6 Toys for 4 Year Old Girl – Educational and Imaginative.

Now your toddler has grown and they are interested in many things. Their little minds are curious about what’s happening around them.

They pay more attention to the details. At this age, your little one in a year time will soon begin school, which makes them keen on learning and understanding more.

For this post, I will list toys that your toddler girl can be interested in. It’s more focused on education and imaginative plays because I believe that’s what’s more important now.

Read other posts about toys I have listed to help your toddler while growing up. Let’s see the list of toys for 4-year-olds, and see if you will like them.

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Why Educational Toys?

All toys are made to educate your toddler one way another, but there are toys that are made specifically for that.

Like toys about the alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc. Why is it important for your toddler to focus on education now? Well, it’s for them to sharpen their senses even more.

It is also to test their memories and implement those phrases and words they have learned. These toys should of course also be fun, otherwise, your toddler won’t play with them.

Before the writing part was not a part of the toys and neither were toys that tested their memorise. Now it’s time to introduce these toys for your preschooler and see.

The educational toys should be all toys that will prepare them for when they start school.

Why Imaginative Toys?

Imaginative toys are what your child will be more interested in now. Now that they have learned more phrases, and are more familiar with their favourite characters.

They will love to play and be around people so that they can create a bond. At this stage, they have their own mind and will love to come up with many things.

In my experience girls are more into imaginative plays, and they love doing dress-ups. It is at this stage that many toddlers find new friends.

Imaginative toys will teach your toddler to communicate, which will teach them social skills. These skills are important to have when starting school.

It will help them blend it and will make them be able to work with other people. Teamwork is indeed important in school. Socialising with other people is even for health benefits.

So, one thing leads to another thing. Imaginative plays do a lot of good things for them. You should also join in for them to expand their vocabulary even more.

Educational Toys.

Educational toys such as puzzles, building things or sound toys can be something your 4-year-old will find fun and active to do. There are many educational toys out there, but I will only focus on 3 toys.

1. Magnetic Numbers, £2.00

This is one of the first toys you can buy for your toddler when it comes to learning maths. Put the numbers on the fridge or anywhere with a magnetic surface.

Let them do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It’s a good start before they start school. The numbers are colourful too.

They will both have fun while learning. The numbers are reusable. They can use them as much as they want to, and other children can also play along.

There are 26 pieces with the numbers 0-9 included twice so that they can add, subtract, multiply and divide as much as they want.

2. Cbeebies Memory Match Cards, £2.00

Suitable from 3 years old. It’s a good toy that will improve your toddler’s memory even more. Match the characters with their vehicles, or turn the cards and see which 2 card matches.

You can instruct your toddler to play alone, or they can play with other children. If you have more children this is a fun and active game that will keep them busy during the lockdowns.

They will learn shapes, colours, new words and also improve their hand to eye coordination. When playing with others even social skills will be something they will learn.

The game or toy has characters your toddler might recognise from the BBC program for children. Meaning they will find it more interesting to play.

3. Starting to Read Pre-school Book, £1.00

How about your toddler learned to read and recognise their first words. Instead of just recognising images and being able to say them.

Words such as dog, cat, tree, etc words they use daily are good to start with. Learning these will make it easier for them when they start school because they are familiar with all of these words already.

The book is also full of many colours and images making it more interesting to read. It will do their memory good if they recognise and know how to spell daily words.

Imaginative Toys.

Imaginative such as cosplay costumes or other dress-up clothes. Kitchen toys or outside toys that your toddler will be able to use to come up with plays.

4. TP Madness Muddy Kitchen, £ 139.99

Do you have a garden outside, and do you also have busy toddlers? Well, this toy will be good for any imaginative play they have in mind.

It has accessories and looks just like a real kitchen set. Your toddler can place sand there and play. If you don’t have a sandbox in your garden then this can do.

It has stores where you can place pots and every other additional kitchen accessory your little one will need. It even has a spot where your toddler can store their favourite recipes.

Made with quality materials to last long. Your children can play with it as much as they want.

5. Cascade Blue Tray, £120.00

A long-lasting sand and water tray for your children. The tray is super big and will make a nice experience for the kids. It has a water flow through the link gates.

It’s also available in yellow and you can buy the stand and other toys to add more for your toddler. If you have toys such as a bucket and a shovel for your toddler it’s perfect.

Let your toddler play with sand and water with this big tray. It’s suitable even for your 2-year-old and will have space for many children.

Place it inside if you have space, or outside on a sunny day. Let them build a sandcastle or other creative things.

6. TP Cubby House, £219.19

How about a playhouse? A simple playhouse for your little ones. The house is wooden and has a door and windows. It’s also decorated nicely on the roof and on the sides.

Do you know what will make this toy more interesting? If you together with your toddler paint it. Using water colouring will make it possible for your children to help.

It comes with wooden storage where you can store toys, flowers and anything else your toddler will like. Maybe lanterns? Ask your toddler for ideas and decorate it however they like.

The playhouse will make a nice imaginative play. They can come up with many plays that involve ride-on toys, dolls, etc.

Although this toy is also for younger toddlers, it’s still a good imaginative toy for 4 years old girl.


After reading through the post what is your opinion? Will these toys be good for your 4-year-old girl?  Which of these do you think they will love more.

Do you agree that at this stage educational and Imaginative toys should be more focused on? If you don’t agree, tell me what you think, I will love to know.

If you are more interested in finding more educational toys read my post about them. Some of them are suitable for your little one.

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