Toddler Outdoor Activities – Activity List.

In my previous post about outdoor activities, a covered many things your toddler can do outside. You can click the link to see the options that are available. For this post, I was thinking of doing a product or activity review.

Which of these activity products can you use outside and that’s suitable for your toddler? Are you ready to get your toddler jumping and at the same have fun?

If yes, then be ready for a bunch of activities. Some of these products can be used inside as well and they differ in their prices. Some are expensive, others can be considered cheap.

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So, let’s get started and see what you can buy for your toddler to use.

Activities That Involves A Lot Of Movement.

These kind of activities are the one we are looking for when our toddlers are playing outside. We want to get them active and move their bodies.

Is to get them active, fit and at the same time add fun to it. With these toys, your toddler or toddlers will have a nice activity time.


Toddler Climbing on Etsy – £54.00 – £300.00

Toddler Climbing frames on eBay – £100.00 – £1500.00

Toddler Climbing on Amazon – £26.00 – £200.00

Outdoor Climbing on Very – £299.00 – £330.00

Outdoor Climbing on Alibaba – $75.00 – $2000.00

Outdoor Climbing on Smyths Toys – £7.00 – £330.00

Outdoor Climbing on Little Bugs Co – £305.00

Outdoor Climbing on John Lewis & Partners – £125.00 – £800.00

With these inside and outdoor toddler activity triangle climbing, you can give your child the ability to move many muscles. To also challenge themselves. There are many options you can choose from depending on how challenging you want it to be.

Also suitable for older children, so it can be used even afterwards.


Swings on Etsy – £50.00 – £250.00

Swings on John Lewis – £125.00 – £800.00

Swings on Smyths Toys – £7.00 – 330.00.

Swings are also a good way of having fun. If you own a garden or a backyard you can fix the swings outside and let your toddler have a nice experience.

Some of these swings involve climbing which is a good way of keeping them more active. The swings are suitable for all toddlers.

Toddler Vehicles.

Riding A bicycle or scooter is also a good way of getting your toddler to be active. This can be an activity you both can do during spring and summer.

Toddlers love going out and riding a bicycle so it’s a good way of keeping them active, and not be bored in the house, especially at these times.

A ride on car is loved by many parents. Use it in a park or outside your backyard. If you don’t have a backyard, why not take your toddler for a stroll through the neighbourhood?


Toddler bicycles on eBay.

Toddler bicycles on Amazon.

Toddler bicycles from Kiddies-kingdom.


Scooters on eBay.

Toddler scooters on Amazon.

Toddler Scooter on Very.

Toddler Scooters on John Lewis.

Toddler Scooters on  Argos.


Toddler cars on eBay.

Toddler cars on Amazon.

Out n About.

When you are out and strolling with your toddler what kind of activities do you do? There are many things you can come up with, you will need toys to add more fun.

Some of these activities are not about getting your toddler running, but it’s to make them figure out things and to develop their brains. Good tasks for their development.

Scavenger Hunt.

Are you ready for a scavenger hunt with your little one? You can use these different toys to hide and let your little one find them. It builds interest and they will love to play outside:

Toys from Kiddies-kingdom:

Go Camping.

Go out and camp with your toddlers or toddler. It can be anywhere, your back garden or backyard. Anywhere that feels safe and quiet for you. It’s for them to play and have fun. See a list of things you can buy:

Camping equipment from Uberkids.

Go Sledding.

Sledging activities are both fun and interesting. A good way to keep your toddler wanting to go out. It’s also fun for you. See these sledgings that’s safe for your toddler to use:


Drawing Outside.

Drawings can be done both inside and outside by using different papers or objects. While on a family picnic or just sitting outside you can come up with creative things for your toddler to do. See below on chalks you can use everywhere.

If you want ideas on what your toddler can draw either use your phone or visit this post.

Sidewalk chalks on Amazon.

Playing With Balls.

Playing with balls, either football, basketball, etc. It’s also a way of keeping your toddler entertained and active. Just a simple task every day to keep your toddler busy. See the list of games or balls you can use:

Play balls and accessories from Uberkids.

Sandbox & Snowcastle.

Whether you have to build your own sandbox at home or you intend for your toddler to play in the park, a bucket and a shovel will be needed. If it’s winter then you can use it to build a snow castle.

A Pail (Bucket).

Take this bucket and spade with you wherever you decide to go. Is easy to clean and can be used when camping, playing in the sandbox or building a snow castle. See the best options:


A spade

Enjoy Fun Activities.

What activity toy do you think your child will like the most? And if so why? I love to know in the comment section.

Remember activities don’t always have to involve moving a lot. They can also involve sitting and coming up with drawings or something else. Is just to get them moving. It can also be to improve their hand to eye coordination.

If you want more ideas on outdoor activities visit the post by clicking the link.

Most of these activities don’t involve you buying anything it’s just to keep your toddler busy and engaging.

By visiting the post you will also find information on why keeping your toddler busy is important.

When engaging in an activity with your toddler try making it interesting, and fun as much as possible. That way your toddler will more be engaged and have a better and nice experience.

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