Baby Car Seat with Stroller Combo – ABC Salsa 4 Air Review.

There are many top-rated baby car seats with strollers out there, so it can be hard to find the one you are looking for. The ABC design brand does offer many strollers that are of high quality.

One of these is the Salsa 4 Air Stroller or 3in1 Travel System. Where you have the carrycot and the car seat. What makes it good, and compared to other strollers does it stick out?

So, this is a review detailing the stroller and its accessories mainly the car seat as stated in the title above.

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  • Performance.
  • The Salsa  4 Air Stroller.
  • Compatibility.
  • Cons.
  • The Salsa 4 Air Stroller vs Other Strollers.
  • Why You Should Go For It.


  • Suitable from birth with either a carrycot or car seat.
  • Reversible and adjustable seat.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Adjustable footrest that can be removed and washed.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • The bumper bar is detachable.
  • The wheels are swivel and air-filled, also removable.
  • Good brakes.
  • Harness system.
  • Travel System ready.
  • Car seat with excellent features.
  • Carrot with excellent features.
  • So-called “transport lock”
  • The maximum weight on the seat is 22kg(approx 3 to 4 years).
  • A nice shopping basket underneath.

The Salsa 4 Air Stroller.

Product: Salsa 4 Air Travel System.

Price: £868.90.

Size of the Product: L95 x W63 cm

The Place to Buy: Kiddies-kingdom, Click here.

Delivery: Multiple Options.

My Rating: 9.5/10.

By just reading the performance the ABC Salsa 4 Air Stroller is indeed a top-rated stroller based on its quality. Suitable from birth with the usage of the accessories it lasts until your toddler weighs 22kg.

Every child is different so they can differ in ages. The seat is convertible and adjustable which means the pushchair can face you or the world.

Salsa 4 Air stroller seat can also be reclined into positions that are cosy for your little one. Recline it into a lie-flat possible for them to sleep well. With a backrest, it will be much easier.

With the additional backrest, your little one’s adventures will be enjoyable. It’s not only about having a good sleep but also is a way for your toddler to relax.

An adjustable footrest is included and it’s washable. You can adjust the footrest to a height you like or should I state your toddler likes.

A removable bumper makes things easier. It’s good for saving space, and even helps when you are placing your child on the stroller and removing them.

The stroller is easily folded and compact when folded. Easy to carry because of how lightweight the frame is. The front wheels a swivel which makes it easy to steer on any ground.

Air-filled tyres give a smooth and manure ride for your baby. They are not easily damaged and can be used on very rough grounds.

More Features.

All suspension wheels and bearing which means they are easy to ride and even do so faster. Whenever you are in a hurry the stroller is good to use.

What makes the wheels more excellent is that they are removable. Which makes it easy to clean them and it also saves you space. It even makes the stroller easier to carry when removes.

ABC Salsa 4 Air pushchair has a parking brake meaning it will keep the stroller from moving when parked. Additional to this it also has a transport lock.

A 5 point harness system is ready to be used. Which protects their whole body by strapping their shoulders, buttocks and hips.

An additional feature that all prams have is the shopping basket underneath. Ready to be used for all the groceries or bags.

Now let’s talk about the quality and design of things. It’s well praised. Manufactures states that every detail of the stroller is well designed and thought of.

From top to bottom to give you a stroller that will last long with the family. A high designed stroller with excellent materials, fabrics and features.

It’s a stroller you will indeed love to have according to them. Available in colours that match many things such as your clothes, other accessories, etc.


Salsa 4 Air stroller comes with a carrycot and car seat. What does the car seat offer? It also has some features for your baby, and it can be used for up to 12 months.

ABC Design Tulip Car Seat.

L64 x W44 x H59 cm. Total weight: 3,95 kg.

  • It’s compatible with many ABC strollers which is good.
  • The car seat does have a canopy.
  • A nice design handlebar that’s easy to grab.
  • Harness system with chest pads.
  • Head hugger and support.
  • Soft fabrics
  • Nicely designed fabrics and materials.

ABC  Design Carrycot.

L80 x W35 cm. Total weight: 4,0 kg

The carrycot has a soft mattress that can be used for overnight sleep. The carrycot has its canopy that rear-facing allowing air to circulate.

This canopy can be folded which is good for when you want more space. The canopy has also a sunshade and a zip blanket for more protection from the cold.

Zippers with the canopy can protect your newborn from many things. It gives them privacy.


  • The stroller is not a convertible stroller which means it cant be turned into a double stroller. If you have another baby while your toddler still needs the pram then it can be hard. You have to buy a stroller board or maybe buy a lighter single pushchair.
  • It’s quite expensive, so the price can be a con for many parents.
  • The colours are quite dark and limited, so if you want a pink and or red pram this one is not it.
  • You still need to buy other additional accessories which increases the price even more.
  • The car seat does not have a canopy. Many parents would prefer a car seat with a canopy to it not having any.
  • Not all fabrics are washable.

The Salsa 4 Air Stroller vs Other Strollers.

ABC Salsa 4 Air Stroller is quite amazing with its design and quality, but is it the best stroller out there? Are there also other car seats that are better than this one.

When it comes to the car seat is true, but let analyse the stroller and compare it with others and see. Is it better than some other top-rated strollers?

For this post, I have chosen the Uppababy Cruz pushchair and the Cubex Priam pushchair. It is only to compare the single strollers and to see if these two are better or not.

The Salsa 4 Air Stroller vs The Cybex Priam Pushchair.

The two strollers look similar and they both are designed with quality fabrics and materials. Other similarities with their features are:

  • Both are travel system ready. For car seats and carrycots.
  • Nice extendable hood.
  • The handlebar can be adjusted.
  • Adjustable footrest.
  • Easily fold.
  • Both are lightweight.
  • Both offer swivel front wheels.
  • Forwards and rear-facing.

To some degree they have similar features, the difference is there too. The Cybex offers UPF50+ sun protection, more colours and they are bright and the seat is a bit higher. Can be used as a high chair.

The Salsa 4 Air Stroller also has features such as parking brakes, air-filled tyres, removable wheels, backrest, transport lock, etc.

It seems to offer more features than the Cubex Priam pushchair. So base on my lifestyle the Salsa 4 Air Stroller is better because of just what it offers.

Their car seats are also the same and offer the same features. Of course, others would prefer the Cybex Priam pushchair because it has bright colours.

Salsa 4 Air Stroller vs Uppababy Cruz Stroller.

The two look similar too and also look expensive with highly designed fabrics and materials. The Uppababy Cruz stroller is a favourite among many parents.

These are the similar features they share:

  • Adjustable seat and handlebar.
  • The canopy is also adjustable.
  • Travel System ready.
  • Forward and rear-facing seat.
  • Both offer sunshade.

Uppababy Cruz stroller offer features such as UPF50+ sun protection, a variety of colours that a bright and a height-adjustable seat, which the others doesn’t have.

By just viewing above you can also see there are features that the Salsa 4 Air Stroller offer, and which the Cruz stroller doesn’t have.

Although the removable bumper bar and backrest are good to have, I don’t see them being better than the multiple colour options and the high chair.

Because with the Cruz seat you can still adjust it to suit your child.

Well, this is my view based on my lifestyle, so it depends on what you like. I will have to state that both of these strollers a good. So they are equal in position.

If you decide to go for either of them they will provide a good experience for the whole family.

Why You Should Go For It.

What are your thoughts after reading this review? Do you find the car seat with the stroller combo to be suitable for your family? Tell me what you think of the accessories.

Why should you go for it? Well, it’s a stroller that will be with you from the beginning to the end. Most toddlers by the age of 3 or 4 are willing to walk

Otherwise, you can buy a stroller board for it. The travel system truly offers many features and high-quality fabrics and materials.

Although it’s expensive, it will last longer than you think.

5 thoughts on “Baby Car Seat with Stroller Combo – ABC Salsa 4 Air Review.”

  1. From today you have just hiked my interest in the ABC salsa Air.

    I even begun day dreaming taking my not-yet born 🙂 baby in my car seated on it to supermarket and i ride him / her around seated on it as we shop for him/her goodies seated on it.

    Now imagine the possibilities. Let me bookmark this page when the time comes I’ll not hesitate to get me one

    • Hi Sebastian. It’s good you like the ABC Design Salsa 4 Air. If you have more questions or suggestions please let me know so I might help you out. 

      Thanks for reading. 

  2. Hi there, looks like the Salsa 4 air stroller is a complete allrounder solution. So much thought has gone into the making of this one as it is very clear from the features. It has everything that one can ask from a stroller. By combining a car seat with a stroller, it has become a product that everyone would need. Features such as shopping cart, air-filled tires, etc. are so amazing! Great stuff! Thanks a lot

  3. Hi there! Thanks for taking time to share this! The salsa for air stroller has absolutely amazing features, for me I am in love with the fact that it can serve as a car seat, stroller and it can also be adjusted to my taste, not to forget it also carries a nice shopping basket underneath. I will definitely get one in the near future. thanks again.


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