The Venicci Pram – Venicci Gusto Review.

Venicci is also a brand that comes with high-quality prams, that many in the UK love. It competes with Icandy and Silver Cross in the market (others too).

If you require a stroller for your little bundle of joy then the Venicci Pram can be ideal for them. A baby travel system for them to use from birth up to toddler hood.

For this review, I have chosen the Venicci Gusto 2in1 travel system to review. I will be detailing the pros and point out the cons to you.

A quick comparison is also always involved to give you an idea of how well this one is performing in the market. It’s compared with similar prams.

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  • Venicci Gusto 2.0 it’s suitable from birth up to 15kg (3 or 3 1/2 years).
  • Lighter chassis.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • The seat has many reclining positions.
  • Extendable canopy.
  • Adjustable calf rest.
  • 5 point harness system with height adjustment.
  • All suspension, swivel lockable wheels and all-terrain.
  • Leather made.
  • Handlebar (adjustable) and bumper bar (easy realise) are upgraded.
  • Easy fold mechanism.
  • DMS and SAS system.
  • UPF50+ fabrics.
  • Water-resistant
  • Carrycot has excellent features.
  • Easy to fix a seat on frame (according to them).
  • Available in many colours.

The Venicci Pram: Pushchair Review.

Product: Gusto 2.0 Pram.

Price: £669.00

Size of the Product: L102 x H110-112 x W51 (cm) approx. (Pram dimension).

Delivery: Multiple options, no delivery outside of the UK.

My Rating: 9/10.

Wow! Where do I begin? When researching to write this one I was just amazed at how good the baby travel system is. Suitable from birth with the carrycot up to 15kg with the seat.

Let’s talk more about the cot below. The seat offers you the ability to have reclining positions for your toddler. A place for them to sit, sleep and play.

Although it does not lie flat, your toddler can still adjust it enough to lie comfortably. When used with the adjustable calf seat then they are set to sleep for hours.

Forward and rear-facing, both of these options are available. Let your little one view the world or you. Having both options allows them to see different views and it also plays well with their development.

The canopy can be extended also and it has a ventilation system. Allowing an airflow. Perfect and healthy for newborns and very good for summer.

If you live in a very hot area then this is ideal during summer days. 5 point harness system is always included in the purchase of strollers.

It comes with pads and can be height adjusted to accommodate babies and toddlers. The pads keep the pushchair clean and well preserved.

Always good for pushchairs to have. When talking about the fabrics you will be much pleased. You have UPF50+ protection which means they absorb the sun’s UV better.

Giving your child better protection. The fabrics are also well designed and water-resistant. Making things easier for you because it’s important to have these kinds of fabrics.

More Features.

What’s left is the amazing frame with its features. The upgraded version has a lighter frame around 13kg with the cot which is still heavy but better than the older version.

You have an adjustable handlebar and a removable bumper bar made with leather. Giving you a stylish look and perfect for the urban lifestyle.

An adjustable handlebar is very good when going up a hill. I have experienced how easy it is for the one pushing. It’s also good for tall parents.

You don’t have to restrain your back and even for those who are short. The pram does seem to be good and can accommodate many families.

According to the manufacturer’s the seat is easy to attach to the frame. With easy click mode. Making it faster and easier for the parent.

Moving on the wheels and tyres. You have all suspension wheels that give you good manure. All-terrain tyres to use on any ground.

Get ready for the upcoming adventures because they are many. Lockable swivel front wheels enable good usage in narrow streets and keep the stroller steady.

What makes the wheels also excellent are the two systems. The front wheels won’t spin when lifting the front side of the side pushchair placing it on another surface.

This feature is super good which enables you to have better manure. The wheels will remain steady allowing you to have better control.

Another feature is the shock-absorbing tyres which mean they affirm when pushing on difficult grounds. Hence, the name all terrain.

Otherwise, it will very difficult, if not impossible to push that stroller on rough grounds. This is the reason why many pushchairs are not easy to use everywhere.

Mine included, which is unfortunate because it restricts the places you can visit. Not the beach for sure! You have an easy fold mechanism but not compact.

Venicci Pram: Carrycot Review.

Time to view the carrycot and see what it has to offer. The cot can be used from birth up to 6 months. This depends on your child.

Some babies might reach here, for others it’s perfect and you also have tiny babies which can surpass up to 7 months maybe.

The cot is big and spacious and offers soft mattres. It has 4 reclining positions. Good for your baby to lie flat and secured. The cot can be used to swing your child.

Meaning rock them to sleep and it will be good for night time( my idea). If they are kept near you it will fine, and making it easy for you.

Just like the seat fabrics the cot also has UPF50+ protection and water-resistant fabrics or weather resistant. Makes it last longer and can be used for your future kids.

An investment well spent. About the overnight sleep I just mentioned, do you know what will make it better? An extendable canopy with a ventilation system.

It provides a quiet and pleasant environment to be in, especially for newborns who are more in need of that. Other accessories are cotton liner, leather made bar and a detachable apron.

Just like the seat, the cot is also said to have an easy attach and detach mode on the frame. Excellent for those who in a hurry.

I always find it frustrating with this feature on my pushchair. Does not help me at all when I am in hurry. That’s why knowing before buying, can help relieve stress to many.

A car seat is available for you to buy separately to transform it into a 3in1 travel system.

Additional Accessories.

The pram travel system comes with other accessories which will be useful for the whole family. You have a footmuff to offer warmth during winter.

A rain cover which is perfect to have for weather protection, and not only rain. The wind and cold and even the sun sometimes. A changing bag is also included.

We all know changing bags are a must so, it’s good you will have that done. A mosquito cover is included as well. It will make it easy to use where ever you go.

A cover for the wheels to keep them clean and safe. Enables you to use them for years to come. A cup holder for those afternoon teas or coffees.

With all of these, you are definitely set for years. You have all your baby needs and being a mother I can testify to that. This pram system is the goal, hence I gave it a 9/10.



  • The Gusto 2.0 is highly expensive. Which is a downer for many.
  • Heady as well when using with the cot, which makes it not easy to travel with and carry.
  • No, carry straps either to make it easier.
  • Not compact fold which makes it not easy to store in your house or boot.
  • The seat is not suitable from birth. Other Popular Prams have this option.
  • Only suitable up to 15kg which is good but not the best. Many toddlers will still be needing to use the stroller.
  • Can’t be converted into a double stroller so you either buy a stroller board or buy a new one, if you have another baby later on.

The Venicci Gusto 2.0 Pram vs Other Popular Prams.

What other prams are out there in the market? After reading through the review you can clearly see that the Gusto 2.0 pram has indeed quality.

For this comparison, I chose the Silver Cross Wayfarer Pram and the Bugaboo Fox 2. Both of these prams are more expensive than the Gusto 2.0 pram but they have many similarities.

It has a similar price to the Wayfarer, but the Silver Cross is more expensive if you minus some accessories.

Let’s see if the Gusto 2.0 does stand a chance and why it can still be chosen in the market.

Gusto 2.0 Pram vs Silver Cross Wayfarer.

These two of course differ in style and colour pattern. Both are prams with different fabrics but has many features in similar. These are:

  • Suitable from birth with the cot. Lie-flat position.
  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Perfect for urban life.
  • Travel System ready.
  • All suspension and lockable swivel wheels.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Offers big canopy with UPF50+.
  • Easy fold.
  • Adjustable handlebar made with leather (bumper be too).

Major features are similar which makes both stand out. The Wayfarer has a one-hand fold and offer a more compact fold but still bulky.

Has reversible seat liner from bamboo, a zipped apron for more space, offer bigger basket and canopy. The tyres are puncture proof and it’s suitable for up to 25kg. (This again depends on your child).

With the Gusto 2.0 pram, you have all-terrain tyres and shock-absorbing tyres, adjustable calf rest, the canopy is extendable, water-resistant fabrics and you have more colours to choose from.

The Gusto 2.0 pram is cheaper and lighter just 500g lighter which still counts for many.  I rated both of these 10/10 because I think they are both perfect for many lifestyles.

If I were to choose I think the Gusto 2.0 pram wins. It’s lighter and cheaper and it has a calf rest, although it lacked the age suitability of up to 25kg.

Gusto 2.0 Pram vs Bugaboo Fox 2.

These two also differ but more so than the former. The fox 2 has a much bigger carrycot and known for its luxurious design. However, they do share similar features and these are:

  • Suitable from birth.
  • All-terrain tyres.
  • All suspension.
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • A ventilation system.
  • Carrycot offers soft mattress and fabrics.
  • Travel System.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Reclining positions.
  • 5 point harness.

The Fox 2 offers a higher seat, puncture-proof tyres, peek a boo, ergonomic handle and the carrycot has more cushioned fabrics.

The wheels can be removed to allow a better steer and it can be steered with one hand. One piece of the two-piece fold. A bigger basket and carrycot offers pockets.

By viewing above we know that the Gusto 2.0 pram offers water-resistant fabrics, shock-absorbing tyres and a DMS system. The stroller has a legrest, it’s cheaper and offers more colours.

The canopy can also be extended. The Bugaboo Fox 2 however weighs less around 12kg which is much less. The Fox 2 is better when it comes to features and weight.

However, the pushchair is still heavy and it’s way more expensive than the former. It does lack certain features as well. So, the Gusto 2.0 pram does stand a chance.

Many will go for it. Will you be among them?

The Baby Travel System: Venicci Gusto 2.0 Pram.

I think this is an ideal 2in1 travel system many families will love having. What about your family? Will it be among them? What are your thoughts on this pram?

It is definitely one of the best prams I have researched and reviewed. Venicci always delivery luxurious and stylish prams which is what they are known for.

This model just came out so, so it has a new modern design look and a head-turner indeed.


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