Umbrella Stroller vs Regular Stroller

So, when you come across umbrella strollers and regular strollers, and you don’t know the difference, trust me, you are not the only one. Especially if you are a first-time mum or if you don’t do that much research on strollers.

If you are looking to buy not that heavy prams or strollers and want something easy for your baby or babies, then these two types are one of the best.

However, you don’t know what’s what and how to decide. Hopefully, with this article, I will be able to answer your questions.

Umbrella stroller vs Regular stroller: what’s the difference and which is better?

What’s an Umbrella Stroller?

First of all, you need to know what’s an umbrella stroller is so that you can figure out how it can help your life.

Umbrella strollers are lightweight strollers weighing mostly from 4.5kg up to 8kg. They usually are not that stable because of their lightweight.

You will need to use the brakes when it’s standing to keep it steady. The wheels are often not that big, which means they can’t be used on every terrain.

Many have simple wheels. The canopy is often not big and quite simple and the handlebar might not be that adjustable either.

The seat does not lie flat and have a few reclining positions, some only offer one. The harness is not the best either. One more thing is the storage underneath.

The basket for most umbrella strollers is tiny and don’t offer the best space. However, umbrella strollers are known for their extremely light fold.

Some can stand when folded and they have straps so you can carry the buggy. These are mostly used for quick strolls and if you are visiting certain areas.

It’s also good for travelling. Some of the features depend on the brand.

Some umbrella strollers can also be used for regular strolls, it entirely depends on the quality.

What’s a Regular Stroller?

Regular Strollers are also what I call standard strollers. These are in between light and heavy.

Opposite to many umbrella strollers, regular strollers offer lie-flat seats suitable from birth. Which means your baby can use it.

These seats are often up to 4 or 5 years and even in between. They often have adjustable handlebars, better and bigger wheels, bigger baskets and the seat can adjust more than once.

The safety harness system is also much better compared to many umbrella pushchairs. Regular strollers are what most parents are buying because they can be used for your daily activities.

Going for a long stroll in the city, visiting friends and visiting the countryside. However, these are heavier and are not that easily carried.

They also don’t always offer the most compact fold and it can be difficult to use them in certain places than an umbrella stroller.

Regular strollers are known to cost more than umbrella strollers. (It depends on the brand).

Main Features to Think About Before Buying.

Travel System Convertible.

Travel systems are very popular and many parents tend to go for them. These are either 2in1 or 3in1.

The idea of taking your sleeping baby from the car seat and placing them on the stroller without waking them is something many want.

This is done with the car seat.

Convertible strollers are what most standard buggies offer than umbrella strollers. If you want this you will need to think about it before buying one of these types.

Adjustable Handle.

Your height is also important when choosing a pram. It’s much better to have an adjustable handlebar than a regular handle, even if it suits your height.

If you can adjust it will help you in different situations and you will also be able to get help from family and friends. An adjustable handle is very good, for especially tall people.

Reclinable and Reversible Seat.

A seat like this enables your baby and toddler to have comfort. They can lie flat to sleep and take a nap, play and sit upright to enjoy the view.

Twitching from these is better ten having one position. A reversible seat is also good both for your child and you, meaning the seat unit can face forward and rear.

When they are big and adventurous they would love to view the outside world so a forward-facing option is good, however, when they are much smaller a rear-facing is better.

Most umbrella strollers only offer forward-facing seats.

Safety Harness.

You either have 3 point or 5 point harnesses and both strollers types are known to offer these. 3 point harnesses are often seen in older models and are not common.

Not all harnesses are the same. Some are plain and one size. It’s good to have an adjustable harness with chest pads and that’s easily handled with one hand.

This keeps the baby safe and comfortable. Having the harness too complicated will make your child uncomfortable and even yourself.

Wheel System.

How easy you push the strollers, and where you can use them depends on the wheels. The bigger the wheels the more maneuvrability you will have.

It’s good if they have suspension either on all wheels or on two wheels. They are swivel and lockable and these are the front wheels and that they have shock-absorbing tyres and puncture-proof tyres.

Making the wheels all-terrain enables you to use them on sand, grass, mud and other uneven grounds.

Age Range.

From what age can you use the buggy and until when? Are questions you should ask when buying a buggy.

The best way is to always buy a buggy that has long usability.  You never know when your child will stop using it.

Even though umbrella strollers are not used from birth they last long up to 4 or 5 years depending on the size. So, it’s important to check before buying.

Two Main Factors That Evolves Around Your Decision.

There are two main factors you always need to consider when buying a stroller. Your baby’s needs and your needs and then your lifestyle.

This means, what will your baby need when they are born? What will you need and your budget? I wrote an article on this topic and you can check it out here for more details.

The lifestyle you live and what you think your baby will need will be the deciding factor when choosing a stroller. Different lifestyles require different strollers.

The type of strollers you need now depends entirely on that.

Some of The Best Strollers.

Umbrella Strollers.

Joie Nitro.

Joie Nitro LX.

Babyzen YoYo+.

Uppababy Minu.

Silver Cross Jet.

Silver Cross Pop.

Maclaren Techno Twin.

Mountain Buggy Nano. 

Regular Strollers.

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus.

Bugaboo Bee 6.

Bugaboo Fox 2.

Icandy Lime.

Bugaboo Lynx.

Silver Cross Pioneer 

Baby Jogger City Select.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2.


If you want a simple stroller, that you will use for quick strolls, travel and you won’t carry then an umbrella stroller is the one.

It’s mostly used for baby’s from 6 months up to toddlerhood and these are well used during warmer days and on easy terrains.

Pushing it will be easier and they are not really used for your daily outings. A regular stroller is the opposite when it comes to the main features.

Although they share certain features, they differ. If you love to visit many places, have a lot of storage and use it from birth then a regular stroller is the one.

Minus the compact fold and lightweight, a regular stroller is better. It offers many more useful features and is always suitable for both the parents and children.

This is the same for twin, double and single strollers. Therefore, I would recommend you buying a regular stroller instead.

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  1. I really like the idea of umbrella strollers but the small wheels definitely put me off a little as where I live it’s quite bumpy.

    I’m kind of surprised that regular strollers are more priced than the umbrella ones but I guess it’s the range of types they are available in. 

    When purchasing strollers I would definitely have the travel system convertible in mind as well as wheel system and definitely safety!

    Thanks for providing us with this useful information!


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