Twin Strollers – How to Choose a Double Stroller.

It’s very exciting for many parents to have twins, triplets, and quadruplets or even more, but it can come with difficulties when wanting to buy pushchairs/strollers.

The reason is, it can be unknown to parents what to buy, and it is very expensive too.

Having one baby is more common than having multiple babies so parents have more knowledge on that, and it’s easier to buy pushchairs for one or two babies than many.

It’s, therefore, important for parents with multiple babies to have information on what to buy and where to buy it.

This article is important for those with children of different ages as well.

Why Choose Twin Strollers.

Stroller designers have today a lot to offer parents who love to take a stroll with their babies or toddlers, nowadays the focus has especially been on parents with twins, triplets, children of different ages.

It’s not easy for you as a parent to take your babies or children out all at once before you would have needed the help of your partner or someone else.

Now one parent can take out the baby’s alone to do grocery shopping or whatever it might be. You can use one stroller which has two or three carrycots/bassinets or seats.

It may be heavy or even hard but if it’s (ATP) then you can use the stroller or pushchair wherever you go.

There are different styles and endless features of double strollers that you can adjust and it grows with your family.

Before it was harder for parents to able to set up or pack the strollers in the car because they could not be folded or many things were missing.

Much harder for twin strollers and even prams. Now companies that produce the baby carriage lean more to making lightweight strollers that give ease and comfort for all parents.

It’s very difficult when you have one baby let alone having two or three, that’s a lot of headaches.

I remember the complaints of my cousin’s wife when they were blessed with twins, she said the kids cried a lot and the only way to calm them.

For them to be able to sleep she had to take them out. She had to if she wanted to keep her sanity, and that goes for any parent who has kids, but without having the right equipment it can be hard.

There are many safe double strollers nowadays for your baby’s or toddlers, whether you want to jog, go camping, take a stroll to the city or countryside, and hiking.

You can pretty much do a lot of activities with your children without having any hindrance.

Things to Consider.

You no longer need to wait for your partner or someone else to help you out. Having said that it is also important that you have a few questions in your mind when buying a stroller:

  • Are you going to use the double stroller regularly or not?
  • Do you have enough room in your storage for the stroller?
  • Where do you take a stroll with the children? The answer determines the type of double stroller you need. ( ATP, is for any outings but it can be expensive and not for every parent).
  • What are you willing to spend?
  • Is the warranty available?

If you answer all of these questions it will be easier for you to choose the best double strollers for your baby’s or toddlers.

As I mentioned in my “About Shatoshata” post, I’m here to ease some of that burden. Parents with one baby don’t have time to do research let alone those with more than one child.

I will at the end of this post list some of the best double strollers you can buy for your children. Whether it’s twins or not.


Tandem Pushchairs/Strollers.

Tandem pushchairs/strollers have two seats that are on top of each other.  They can either face forward or rear-facing, and these are for twins and children of different ages.

You can use either a carrycot or a car seat for both children. It’s about mixing the three accessories depending on their age.

The seats can be adjustable independently and in some strollers, both seats have a lie-flat option.

Tandem strollers/pushchairs have one shopping basket underneath, and they pretty well work as a single stroller, but with an extra added seat.

The pushchairs are narrower than a normal side by side twin or double pushchair, but higher so you need to consider the size when folded and the weight will increase with the growth of your baby. Tandem pushchairs allow you to:

  • Move your twins and children until the ages of 5.
  • They face each other for more bonding time.
  • One can have more privacy when sleeping.
  • Easier to fit in doors, because of the slim frame/chassis.
  • Allows you have more than 30+ configurations (which means combining a seat unit, carrycot and car seat).

The major cons of this type of double stroller is that it can be heavy and hard to see. Having a higher height won’t be easy on the one pushing.

Steering the strollers with the handle can also be difficult.

Side By Side Pushchairs/Strollers.

So, you also have the side by side strollers, which I was more used to and knew about when I started on my journey.

Many of these are manufactured nowadays. Just like the name suggest these are when you twins or children sit side by side.

These double strollers are commonly used for twins or children of similar ages, but it’s improving. Many of these can handle carrycots.

You can detach the seats and use two carrycots or car seats, or combine these. Some can use carrycots more than car seats.

You need to check before buying any double stroller. The seats can also recline independently. This means one child can sleep while the other plays.

Some have forward and rear-facing, but it’s rear to have rear-facing seat units. These are wider of, course but they still share the same handle and bar as well.

Side by side double strollers like tandems can be suitable for up 5 years and they offer even a closer bonding time.

You can still have forward-facing double strollers, but having both options is better. Other unique things can be, having two shopping baskets than one, which is very good.

You will have more space if you go alone and without a car, and you don’t need a shopping bag.

Side by side pushchairs come in light, heavy and you can have travel systems as well.

The major con for this the double side by side. It might be hard to fit narrower doorways. Preventing you from visiting certain places.

All Terrain Pushchairs (ATPs).

ATP has 3 or 4 wheelers, this is famous for those families who enjoy country walking or those who live in rural areas.

They have manoeuvrability and the wheels can be removed and fixed depends on the terrain.

ATP  wheels are easier to push on rough grounds because of the hard and bulky tyres they provide.

All-terrain pushchairs or strollers are nowadays what many families are looking for because people are travelling constantly and visiting many places.

The pushchairs have sometimes bigger but softer air-filled tyres which can make them puncture-proof.

Softer and sleek wheels are better for all terrains and especially if they are all suspension. This means the wheels glide faster and are easier to handle.

All-terrain double strollers tend to cost more than normal duo strollers. The reasons are simple because of the high-quality design of wheels and tyres.

The reason why I think double strollers should always have all-terrain wheels is that they are easier to handle.

If you buy one do your best and buy an all-terrain pushchair. Whether you go with tandem or side by side double strollers.

If you also worry about the price you can buy from brands that offer cheaper strollers, and without even giving up some quality features.

Sometimes is the brands popular that makes the baby carriages cost too much money.

Frequent Asked Questions.

Is it Worth Getting a Double Stroller?

My answer is Yes! Double strollers are definitely worth buying when having twins and even just one baby. The reason for this is many.

If you are planning to have more kids in the future getting a double stroller will not only save you money but also time. If it’s for twin is not even a question.

If you now have two children of different ages and wondering if you should buy one or it, the answer is still yes. You can buy lightweight forward-facing double strollers for your children.

If you are buying for your baby and toddler then buying a double travel system is the best. You will be able to offer your baby to lie flat, and at the same, your toddler will have other positions. 

Buying a double stroller now will save you from buying a stroller board later on as well. What if the single you bought is not suitable with buggy boards?

All of them are not suitable, which means you will eventually have to buy a new pushchair.

What Age is Double for?

Double strollers are the same as single strollers. You can have double strollers that are suitable from birth with a seat unit, carrycot or car seat.

You also have those that are from 3 months and 6 months. Almost all car seats are from birth and all carrycots are from birth. 

So, you do have many options. Double strollers can be used for up to 3, 4 or 5 years. It all depends on your twins or children. These are travel system double strollers.

Non-travel systems are either from birth, having a lie-flat seat or they only useable from 6 months. These are more recommended to toddler twins and such.

What Double Stroller is Best for Toddler and Infant?

The best double you can get for your toddler and infant is a tandem stroller. As mentioned above you have many configurations so, your children will have a nice experience.

Side by side is more f twins because of closeness and some features it lacks. Having said that both can be used for twins and children of different ages.

Some of the best Twin/Double Strollers of 2020.

I have done many reviews on many twin or double strollers since I started my site, and many of these are suitable for different families.

Some all and others just a few. I won’t list all of them but just a few. View this page for a more list of double strollers.

These are good for a toddler and infant.

Potential to be double strollers.

Lightweight Double Strollers.

Have a stroll with the whole family.

Like I mentioned above parents it’s very good that you buy strollers that are good for the whole family and especially for your little ones.

Strollers are mainly used for strolls and it is therefore important that you buy something compatible for a stroll and if you pick the best ones you avoid spending more money and time.

Manufacturers made it easy for parents with twins and multiple children. What do you think about double strollers? Are they worth buying?

All the best,


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