10 Toddler Gross Motor Activities – Both Fun and Educational.

Whether you are searching for what activities your toddler needs to do, when it comes to gross motor skills, or you are wondering what gross motor activities are, then you will get your answer.

Do you have a busy toddler in your hands, and you want to entertain them? There are many ways you can do it, and gross motor activities are of course one of them.

So, buckle up you are in for a ride. If you are interested in viewing fun summer activities for your toddler, for more information then see the link. I have also written reviews on toys that will suit your little one.

What Are Gross Motor Activities?

So, what are gross motor activities? Gross motor activities are skills that require the big muscle in your body to move. This means your whole body moves.

It’s not only about eye to hand coordination or moving your legs, but it’s about moving the whole body. Walking it’s an example of gross motor activity.

We all do it every day, well most of us. The other skills can example be:

  • Running.
  • Jumping.
  • Riding.
  • Swimming.
  • Exercising.
  • Balance movements.
  • Playing.
  • Throwing.
  • Catching.

These are the activities children or toddlers are most common doing. When it comes to older children or adults the movements are many or activities.

Young children should have limits because they are still young, and little. We should not exhaust them with too many activities and different ones too.

Toddlers are between 1 to 5, so it’s best to keep what’s good in their age. I usually focus on 2 to 4 years.

Why Toddlers Need Gross Motor Activities.

According to studies toddlers need to be active 3 hours a day to have good physical health. It does not mean you have to keep your toddler active for 3 hours continuously.

What it means is that your toddler needs to be active 3 hours a day, it does not matter how you lay it out. You can start with minor exercises in the morning for 15 minutes, and then run a bit for 10 minutes.

You decide how you will lay it out because after all, you know your child better than everyone else. You can always watch videos on YouTube about how others train with their kids.

Think about the age of your child. They are still babies if you think about it. Using easy methods is a must. Doing a simple task can also be considered a gross motor activity.

It does not have to be a high tempo activity for it to be considered gross motor activity. All we need is to be active, to have a physical and even a mental well being.

These skills will help them when they start school or as they are growing up. They will learn to wear clothes, go to the bathroom, eat and drink, be organised and also be fit.

Many more benefits are included. View this website for more information.

1. Running Up and Down The Stairs.

This is an activity your toddler will love doing because it’s fun and easy to do. If you have stairs at home time your toddler to run up and down.

It involves moving their whole body. It will strengthen their legs, arms and will give them a good condition. They will have the energy to do a task at home or when they start school.

Don’t do it too much because it can be hard on your small child. I am not a medical expert, so I can’t tell you when and how much, but you know your child.

See what they can handle.

2. Jumping On A Trampoline.

You can also make your little one jump on a trampoline. If you have a garden at home then you can buy a small trampoline for your 4-year-old.

This method I believe can be dangerous for your 2 to 3 year old. Well, you know your child so decide if they can handle jumping like this.

Trampolines are also used to exercise the legs and the whole body. It will teach them balance. It’s also good if you want to burn some calories like the other activity above.

It’s good to keep them fit. Besides, it’s an outdoor toy, so siblings or friends will love being on it. Creates a fun activity for the whole family.

3. Balancing On A Bridge.

A balanced activity moves the whole body. You need to learn to even your body parts. Legs, arms, hips, head, etc. It does not involve a high tempo activity.

It’s slow, but need you to be concentrated. A perfect start for your toddler to learn to be calm and relax. Most toddlers are always moving and jumping.

Make them balance to practice calmness and concentration.

4. Playing A Sport.

Whether it’s basketball, football or handball it involves good gross motor skills. Not all sports involve you moving your body, so pick these I stated or others.

It can be something to do once or twice a week. These activities involve burning a lot of energy, so you have to be balanced in the activities.

As they grow older they will have more interest in sports, and then maybe you can increase the time. Sports are flexible. Your toddler can play in the park or at home.

5. Ride-On Toys.

Ride-on toys such as scooters and bicycles are good for your little one to use. They can start as early as even 1 1/2, but 2 years is perfect.

Riding these toys will make them move their whole bodies and also be able to balance well. It involves most of the legs. Take a bike ride with your child through the park or neighbourhood.

You can decide when to do it and how many times a week. I did a review of ride-on toys. Check the link if you are interested in buying.

6. Gymnastics.

This field is not why my field of expertise, but I have read it can also be something your toddler will love to do. If you are not familiar with what types of gymnastics toddlers can do search it up on YouTube.

It, of course, involves stretching the muscles and moving the body. A good way to keep your kid fit and active. You can also find online classes for this via Zoom because of the lockdowns.

7. Dance Activities.

Dancing, of course, is one of the best ways you can move your whole body. Children love to dance and it encourages them to keep away from phones or the TV.

You can do a game called dance-stop. Sing and a song and let your toddlers dance to it, and then stop singing. If somebody moves they are out of the game.

It was pretty popular a while back, and it’s something your toddler will have an interest in doing without a doubt. Keep it spread across the week the keep them interested.

8. Relay Race.

Relay race can be something of interest if you have many children, or two can be fine, but then you need to come with fun ideas.

Relay obviously involves running, but not only that. It also teaches you to concentrate and focus. You have an end goal, and it encourages the person to do it.

This one also is best suited for 4-year-olds above. Younger children are not that aware of what’s happening and the rule of the game. Depending on your toddler the age suitability can vary.

A good exercise for the whole body.

9. Cleaning.

How about cleaning? It does not sound that much of an activity. Well, it’s an activity that actually moves the whole body. When you are cleaning you are walking, lifting, balancing and stretching.

You are basically doing many things at once without really realising it. Your toddler can help you clean their room or clean other parts of the house.

cleaning does not require much energy, and it’s something that goes on a slow tempo, so your toddler will not feel tired. They will indeed learn many skills for this activity.

Lifelong skills that will benefit them. You will have extra help every week.

10. Obstacle Course.

An obstacle course is also one of the things your toddler will love to do. Just like cleaning this gross motor activity involves doing many things.

With obstacle courses, you can jump, run, balance, stretch. throw, catch and even dance. You can build obstacle courses outside or inside. Because your toddler is small doing inside won’t be a problem.

You can choose outside if you want to do bigger activities. Obstacle courses are limitless, and you can decide how you want to form them. Again, Youtube is a good place to start if you want ideas.


Which of these activities do you think your toddler will love doing? Why do you think they will do this? I will love to know your thoughts.

Gross motor activities are endless really. It also depends on what hobbies and activities you and your little one like. You can’t do all of these toddler gross motor activities because it will exhaust them, but choose the ones you think they can handle.

Like I stated above you alone know your child. Give them activities you know they will handle and they will benefit from.

If you need further ideas head to Activities for toddlers.

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