The Uppababy Vista Double Stroller – Uppababy Vista 2019 Review.

Uppababy was founded by a couple not that many years ago, like the Bugaboo brand but it has risen to popular among many people worldwide.

Both in the UK and the US. People are loving their newer versions of their strollers coming out every time. Parents are always searching to see which of these are good and better for their families.

I thought I will also contribute to helping families choose one of these popular strollers. For this review, I will write about the Visa 2019 Stroller.

Telling you the ins and outs of it. Meaning detailing the pros and pointing out cons. To see this versions true value, I will compare it to the Vista V2 which came out in 2020.

This one has been talked about and searched by many parents and online bloggers for parents. It’s super popular and as always rivals Bugaboo and Icandy.

I will therefore compare it to the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and Icandy Orange buggies. Buckle up you are in for a ride. Are you ready? Let’s get going then!

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  • Suitable from birth with the cot up to 4 years. (Seat from 6 months).
  • Both for the single, duo and twin usage.
  • Carrycot with its features.
  • Forward and rear-facing with all 3 modes.
  • Reclining positions on the seat.
  • Canopy with sunshade and UPF50+ protection.
  • A ventilation system with a zip.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Extended handlebar with leather and bumper bar with leather.
  • All-terrain, shock-absorbing and puncture-proof tyres and wheels.
  • Folds easy and can stand on its own.
  • Aluminium and magnesium chassis.
  • Travel system.
  • Adapters and carrycot needed for double mode.
  • Extra accessories.
  • The basket takes up to 10kg.


Uppababy Vista Double Stroller: Buggy+Chassis Review.

Product: Uppababy Vista Pram.

Price: £979.00 (Pram).

Size of the Product: L91.4cm × H100.3cm × W 65.3

Extra Accessory: Uberkids, Click here. 

Delivery: Worldwide.

My Rating: 9.5/10.

The Vista model 2019 suitable from birth up to 22kg which is around 4 years of age. Starting with the seat you can use it from 6 months up to 4 years in a single mode.

The seat offers reclining positions for your baby which allows them to relax and take it easy. Using all positions will enable them to sleep, sit upright and have a place to play.

Vista seat canopy offers an extended sunshade or also called visor. With a ventilation system and UPF50+ protection. Gives them a cool place to sleep.

A harness system with chest pads to keep your baby safe and secured. The pads are also there to keep the harness clean which will make it last longer.

The seat also offers forward and rear-facing. This is for all 3 modes whether you using it for twins, a single baby or children of different ages.

One more feature that makes this feature super good is the height-adjustable seat. With adapters, you are available to adjust the height of the seat

Having your baby near you which many top strollers don’t offer. An example is Bugaboo Cameleon 3. Many tend to overlook this feature, but I wished mine had this feature.

There were many times I wished my toddler was closer to me so could give them something when I needed it. It’s also for security reasons.

More Features.

Moving on to the chassis or frame. It’s made with aluminium and magnesium reminding me of the Silver Cross Wave tandem pushchair.

Both are classics. This makes the buggy lighter at 12kg. You have a luxuriously designed handlebar and bumper made from leather.

The handlebar can be extended to help parents. A super helpful feature that I find makes it easier to push. I always love using mine and it brings me comfort.

If this not your first baby then you know what I am talking about. You have all-terrain tyres, punctured proof tyres and shock-absorbing tyres.

Easy wheels to use on any ground. It helps you keep the pushchair steady when using on rough grounds. Uppababy Vista offers an easy fold and the chassis stands on it is when folded.

Uppababy also gives you a basket that takes up to 5kg of weight. With adapters, you are ready to transfer it into a travel system. Car seats from Maxi Cosi, Nuna and Cybex.

Also suitable with its car seat. The mesa infant car seat. The Vista is also available in more than one colour.

Uppababy Vista 2019: Carrycot + Accessories.

Moving on to the carrycot. It’s suitable from birth like mentioned above, and up to 9kg. This is more than what many carrycots offer which is up to 6 month. (Although this differs from baby to baby).

Perfect for your twins or single baby. The cot also has a sunshade, UPF50+ and ventilation from an extended zip. It’s spacious and provides a soft mattress for your babies.

Statement from the manufacturers indicates it can be used for overnight sleep. When your baby or babies happen to sleep there no need to wake them up.

Let them sleep and place them near you. With the features it comes with the cot is perfect for just that. The cot has an inner liner that’s resistant to water.

Keeping it dry and protected and a stand is available to buy. If you don’t trust keeping your baby on the floor the stand is excellent to have them higher.

One hand is needed to attach and detach it from the frame. Very comfortable and easy for the parent and Vista is praised for its 7 configurations.

It’s easy to set them all up.

Adapters with either an extra cot or seat will turn it into a double mode. What you choose depends on your situation. Are you having twins or another single baby?

When bought through the link you also got:

  • Carrycot storage bag and insect shield.
  • Rain cover for the seat.
  • Insect cover for the seat.



  • Highly expensive, even for the single-mode. So the double will cost a lot.
  • No, peek a boo window and backrest.
  • No adjustable calf rest.
  • The basket weight capacity is not the best. Some have up to 10kg.
  • Reported to be hard to steer with double mode through narrow spaces. Some recommend it only to be used as a single-mode.
  • Hard to reach the basket when using double mode and it’s much harder when using two cots. This is the main problem for all tandem pushchairs.
  • Not compact when folded and although it’s lighter than many double strollers it’s still heavy.
  • No lockable front swivel wheels and no all-wheel suspension.

Uppababy Vista 2019 vs Uppababy Vista V2.

So, people usually compare with older versions to give you an idea, but I sometimes do it differently. Let’s compare it with a newer version, which by the way has a big price difference.

The Vista still has its place in the market because it offers the same major features as the old version. Let’s look into the differences.

We first discover that the Vista V2 offers a higher seat adjustment for your little one, and it comes with a new feature which is the calf rest.

Both the seats and carrycots canopies have more extended UPF50+ protection. It offers even better protection from the sun’s UV.

The canopy can make it easier for your child to come near you and the 5 Point Harness system height can be adjusted in the new one.

The new one also offers all-wheel suspension, a bigger basket which can take up 13kg of weight and it has an extra pocket to store things.

Vista 2 seat is suitable from 3 month which differs from the other one from 6 months upwards. That’s it, parents, these are the main difference. If you ask me I will say it’s not much.

They share similarities in the main and important features. If you use the Vista you will still be able to use the stroller anywhere.

The only downside is the calf rest and the extra storage it comes with. Regarding the seat suitability that does make a difference because you can still use the cot up to 9kg.

Many parents use the cot until their children outgrow it which is not 3 months. The other features the Vista already offers them, might be in lower case but it’s still there.

The Vista is cheaper of course so that also adds to its favour. Well, parents although the Vista V2 is better you won’t miss out on the former.

Uppababy Vista Double Stroller 2019 vs Other Strollers.

So, we know the Vista is popular which makes it competitive, and its competitors are, as mentioned above the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and the Icandy Orange.

The Cameleon 3 is not a double stroller, but the Orange is. I will only compare the pushchair with the Cameleon pushchair, and compare the Vista double with the Icandy Orange Double.

Vista 2019 Pushchair vs Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Classic Plus.

When comparison strollers bugaboo and Uppababy are always compared because they both compete in the market for providing the best strollers.

Did you know both brands are not that old? Still, they have spread to many and are still spreading. These two models share many features with their single modes.

These similarities are:

  • Travel system ready.
  • All puncture-proof tyres and shock absorbing.
  • Reclining position.
  • Suitable from birth with cot
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Big sun canopy and UPF50+ protection.

The Cameleon+ is also an upgraded version just like the Vista 2019 version. It offers all suspension wheels, wheels can be removed to clean and the smaller wheels can be removed to offer an easier push on rougher grounds.

The cot is bigger and the 5 point harness can be adjusted to accommodate babies. Also, a bumper bar that’s swivel and the fabrics are washable.

Moving on to what the Uppababy Vista offers. The seat is height adjustable, offers a ventilation system, both magnesium and aluminium chassis and the bars are made with leather.

The age suitability is up to 22kg as well.

The Vista single-mode weighs more and it’s more expensive than the Cameleon plus. If you analyse only the single stroller then Camaleon 3 Plus looks more promising because of the price and weight.

Both win because the Vista offers more useful features and it can be converted into a double stroller.

Vista 2019 Double Stroller vs Icandy Orange Double Stroller.

Both of these are tandem pushchair that offers one of the best tandem buggies out there. They differ in design but has the same style. Some of these other similarities are:

  • Travel system ready.
  • Carrycot up to 9kg.
  • Ventilation system and extended zip.
  • Forward and rear-facing.
  • Reclining positions.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Elevated seat.
  • Adjustable handlebar.

The Orange has a convertible carrycot which saves you a lot of space. The canopy has a peek boo window also. It offers rear and front suspension wheels and the age suitability for the single is up to 5 years. (25kg, depends on your child).

A swivel bumper bar is also available and one extra pocket behind the seat. The Orange is cheaper with the single and double mode.

The Vista has a bigger carrycot with its features that the Orange carrycot lack. Has a bigger canopy and more excellent design fabrics.

Leather bars, all-terrain wheels, shock-absorbing tyres and puncture-proof tyres. It has aluminium and magnesium chassis and weighs 500g less than the Orange.

It can also stand on its when folded making it easier to store and travel with. Yet, again both of these take the first position. I believe they have features that complement each other.

Although the Vista is more expensive, it has features that make it worth it. It all depends on your lifestyle and choices. What is more important for the family?

The 2019 Vista Still Has its Place in the Market.

Do you agree or disagree? Buying this stroller will make things easier for you and your family. Although it’s expensive it will provide one of the best experiences.

Statement from many parents who have used it. Better with single-mode than double, but the double-mode is still there to suit your babies needs.

Some double strollers are only suitable for twins others only for children of different ages, but this one is for all which makes it excellent and therefore will remain on the top.

Solves your problem in many situations you are in.


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  1. Wow. I honestly had no idea how complex strollers could be. I had always imagined just a basket on wheels. I was super wrong there. I loved how in-depth you got explaining all of the different features and accessories. Thank you for being transparent with the list of pros and cons as well. A very well-done article. Nice work! 

    • Hi Chase. Yes strollers are getting complex and it’s a big pro for parents with different lifestyles. Thanks for dropping by. 

  2. Hi Fatoumata. Thank you for very interesting review. Recently I was looking for double stroller, and for sure your post will save me lot of time. To be fair I haven’t heard before about Uppababy products, but looking on your post its definitely premium, high quality stroller. Its not cheap, but I like the design and its adjustability. Looking forward to test it in practice.


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