The Venicci Prams – Venicci Pram Reviews.

Venicci is famous for having fancy and luxurious strollers for many families. These strollers are mostly expensive because of the quality fabrics and design.

For this article, I will be comparing two Venicci prams. The difference between these two and then choose which of these two it’s best suited for many families.

Both of these include a car seat, so it’s a full travel system for the whole family. A 3in1 Travel System is always better to have and it’s cheaper to buy everything at once.

Let’s find out what these Venicci prams can offer your family.



About the Venicci Carbo Pram Travel System.

£710.00, Kiddies-kingdom.

Pram dimension: 

  • Pram Mode (unfolded) 95cm(L) x 110cm(H) x 61cm(W). Weight: 13kg. 

It’s a v3 special edition pram which makes it good and better than many prams out there. First, let look into the carrycot and pushchair.

The cot and car seat are suitable from birth up to 3 years. The pushchair seat is suitable from 6 months upwards. There’s a backrest to make things easier for your baby.

It enables your toddler to sleep and the seat offers other positions. The cot has features such as UPF50+ protection, it can be adjusted, a ventilation system, water-resistant fabrics, an apron and a mattress.

It will provide a cool and comfortable place for your baby to be in up to 6 months, in some cases, even more, depending on your baby’s height and weight.

Moving on to the seat you have multiple reclining positions as mentioned above. A legrest or calf rest, adjustable hood, 5 point harness system and it offers both forward and rear-facing.

Which makes it perfect for many lifestyles, especially the city. The Venicci Carbo pushchair has a leather made bumper bar, a height-adjustable handlebar, and it has easy click mode.

This means it’s easy to attach and detach cot. Now moving on to the car seat. It’s suitable from birth up to 30kg which is more than what many car seats offer.

It’s usually up to 15kg. It’s lightweight, has a harness system and padded fabrics. It also offers side protection from impacts just like any other car seat.

The handle can be adjusted to make it easier for the parent and the car seat matches with the pram. It weighs 3kg which makes it one of the lightest car seats.

Other additional accessories are changing bag, insect net and a rain cover. You get the whole bundle.

About the Venicci Shadow Pram Travel System.

£799.00, Samuel johnston.

Pram dimension: 

  • Pram Mode (unfolded) 95cm(L) x 110cm(H) x 61cm(W). Weight: 13kg. 

Just like the one above this a big spacious carrycot suitable from birth up to 6 months. The Shadow pushchair comes in more than one colour and is suitable for your baby up to 3 years.

This carrycot offers an adjustable hood or canopy, a ventilation system behind the canopy, a soft mattress, apron and UPF50+ protection, etc.

Keeping your little one safe from the sun and even other weather conditions. The seat offers a backrest just like the one above, and it also has multiple reclining positions.

Adjustable handlebar and canopy, bumper bar and handle made with leather, both rear and forward-facing, etc. The car seat is suitable from birth up to 10kg which is less than most car seat around 15kg.

It has side impact protection and a safety harness. Also, adjustable handle and head support like most car seats have. With this travel system, your family is set for a long journey.

The Shadow car seat weighs 3kg just like the one above. The pushchair is also suitable with Maxi Cosi car seats. Included in the purchase are changing bag, insect cover, a cupholder and a rain cover.

The Differences Between These Two.

1. Difference in Car Seat Weight.

Although these two are identical in their features and design the car seat they come with differ. Venicci Carbo offers your family a car seat that’s lightweight but also is suitable for up to 30kg.

The Shadow offer a car seat that’s suitable for up to 10kg. Like I stated above that’s under 15kg which most car seat offer. Mine is suitable up to that weight.

This is roughly 12 months, it can be more or less depending on your baby. My toddler used it for more than 12 months. This is of course a major difference for some parents.

Using the car seat makes the stroller lighter than 13kg. 13kg is heavy and far away from being lightweight. So, using the car seat for more than 12 months can be useful.

2. Difference in Price.

Although this does not affect the features and design of the prams or travel systems it is still a difference. The Venicci Carbo cost more than the Venecci Shadow even though they offer the same features.

It’s much cheaper and this can be a deciding factor for many parents. These travel systems are already expensive so, having a cheaper one will make things easier.

You save money.

3. Difference in Colour.

Both of these offer different colours. The price also depends on the colour of the pram. Both of these offer the colour grey but they differ in shades.

The Venicci shadow offers a black colour too which the other doesn’t have. Depending on your taste this difference can make a deciding factor for your and your family.



Which One is Better?

Why the Venicci Carbo Travel System Can Be Better.

I think I have already mentioned the reasons above. The dark grey colour can be the reason for parents to want it. This one is a V3 special edition that differs from the Shadow travel system.

It’s newer and therefore more expensive. The maximum weight on the car seat can also make it better. Your infant can use it up to 30kg.

Both the car seats weigh the same and have the same features, but the factors above can make many parents choose the Venicci Carbo Travel System.

Why the Venicci Shadow Travel System Can Be Better.

So, this one offers a lighter grey and it also has a black colour other than that it has the same features. It seems to be older than the former.

The Venicci Shadow Travel System is also cheaper than the latter depending on what colour you choose. The black colour is cheaper than the light grey.

So when it comes to this one the features are not a deciding factor, but the design and price are.

It looks like the Venicci Shadow Travel System takes the cake. It’s more convenient for families all over the world.

Potential Cons.

The first con that’s easy to notice is the heavyweight. If you love using public transport or travelling then these Venicci prams are not the best options.

They are both around 13kg which is super heavy. Some double strollers weigh that much. It won’t be easy carrying it around to places.

The price can also be a problem. Although it’s a bundle with a lot of accessories it is still expensive and the accessories are not the best quality.

It’s still expensive compared to many brands and also cheap compared to other fancy and luxurious prams. The prams are also single strollers, so they can’t be converted into double strollers.

If you happen to have a baby on the way while your toddler still needs a pushchair a stroller board can help. If not, then you will have to buy a new double stroller.

The pram itself is expensive because of the brand, quality fabrics and detailed design, but it does not offer all features. Wheels are not all-terrain and you don’t have puncture-proof tyres.

The shopping basket is small and won’t help you that much. On top of that, the colours are limited. Meaning only dark and usual colours are available with these models.

The pram seats are suitable from 6 months upwards. Although they come with carrycots and car seats they can still be considered as a con. If the seats were suitable from birth that would have made things easier for you.

You don’t always have to bring a car seat or carrycot with you. It’s heavier with the cot, so the seat would have been easier for the first 6 months.

The age suitability is up to 3 years which is good, but many toddlers need the stroller more than that. You don’t know how your toddler will turn out to be.

Having the suitability of up to 4 years is better.

Two Stylish Prams for the Family.

So, there you have it, parents. These two travel systems are not for every family, but they still are for many families. It offers incredible and useful features for your baby and the whole family.

The price is a bit, but it will be worth it with the features it comes with. After the purchase, you won’t need anything else because all of the important features and accessories are included.

These Venicci Prams will be perfect for the Family. What do you think? Will your family love these two travel systems or not? Which of these is your favourite, and why?

If you are interested in viewing another Venicci pram to compare with these then view my review on the Venicci Gusto. 



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