Toddler Books About Different Topics – Good for Developing Minds.

Is it time for you to buy your toddler their first books, or do you want new books to add to the ones you already have? Well, whatever it is I am here to list the books I have used and others I have done research on.

My toddler loves it when I read books to her. She always brings out her pile of books and wants me to read so she can learn. She even loves reading with her grandmother.

For this post, I am going to list toddler books about different topics. It can be about the alphabets, numbers, “My body”, phrases, etc.

I have done a review of 5 ABC books in more detail which I will list at the end. I will only focus on 2-4-year-olds, but some of these books might be for your 5-year-old.

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How Books Can Teach Your Toddler?

Let’s first begin by stating how books can teach your toddler. Well, in my own experience. With books, my toddler has learned the alphabet, colours and many words.

She did some of these before she was 2 and the rest when she was 2. Books make you interested and open up your mind to many things and activities.

This is even true for adults. By reading books you get to expand your knowledge. For your toddler is not about beginning to read and for many, not memorising neither.

It’s about learning new words, phrases, colours, recognising things, etc. Memorising some things is also good to develop their minds.

In conclusion books at this age should only help your toddler to draw, imagine, memorise, develop their vocabulary and get them active.

I used to worry about what I should teach my toddler, and I will be honest, I still do. It’s just better now, but a friend of mine reminded me of what was important and what to focus on.

Teach them these things and the rest will come later.

Why These Books?

Why did I focus on these books I am about to list you? It’s because first of all, I have used some of these and my mother-in-law had read one of these to my toddler.

I have also researched the rest and find it to be suitable for this age group. These Books only focuses on the important points I have mentioned above.

Not all of them are suited for your 2-year-old some of them are for older toddlers. Every child develops differently, so you can decide for yourself what suits your preschooler.

What next stage should they take? That’s entirely up to and your toddler. Parents know their children better and therefore can make better decisions.

1. My Body (First Explorers), £4.99

This book is a board book and has many pictures, but little text. It involves your toddler pushing, pulling and it has slides. Is to get them to learn about what happens in your body when you eat an Apple for example.

They will learn about their body parts like arms, legs, hands, head, etc. It has questions and tips for your toddler.

Some questions are for example “Can you see, toes, fingers and bones?” and “Can you point to a boy with curly hair?” Now your toddler will get more engaged with the book.

Its for them to explore and think. Developing their mind. Some tips can be for example “Eat well” showing you fruits and vegetables and “Keep fit, learn to swim”.

The book also provides information about the body in just a few phrases. Best suited for 3 years olds upwards.

It’s an activity book that will not only help your toddler learn about their outer body but also inner. They will tip and advice your toddler on many other things.

2. My First Word Book, At Home (Pictures and words for the very little), from £4.50.

I like this book a lot. It teaches your toddler new words on items at the house. When they are this young the house is where they spend most of their time.

So, it makes sense of learning the items at home. The book includes 9 categories. The kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room, playroom, bedroom, things to wear inside, time to eat and things around the house.

Each category shows your child what usually is in that place. For example, what’s in the bathroom? You will see soaps, towels, toothpaste, etc.

What’s in the kitchen? A microwave, a toaster, a teapot, etc. This is just the general knowledge of where things usually are, but of course, every house is different.

The idea is to teach them the words and for them to be familiar with these items. Suitable from 2 years old.

I couldn’t find the book for only the home. This one includes the garden as well. The images and words are the same as in my book.

3. Spots Says Goodnight, £5.03

My toddler loves when this book is being read to her by her grandmother. A bedtime storybook that’s suited for 2-5-year-olds.

If your little one has a problem sleeping maybe this book will help. It’s written to help your little one to have a nice sleep. It follows Spots the dog.

Before sleeping Spots has to say goodnight to all of his friends. He goes around and introduces new friends. Your toddler will learn about new animals and words.

The book has 22 pages and is thin. Little text,  many and colourful images for your little one to explore.

4. My Mindful Little One: Bedtime, £5.59

Time for bedtime and your little one has a problem sleeping? They are too busy thinking about tomorrow or their day. They have trouble sleeping.

This book is written by an expert to help you tuck your little one to bed. Free their minds and relax their body for better sleep. It has many pictures but few words.

The idea’s not for them to hear a long bedtime story, but to free their minds and learn new things along the way. Even helpful for parents who love to spend time reading together with little ones.

The book is meant to bring peace and calmness to those toddlers who have hard sleeping. Many toddlers do experience this and with my experience it’s normal.

5. Julia Donalds Songbirds, My Cat and Other Stories, £7.99

There are 6 stories in just 1 book. Written by experts and the book has been praised by many. I have seen the reviews and so far parents like it.

Time to teach your toddler new phrases, words and for them to explore many bright colours. You can read it when they are going to bed or during the day.

The books help your little one build phonics skills, and for them to be happy and smile. The stories rhyme and will help develop your child’s imagination.

My Other Reviews.

I have also detailed reviewed 5 ABC books for your little ones. These books are perfect for their little minds and they will make them learn easily.

It involves sensory activity and introducing favourite characters they are familiar with. Seeing different images than they are used to.

1. My First ABC (DK).

2. My First Word Book, ABC (Pictures and words for the very young)

3. ABC With Peppa Pig.

4. My ABC Mini Library.

5. ABC (Touch, Think, Learn)

Click the link above to view the reviews and images.

What do you think?

What are your opinions after reading through this post? Have you made up your mind on what you are going to buy for your toddler? Pick 2 books that you think your family will like to read.

Remember only you know your toddler, so choose the best book for them and see how well it will help them develop.

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