite comfortable for bigger children as well.

It has 2 reclining positions with a zip option, but it does recline to the level you might think. Unlike other strollers, this has an upright position.

It makes nap time easier for your child.

The seat has a 5 point harness system with a click and release button. The shoulder straps are adjustable to suit children of different ages making it indeed accommodate many families.

Although it does not have a legrest it does offer your toddler a footrest underneath the seat. When napping or playing your little one can use it to relax their feet.

This is, of course, not suitable for babies because of the length. At least for your toddler, their feet won’t dangle around.

Both the seat and canopy has the same colours and these are black with carbon (Jake) and red with silver (Denny).


The canopy is quite good for an umbrella stroller. It does not offer protection like a standard buggy but it does have enough protection for your growing child.

The silver extended visor makes it also longer, and it makes it quite stylish when it comes to looks. Making the Uppababy G Lite standout amongst other umbrella strollers.

Uppababy offers UPF50+ protection from the sun, wind and also from tiny drops of rain.

It has not been reported to be flimsy and stands pretty well which makes it durable.


So, you have an ergonomic handle that has been reported to be easy to grab and push. Having a height of 105cm which is for an average height and excellent for taller parents.

Pushing the G Lite won’t be a problem for those parents. Now let’s look into the fold. The folding system is operated with your hands and not feet.

Which means it will take no time to fold it. Although you do need two hands for it to be done. When folded it’s quite compact at 12.5″ L x 10.7″ W x 42″ H.

You also have carrying straps or also shoulder straps. This makes it easier to carry it if you are not using it. This can be when you are using public transport or when your child is done sitting on it.

Carrying is not difficult as it only weighs 5kg which is a bag of potatoes as a mum described. This makes it perfect for travelling abroad as well.

It’s self-standing when folded which is not common with lightweight buggies. An excellent feature Uppababy added.

When in a standing position it has a tall height this makes it have suitable for many.

A small or some might call medium size basket is underneath. It can carry up to 4.5kg of weight which is not bad. A small changing bag with toys can fit in.

When you are out for small strolls with your toddler you won’t need that many items. Two brake systems are located at the back wheels.

Said to be flip flop friendly and can be used without shoes. So whatever situation you are in they can come in handy.


Suspension on all 4 wheels makes it easier to push on even terrains and uneven if the tires were better.

The wheels and tyres are small which make them harder to handle on rougher terrains, but it does quite good for an umbrella stroller.

It’s made to tackle city lifestyle and when strolling on easier grounds, and it’s also good in an airport and when using public transport.

Running small errands won’t be a problem.

Uppababy G Lite: Accessories.

Rain Cover, Cup Holder and Travel Bag.

When you buy from this link it comes with a rain cover. The rain cover can also be bought separately. This rain cover is also suitable with the G Luxe model.

It has shoulder straps that can be easily attached to the buggy to cover your baby. The same features make it also easy to remove.

You have a so-called window that makes it easy to view your baby and it has side ventilation holes to keep the air flowing allow your child to breathe easily while on use.

The cupholder also comes with the stroller whether you buy it through this link or not. It can be attached on the right or left side whichever you choose.

It’s not only for bottles or cups but it can also hold wallets or keys. If you are going out for a quick stroll and you forgot your bag then why not use it for that.

You also have a travel bag you can use with G Lite which makes it even better for travellers. Just put it in the bag and tuck it in an aeroplane cabin.

Another accessory you can buy to use is a clip or a hook for the changing bag. It can also be for your shopping bags. View this clip.



  • Although a reasonable price for some, for others its still expensive.
  • Does not have multiple reclining positions.
  • The seat unit is not suitable for younger than 6 months.
  • It’s not travel system convertible. (No carrycot and no car seat).
  • It does not have an adjustable handlebar and there’s no bumper bar. (You cant buy it as an accessory).
  • The handle is static and too high for shorter parents. This makes it not easy to grab and push.
  • Not that many accessories.
  • Does not have all-terrain wheels and swivel lockable wheels.
  • It’s not made for rough terrains which mean mostly for the city.
  • Tyres are made with plastic rather than rubber.
  • Some complained the canopy was still not covering their children fully.
  • The basket is small and is not made to carry many things. (Only your child’s essentials).
  • It can’t be converted into a double stroller.
  • It takes two hands to fold.
  • Two brake systems might not be for everyone.
  • Forward-facing only. (Which will make a peek a boo window good to have, but it lacks it).

Uppababy G Lite 2018 vs Uppababy G Lite 2015.

So, Uppababy has made quite a few changes with the new one. The 2015 version did not have the zip extension on the seat, which makes nap times easier.

The new canopy is much larger now with the silver extension visor available and it has a larger basket as well that’s reachable. This one has thinner materials on the canopy as well.

It has a mix of colours. Carbon with black and you have silver with red. It’s also lighter than the previous version which adds more to the pros.

Uppababy did listen to the parent’s complaints and decided to upgrade and make the stroller better. Yes, you also have the rain shield and the travel bag as new accessories that are added.

This makes it a major update, but it still has the other good features the previous model had. Buying the G Lite 2018 version gives a better experience although it can be more expensive.

Uppababy G Lite vs Silver Cross Zest Pushchair.

Silver Cross just like Uppababy is good with making good strollers. The standard, double and lightweight strollers are their expertise.

For this comparison, I choose the Zest stroller which is one of the best umbrella strollers in the UK. Well-liked and known. Let’s see how the G Lite will do against it.

Is it better or not? Like many umbrella strollers, these are similar and the similarities are:

  • Suitable for up to 25kg.
  • Lightweight.
  • Footrest.
  • Small or medium size basket.
  • Two brake systems.
  • Extendable UPF50+ canopy.
  • Available in more than one colour.
  • Comfortable seat fabrics.
  • No number bar and static handlebar with high height.
  • Small wheels that are all suspension.
  • Rain cover.
  • Carry straps.
  • They have the same folded dimensions.
  • 5 point harness system with shoulder straps.


These two umbrella strollers differ as well. The Silver Cross Zest is said to be suitable from birth which makes it much better (Although it’s not the best experience).

This one cost as much as the G Lite but it can more as well depending on where you buy it. Which is a pro for the G Lite. It has an adjustable legrest, ventilated hood, one hand fold, bigger seat and a multiple reclining seat.

Uppababy G Lite is lighter compared to the former that’s 5.8kg and it’s also cheaper. The other one is around £150. It stands freely when folded.

It has a silver sun visor which the other doesn’t have. It adds to the style. One last thing is the folding mechanism is done with your hands.

So, you won’t need your feet. It has a lower handlebar height although not much but it’s still better for shorter parents.

Despite the many pros the G Lite offers the Silver Cross Zest is slightly better. This is because of the multiple reclining seat and its size.

For many, it’s a tie, but some might even consider the G Lite because of the price and its features.


The G Lite is not that new but it still does well compared with umbrella strollers that came out later. It’s light, sleek, stylish, compact and affordable (To some).

It’s the ideal stroller to use when you are out for a quick stroll, using public transport and when you are out for coffee with some friends.

Many has said the price is reasonable and the features will work well for the lifestyle it’s designed for. You feel comfortable with the weight.

It’s not the best umbrella stroller out there, but it’s good to use for once in a while.

What do you think? Will this accommodate your toddler?


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  1. It was very interesting to read your whole article as I wasn’t aware that Uppababy had upgraded their stroller with a few suggestions from users. It sounds like they have extended the canopy and made it possible to carry more things as that was a problem. This could be a great buy for taking your toddler out for a walk in the city (no rough terrain).


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