The Strollers for Babies – Babyzen YoYo 2 vs Cybex Eezy S Twist 2 Stroller.

Today, I decided to write about two lightweight travel systems for babies. These are perfect for babies and toddlers, but I decided to focus on your baby because most lightweight strollers are usually more for toddlers.

It’s also a comparison between the Babyzen YoYo2 and Cybex Eezy S Twist+ 2 travel systems. I will be detailing the pros. Tell you their differences, and tell you which of these two is the best one.

I will also point out some cons they may have. It’s for you to see the whole picture, and see if these will be best suitable for your baby and lifestyle.

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About the Babyzen YoYo2.

Product Dimensions: Folded: H52 x W44 x L18cm. Open: H106 x W44 x L86cm. (6.6kg). 

£499.00, Amazon.

The famous YoYo stroller that has been updated and introduced to you is the YoYo2 which is lightweight, and ideal for many lifestyles.

One thing that impresses me is the ability to push and handle the pushchair with just one hand. This stroller is designed uniquely, and not similar to many.

Let’s first start with the chassis also called a frame. It’s easy to fold with just one hand, and when folded it’s very compact. Easy to fit many places.

It’s said to fit in most aeroplane cabinets. It has all suspension wheels which makes it easy to handle, and easy to push on many terrains.

The normal straight handle is no more. Now the handle is bend, which is a bit unusual for a stroller but this one has it and it’s covered with leather.

It also has an additional accessory like the wrist loop. It makes it easier to handle the YoYo2 with just one hand. When folded, do you know you can carry it with the straps?

Well, it’s easier when using public transport. If you want to carry your baby with the baby carrier, then just fold the Babyzen stroller and carry it with you.

Don’t worry about the weight it’s just 6.6kg, not that heavy. The YoYo2 is advertised to have a high-quality frame/chassis. The buggy has good materials that will make last for years.

Aluminium, steel, fibreglass and technical plastics are what the materials are made of. It’s also made to be recycled which most don’t offer.

If you want to save the environment then Babyzen will help you out.

More Features.

Suitable from birth with the newborn pack and the carrycot/bassinet for up to 22kg with the seat unit (4 years). The so-called newborn pack is suitable for only up to 6 months, then you have to use the seat unit.

It has a lie-flat position and offers footwarmer. A pop-out canopy that has three positions and its covers can be washed. It has soft support and 5 point harness to keep the baby safe. (This can be bought separately)

The canopy can also be used for your baby. It offers a better experience with the baby because it can be removed to use as a bed. It also offers a double mattress to give the baby a comfy place to sleep in. (Comes with the link above).

Now moving on to the seat unit, which is suitable from 6 months upwards. You have a big seat with a big canopy and a zip pocket behind it and it also offers 5 point harness system.

The canopy offers UPF50+ sun protection. Forward and rear-facing, and a basket capacity of 5kg. With these accessories and features, your baby will be well looked after.

Also you are able to purchase a YoYo car seat separately, and the stroller is available in multiple colours.

About the Cybex Eezy S Twist+ 2.

Product Dimensions: Open: H:105cm W:45cm L:80.5cm. Folded: H:30.5cm W:47.5cm L:80.5cm. (Weight: 8.6kg). 

£464.89, Uberkids.

Suitable from birth with a Cocoon just like the one above or with a canopy or with the Aton M car seat. It’s usable for up to 22kg that’s 4 years of journey.

For this link, the car seat, footmuff, adapters and base are included in the purchase with the stroller. It offers multiple reclining positions with rotatable features.

A lightweight frame with big wheels and all suspension wheels. It will make the journey easy and smooth both for you and your baby.

Easy to fold by just using one hand. It’s convenient and easy to bring anywhere you go. You have 360-degree rotation on the seat.

It’s advertised not to have your baby on board while changing the angle. The seat canopy offers UPF50+ sun protection for your baby to be protected.

It has an adjustable handlebar and bumper bar to keep the baby safe. The handlebar is good for tall parents. The chassis also offers a one system brake in the middle.

A medium-size basket for you to use during your daily life. It has forward and rear-facing options.

Eezy S Twist+ 2 Accessories.

The carrycot is suitable from birth up to 6 months and as well has a big canopy with UPF50+ protection. A soft mattress to provide for the baby. (Bought separately)

You are also able to buy the Cocoon S separately which is also good for a tiny baby. Moving on to the famous Aton M car seat. It’s perfect for tiny and big babies and those in the middle.

It has 11 adjustable headrest position. Preventing small babies from tilting and falling off. You can adjust it as they grow up.

It offers foam side impact protection keeping your baby from getting hurt, in case any accidents happen. A canopy with UPF50+ protection and you able to remove the covers and wash them.

You also have the base to use. It’s a click mechanism and easy to fix. It has indications showing you if you have fixed it right or not.

As your baby grows up towards toddlerhood the base can be used for their type of car seats. No need for you to purchase a new base.

The Differences Between the Babyzen YoYo2 and Cybex Eezy S Twist+ 2.

1. The Eezy S Twist+ 2 Offers Rotation.

This one might not be a major difference but it makes this stroller stand out a lot. For the YoYo2 you must carry the seat for you to change positions which it’s a bummer.

It might also not be easy on others. The Cybex Stroller, however, offers you to rotate the seat with just one hand. You don’t have to have the problem of lifting the seat.

Although it might not be heavy for you it can be for others.

2. Cybex Stroller Seat is Suitable From Birth.

The Eezy S Twist+ 2 seat unit is suitable from birth, which means you can use the stroller without the carrycot and cocoon. Although it’s not the best experience.

You can only purchase the seat and car seat if you want a cheaper price. For the YoYo2  you must use the accessories for up to 6 months and then the seat unit.

It does not offer a lie-flat position just like the other one.

3. YoYo2 is Easier to Handle.

Although the Eezy S Twist+ 2 does offer amazing features, it says nothing about being easy to handle. YoYo2 can be pushed and handled with just one hand.

It’s lighter and offers a wrist loop to make the pushing much easier. It might not seem to be that major, but for many it does make a difference.

Parents want what easier for them to handle, and especially when it comes strollers. So, this is a major difference for many parents.



Which One Is Better?

Why the Babyzen YoYo2 Can Be Better.

Let’s first start with the reason I just mentioned above. It’s easier to handle than others so, parents will most likely go for it even if it lacks other features.

You can bring the YoYo2 with you when travelling. You don’t have to store it away and purchase another stroller, which will cost you more.

Just fold it and bring it along. You also have the straps to help you along. It’s much lighter than the former which is super good for many (from experience these are always easy to handle).

So, you have no problem carrying it around. It being lighter makes it easier to push when you visit some difficult places. You will appreciate it more when your baby grows up.

Their heavyweight won’t work well with heavy strollers. It also offers a slightly bigger hood that covers your baby even more. One of the reasons why is best suitable for babies.

You have a zip pocket behind the hood. It’s always mentioned to put your keys or phone there, but what about wipes, bibs, etc.

Make life easier for you and your baby. It also offers a slightly curved shopping basket. Easier to access and it’s a unique design.

The seat unit offers more space and even its carrycot is bigger. Bigger space means your baby has more space to move around, and it will be perfect for bigger toddlers as well.

Lastly, the frame. Packed with many good materials that are long-lasting, recyclable and easy to handle. You also get a 2-year guarantee from Babyzen.

Why the Cybex Eezy S Twist+ 2 Can Be Better.

All that’s mentioned above are reasons for that. The seat unit lies flat so it means you can only buy the Aton M car seat and then you are set. (Not the best experience, however).

The rotation option is the reason as well. Being able to rotate without carrying the seat is convenient for millions of parents out there.

It also offers multiple reclining positions more than the former stroller. With multiple reclining positions your baby and toddler have the option to sit however they want.

It makes it more convenient than the YoYo2. The Eezy S Twist+ 2 upper part of the harness has chest pads. Chest pads are good to have for babies.

It’s always good to keep it soft for them, and it’s a good accessory for you as well. Makes the cleaning easier. This stroller also is compatible with one of the best car seats out there. The Aton M.

You have also a bumper bar and an adjustable handlebar which the other lack. Making it perfect for taller parents as mentioned above.

Even for short parents (Me included).

Which One Wins?

It’s not easy to decide because both of these two are good for many, and are strollers for babies. After analysing both of these deeply the Cybex Eezy S Twist+ 2 seem to offer the best experience.

It wins because of 350 degrees rotation feature, the seat unit being available from birth and the fact that it has an adjustable handlebar.

The slightly heavyweight is the biggest con and does not favour it, but it’s still lightweight when compared to many. Besides these differences above the strollers are quite similar.

When it comes to the seat unit, canopy, cocoon, basket and many others. They both have good things to offer families, which makes both of them suitable for any family.

The Babyzen YoYo2 is Perfect for Some.

Although the former buggy is the winner the YoYo2 still has buyers. Why is that you wonder? Well besides the reasons above you have certain parents it’s targeted for.

Travellers. Whether it’s abroad, moving around in the country or using public transport. That’s what sticks out the most. It’s lightweight, easy to handle and carry.

It’s also not that expensive for a travel system compared to many brands out there. It’s not made for everyone and every lifestyle, but it’s certainly perfect for those on the move.

This one will be easily chosen by them, and it’s the winner for them.

Potential Cons.

As already established strollers are not perfect, and both of these two lack many features to make them 10/10. The YoYo2 has more cons.

It lacks a bumper, an adjustable handlebar. You can’t carry the Cybex Eezy S Twist+ 2 with straps, and won’t be easy to carry it either because it’s slightly heavy.

Both of these are only suitable for one baby and not two, you can however use them for two children. With a buggy board you able to use it for a baby and toddler.

Both are also expensive and not that cheap which can be a major con for many parents. The shopping baskets are not big so it’s only for few groceries.

They can’t stand on their own when folded. This extra feature would have been good to have, and especially for travellers. When folded you won’t always have to carry the chassis.

Just put it down without worrying about getting the stroller dirty.

The Strollers for Babies.

Wouldn’t you agree that these two are the strollers for babies? They have extra accessories that make life easier for your babies.

Not all pushchairs offer the best experience for babies. Some are more suited for toddlers and others both, like these but they are more for babies.

The Babyzen YoYo2 is the best to have on the go, so parents who have these lifestyles would love this one. The Cybex Eezy S Twist+ 2 is good for both worlds. On the go and your day to day life.

So is the former, but not the best. These two have many searches a month by parents all over the world. What do you think? Which of these is your favourite?



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  1. OMG! How I wish there would be such great choices and models when my kids were babies…! There didn’t use to be strollers as complete and easy to handle like the ones you show on your website. I used to get exhausted before I was able to get out with the kids and the thought of coming back was always on my mind.
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