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It’s very exciting for many parents to have twins, triplets, and quadruplets or even more, but it can come with difficulties when wanting to buy pushchairs because it can be unknown to parents what to buy, and it is very  expensive too. Having one baby is more common than having multiple babies so parents have more knowledge on that, and it’s easier to buy pushchairs for one or two babies than many. It’s, therefore, important for parents with multiple babies to have information on what to buy and where to buy it.

Why choose twin strollers.

Stroller designers have today a lot to offer parents who love to take a stroll with their babies or infants, nowadays the focus has especially been on parents with twins, triplets, or even more. It’s not easy for you as a parent to take your baby’s out all at ones before you would have needed the help of your partner or someone else. Now one parent can take out the baby’s alone to do grocery shopping or whatever it might be. You can use one stroller which has two or three carrycots/bassinets or seats, it may be heavy or even hard but if it’s (ATP) then you can use the stroller or pushchair wherever you go.

There are different styles and endless features of double strollers that you can adjust and it grows with your family. Before it was harder for parents to able to set up or pack the strollers in the car because it could not be folded or many things were missing especially for twins strollers and even prams. Now companies that produce the baby carriage lean more to making lightweight strollers that give ease and comfort for all parents. It’s very difficult when you have one baby let alone having two or three, that’s a lot of headaches.

I remember the complaints of my cousin’s wife when they were blessed with twins, she said the kids cried a lot and the only way to calm them, and for them to sleep was when she took them out. She had to if she wanted to keep her sanity, and that goes for any parent who has kids, but without having the right equipment it can be hard.

There are many safe double strollers nowadays for your baby’s or toddlers, whether you want to jog, go camping, take a stroll to the city or countryside, and hiking. You can pretty much do a lot of activities with your children without having any hindrance. You no longer need to wait for your partner or someone else to help you out. Having said that it is also important that you have a few questions in your mind when buying a stroller:

  • Are you going to use the double stroller regularly or not?
  • Do you have enough room in your storage for the stroller?
  • Where do you take a stroll with the children? The answer determines the type of double stroller you need. ( ATP, is for any outings but it can be expensive and not for every parent).
  • What are you willing to spend?
  • Is the warranty available?

If you answer all of these questions it will be easier for you to choose the best twin strollers for your baby’s or toddlers. As I mentioned on my “About Shatoshata” post, I’m here to ease some of that burden. Parents with one baby don’t have time to do research let alone those with twins. I will at the end of this post list some of the best double strollers you can buy for your twins or toddlers.

Tandem Pushchairs.

For the most time tandem pushchairs have two multidirectional seats, both facing and rear-facing but this is more for triplets than twins. These seats are suited for toddlers of different ages and twins. The seats can be adjustable independently and for the most time, the front seat has a lie-flat option. It has a swivel front wheel for maneuverability and it may even have two shopping bags than one, which is very good. You will have more space if you go alone and without a car, and you don’t need a shopping bag. You can even use a car seat if you want to. The pushchairs are narrower than a normal twin and triple pushchair, but longer so you need to consider the size when folded and the weight will increase with the growth of your baby. Tandem pushchairs allow you to:

  • Move your newborn twins and toddlers until the ages of 3.
  • Some of them allow stadium seating, which is when one baby is higher so both of them can enjoy the view.
  • You can attach car seats and carrycots which fits in.

All Terrain Pushchairs (ATPs).

ATP has 3 or 4 wheelers, this is famous for those families who enjoy country walking or those who live in rural areas. They have maneuverability and the wheels can be removed and fixed depends on the terrain. ATP can be very robust and bulkier than normal twin pushchairs. It’s therefore important that you look if it fits on your doorway and it also can be difficult to fold, but some of them have a quick fold mechanism even with just one hand. That’s one bad thing about it, but with more pushchairs that are designed, it will be easier in the future.

Pushchairs have bigger but softer air-filled tyres which can make it puncture more often, it is therefore important that you can manage to change the tyres. Softer wheels are better for all terrains but it can be difficult on buses and trains if you have more wheels. You can fold it when entering buses but it can be heavy for you too, its easier to fold and carry normal twin strollers/pushchairs. Some of them do not fit newborns, some of them can only be used from 3 months so it’s good that you always check before buying, but it`s always good to buy the pushchair that you can use from newborn until your baby is three years old.

That way you avoid spending a lot of money and you have something flexible and comfortable for your baby or toddler. These pushchairs are more expensive than normal twin pushchairs, but the strollers a becoming more popular and therefore the prices are decreasing.

Some of the best Twin Strollers in 2020.

Britax B – Agile Double Stroller.

  • Pros: Britax B is fixed and built with durable and lightweight aluminium to make it easy to handle and quick to fold. The wheels are big and can be suspended which makes it easy to push. The hand parking brake is connected to the wheels which makes it easier and safer to brake. Each seat has an adjustment and has what a normal stroller would have for each seat. It has even a canopy with a peek a boo window so parents can see what the kids are doing. It’s also very cheap.
  • Cons: It has only one configuration and that not all car seats are compatible. 

Bugaboo Donkey Twin Strollers.

  • Pros: This stroller is designed for every family, it can be used for one baby, for two babies or toddlers. It’s compatible with any car seat, the wheels can face any directions you want and you can adjust the seats. The wheels are individually suspended so that you may use them in any doorway or tight space and not be stuck. The tyres are made to go on any surface. The seat material is in very good quality which protects your little ones and the seats can be adjustable so they can face each other.  It has a high seat position so that your little ones can be closer to you.
  • Cons: It’s very expensive, and changing the seats can be challenging and the model is heavier.

Graco Ready 2 Grow Double Stroller.

  • Pros: This stroller accepts two car seats and it has 12 different configuration positions for a move that’s accommodating to a growing family. Parents can view the children because of the removable and adjustable seats and you can use a standing platform for your toddler. This stroller has a lot of features that you find on a normal stroller and even more, things are added. It moves smoothly and can be folded with just one hand which makes storing it easy for everyone.
  • Cons: The pushchair only accepts Graco car seats and has no padded harness.

And then you also have these other strollers that are popular and good for the family:

  • Phil and Teds Dash Inline Double Stroller
  • Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller
  • Out N` About Nipper Sport Double Stroller
  • Baby Trend Double Sit and Stand Stroller
  • Joir Aire Twin Stroller
  • Chicco Echo Twin Stroller
  • Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin Stroller.

Have a stroll with the whole family.

Like I mentioned above parents it’s very good that you buy strollers that are good for the whole family and especially for your little ones. Strollers are mainly used for strolls and it is therefore important that you buy something compatible for a stroll and if you pick the best ones you avoid spending more money and time.

Manufactures made it easy for parents with twins, What do you think?

All the best,


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