Uppababy Mesa Car Seat Review.

You have probably heard of this car seat, and you want to know what the hype is about? Is it that good, they make it out to be or is it just ordinary.

When doing searching on this car seat I have read how good it is, and how well parents like it. So, there must be some kind of truth to the hype.

There are also cons and I will detail them to you. In this post, I will review the Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat, and compare it with three car seats to see if it’s truly amazing.

It’s car seats from other quality brands. These reviews are not always based on my research, but also on my experience with similar features.

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  • Performance.
  • The Mesa Infant Car Seat.
  • Cons.
  • Compatibility To Strollers.
  • The Mesa Infant Car Seat vs Other Car Seats.
  • A Demonstration of its Usage.


  • It has side impact protection.
  • A ventilation system.
  • Detailed designed and well-adjusted harness system.
  • The headset is height adjustable.
  • The fabrics are fresh and easy to breathe on.
  • X-large canopy sun with UPF25+.
  • EPP foam and memory in the headrest.
  • Fabrics are removable.
  • Added quality materials to the fabrics.
  • A slim handlebar.

The Mesa Infant Car Seat.

Product: Mesa Infant Car Seat.

Price: £199.99

Size of the Product: 

  • Weight: 4.3kg
  • 68.6L x 43.2W x 58.4H cm.

Orientation: Rear and Forward facing.

The Place to Buy: Kiddies-kingdom, Click here.

Extra Accessory to use with: A base.

Delivery: Multiple Options.

My Rating: 10/10.

One thing about this car seat I truly love is the orientation. It’s rear and forward-facing. All car seats I have reviewed in the past are only rear face.

A rear and forward face enable your baby to enjoy both views. They are more likely to love your daily strolls if they can view the world.

Suitable from birth up to 14 months the mesa car seat is compact with beneficial features. When looking at the design inside the seat has side impact protection.

You can even feel it by touching it. It’s absorbent and soft. You also have outer layers fixed for a place your baby can lay down.

There’s are headrest that is height adjustable. The more your baby grows the more you will need it. If not they risk always sliding down, and not well seated.

I know all about that. The harness system is nicely intact and also adjustable. it’s there to protect your baby’s whole body. The shoulders and the buttocks are what’s most important.

The Uppababy car seat has a ventilation system meaning, the fabrics are easy to around. Fresh air circulates to make breathing better for your baby.

This is of course more important for newborns than it is for bigger babies.

More Features.

You have EPP foam and memory in the headset. So-called  “Expanded Polypropylene” foam is a foam bead that has extreme absorbent, and that has resistance to the elements or any kind of attack it might endure.

The material makes the headset last longer and gives good protection for the baby’s fragile head. A large canopy with sun cover that also comes with UPF25+ protection.

Your baby also gets protection from the heat, and also minor rain. The canopy can be completely removed to allow more fresh air.

There are days you will want a no canopy car seat so that your baby can view more of the outside world. When the fabrics get dirty some of them are removable.

Wash it and the rest you can take a wet towel to clean them. Last but not least the handlebar is slim and looks easy to carry.

Suitable for most cars with the help of the base? or by using the cars 3 point harness system strapping it.

The handle should have nice material to grab on or otherwise, it can become a struggle for the parent. The seat is available in more than one colour.

Not only black which many car seats are available in. There’s a usage guard on the side instructing you what to avoid and do while placing the baby in the car.


  • With too many layers and fabrics, your baby might sweat, especially on summer days.
  • It’s only compatible with Uppababy Strollers.
  • It can be expensive.
  • The car seat does not look that big. Depending on your baby it might not be up 14 months.
  • There are lighter car seats, around 3kg+. This one is heavy.
  • It does offer more than one colour, but they are not bright. Which some parents won’t prefer.
  • The handles material is easy to grab, but it does not have soft foam on it. Some car seats offer this.

Compatibility with Strollers.

Unfortunately, the car seat is only compatible with the Uppababy car seats, which means this one is for your parents who already have or are planning to buy Uppababy strollers.

Is perfect for the Cruz single stroller and the Vista or Vista 2 convertible stroller. You don’t need adapters to install the seat on the strollers.

This is a bonus of course. The Uppababy Vista 2 convertible stroller can have two car seats inserted. So, if you are expecting twins it’s good to be able to use these two car seats.

The Mesa Infant Car Seat is also suitable with the Uppababy Minu stroller. The car seat matches perfectly well with all of these strollers.

When it comes to design and colours. It’s similar to the texture and quality. All of these are available to buy as 3in1 Travel Systems.

The Mesa Infant Car Seat vs Other Car Seats.

After reading the through you can see that the Mesa Infant Car Seat is indeed dynamic, and high quality. Is it the best car seat out there? Or are there any that can compete?

For this post, I will look at three car seats that I have reviewed before and compare them with them. The Maxi-Cosy Pebble Pro car seat, Tinca i-Size car seat and lastly Britax B-safe infant car seat.

Mesa Infant Car Seat vs Britax B-safe 35 Infant Car Seat.

Let’s first look at their similarities and these are:

  • Large canopy.
  • Suitable for all of their brand’s strollers.
  • Comfortable and soft fabrics.
  • Easy to breathe with.
  • Both can be heavy.
  • Absorbent side impacts protection.

These are the similarities. The Britax B-safe infant car seat offers more compatibility, a Click and Go system and an ergonomic handlebar.

The seat is also compatible with Bob and Duallie strollers which makes it more flexible. However, you will need adapters to use it.

The Mesa offers more features, as listed above, and it’s also cheaper. The Mesa Infant Car Seat takes the cake. Is also less heavy.

Base on my lifestyle, But others might prefer the B-safe infant car seat. The B-safe is only rear-facing though.

Mesa Infant Car Seat vs Pebble Pro Car Seat.

These two are more similar in look than the one above. These are the similarities:

  • Both have softly padded materials on the side.
  • Side protection.
  • Inlays for more comfort.
  • Head support.
  • Absorbent materials.
  • Suitable to fix on a base.
  • Offers more than one colour
  • 3 point harness system with chest pads.
  • Suitable for all of its brand strollers
  • Suitable for up to 14 months.

One thing that makes the Pebble Pro i-Size car seat good is that it’s suitable even for Quinny strollers. So, if you happen to own or plan to buy a Quinny stroller the car seat will be perfect for it.

The car seat is also cheaper than the Mesa Infant Car Seat and it does not have a canopy. Some parents might not mind and others do.

I will have to choose the Pebble Pro i-Size car seat not because is more high quality, but it’s cheaper and has more compatibility. Others won’t agree.

This car seat is also only rear face which is fine for car seats, again some parents might disagree.

Mesa Infant Car Seat vs Tinca i-Size Car Seat.

These two also look similar, and these are the similarities:

  • Suitable from birth up to 12 or 14 months.
  • Inlays fabrics.
  • Head support.
  • Sun canopy.
  • Side absorbent protection.
  • Available in more than one colour.
  • Compatible with only its brand.
  • Harness system with chest pads.

The Tinca i-Size car seat come with a seat cover, it’s more lightweight around 3.2kg, washable seat cover and it’s tinier. These are features the other stroller don’t have.

The Mesa Infant Car Seat, however, have better fabrics and materials and its sides are more absorbent. Breathable fabrics like mentioned above.

The Tinca i-Size car seat is also only rear-facing, but it’s much cheaper. If you forgot about the price the mesa is better, but otherwise they are equal.

Both will make life easier for your baby.

A Demonstration of its Usage.

How do you install the car seat in the car or the in the stroller? I haven’t used it before, but I have searched videos that will demonstrate it for you.

Installation on Stroller:

Installation in the Car:

After reading the post what are your thoughts concerning this car seat? Have you decided to buy it? Or have found better car seats?

Let me know in the comment section.

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